Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is this the next Nigerian president and his vice?

The Ovation International publisher and ThisDay Newspaper columnist posted the teaser asking his 15,350 what they think about a Buhari/Tinubu All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential ticket next year.

He captioned the picture thus: “The next President & his Vice, General Muhammadu BUHARI & Senator Bola Tinubu? Give us your opinion….“

Here are some of the responses below:

- empirevision01 2 wrongs can never make a right …. Why Ex Ex wants power back by all means ….

- abdulnome22 Impossible…. De will just gv Pres Jonathan an easy ride

- lady_phareedah Buhari should give up already, what is he looking for in aso rock that he wants to get in so bad… sigh

- seyidharams So dey appreciate working beside a turbo train…and dey can fix one in dia country despite bn past government leaders….ish for all of dem. Muslim-Muslim ticket no go fit work for naija ooo

- krabiu They should give room for the younger ones. Kwankwaso and Fashola is more like it

- surebaba55 New face can’t change the pdp family.we need strong people like buhati and tinubu to change the face of power from PDP first .change is all we need

- ebonyslim1 Very bad combo. Tinubu in my opinion is not electable. He shd be content being d political godfather he’s known for. Buhari and someone else better. Buhari is a disciplined no nonsense taking person. (at least dats d opinion I have always had abt him). I won’t vote for APC if tinubu runs it anybody. Am sure alot of peeps share my sentiments too.

- _onimisi_Who confirmed theme as the APC presidential candidates Mr @ovationinternational ? APC, so far haven’t confirmed any runner, so why do you come posting pictures that make people wanna Luz hope on APC? This ain’t fair. I’ll advice you alow them make their choice first before posting more wrong photos.

- fjebriku Omg! What a dream…this two men can not rule us. If anything at all it is you we want instead @ovationinternational. Or better still we make do with the current administration of President Jonathan.

- adediana123 I hate it when I see all this EX hustling to be in power again it’s only in Africa a man will rule a nation until he dies like it is his birthright! They taking the train in London and taking pictures like that is suppose to impress anyone!!!! The day they take the BRT in Lagos and the danfos in Abuja then I will b impressed! It’s high time this old jokes who called themselves politicians get the hell out and go back to their villages and retire with the little shred of dignity they have left!!!!!

Buhari, who contested and lost previous elections to former president Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Jonathan, has told all who care to listen that he is yet to determine whether to contest in the 2015 election or not. He gave assurances that his decision will be made after widespread consultation with his supporters and party stakeholders.

The Momodu post has generated over 50 comments so far with more responses coming in.

What do you think about a Buhari/Tinubu candidacy?


  1. The combination is d Apc winning team.
    The sentiment about religion is only for the uninformed. Apc cannot go wrong with this combo.its only pdp agents who are afraid that are shouting religion to confuse us . Ben