Monday, August 25, 2014

SHOCKING: 5-Year-Old Girl Demands Gun From Police To Shoot Suspect Who Raped Her

Policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba, in Lagos, were stunned on Friday when a five-year-old girl demanded a gun from them so that she would kill the man who defiled her.

The suspect, identified simply as Okafor, 22, was said to have called Chimuanya and took her into an uncompleted building at Dansa area of Badagry and forcefully raped her.

Leadership investigation revealed that the minor was with her mother who was a trader when Okafor told her to come.

A police source at the SCID disclosed that the suspect took the girl to the building and dragged her when she did not like what he wanted to do with her.

The suspect allegedly dragged her on the floor which left her with bruises.

When the suspect was arrested by the SCID, the girl asked a policewomen to give her a gun so that she would shoot the suspect dead because he is not worthy to live among human beings.

A police inspector disclosed that if the child were given a gun, she would have shot the suspect dead because she meant what she said.

He said the girl bled so much and her parents had to ask her what happened and she opened up.

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