Sunday, July 27, 2014

SHOCKER: Five Nigerian girls go missing in Germany (PICTURED)

German authorities are seriously searching for 5 missing Nigerian girls who were in Bremen for an exchange programme.

The girls are within the ages of 17-19. According to german site, BILD,the girls lived in the city of Hansestadt for 6 months.They had guest families,go to school and were enrolled in Deustch course.In their free time,they attend comet arsten football.

Their trainer Sascha Mahler said to the bold newspaper’’On Saturday they were there for training in Buntentor city,everything was normal,at the end they wanted to go to the city to do some shopping,since then they have vanished!.I think they had help and planned their disappearance.they left house key,monthly train tickets,they left their passports and luggage and have deleted their Facebook profile’’

Their flight back to Nigeria was supposed to be yesterday Sunday July 27,2014.Their visas have expired as well.
Police Chief Ines Roddewig says ‘’We are not ruling out any crime but it is also clear they didn’t want to take that flight back’’..The police is asking for anyone who knows anything to call them as well.

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