Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Many Pastors Will Go To Hell - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

According to a report by City People, while delivering the message titled ‘The lessons of Lot‘ on Sunday, Pastor Chris explained to members of his congregation, why most pastors will not make heaven.

He said some of the pastors are not called by God, some called themselves for their personal reasons while some are in the ministry to serve their senses.

He added that some churches started out of strife as some of the pastors left the churches where they were because of anger, strife, misunderstanding or envy and went on to start another ministry.

Pastor Chris said: “Sometimes it is between a pastor’s wife and an assistant pastor’s wife; you need to learn to obey God in all, I don’t any of you that is in this situation, make up your mind to obey God in everything.”

The news of Pastor Chris divorcing his wife went viral on May 28 after a facebook page which was called ‘Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome? was opened by some members of the church who were worried about the absence of Rev. Anita in the church who had not been seen with her husband Pastor Chris since November, 2013.

The pastor however debunked the rumour, which he described as that work of mischief makers.

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