Monday, August 25, 2014

My Mother-In-Law Got Me A N*ked Modelling Job - Maheeda

Maheeda is now defending why there’s no big deal in going n*ked, how her in-laws have accepted her, and how her mother in-law going as fas as getting her a n*ked modelling job.

 But the most interesting part in all of this is that, her husband does not want his pictures splashed on the internet and warns her whenever she does that.

Her husband’s reaction when she puts up his picture online;

My husband doesn’t want to be in the limelight, he is a private person. Sometimes, I try to put his pictures, his reaction is don’t do that, I don’t want it.

Then about her mother in-law getting her a n*kd modelling job, Maheeda says;

They are not bothered. In Holland, when it comes to TV commercials people almost go completely n*ked, so , me wearing pants, G-strings and all to them, have not even started because it is normal for them. Recently, my husband’s mother got me a modelling job and I’ll have to pose nude, she said you have to be n*ked and I am like of course.

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