Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IS THIS FAIR? See How This Man Was Slapped And Punished In Lagos For Wearing Camouflage

A Reader Sent in photos and wrote what he saw from his view

“This scene took place around Boundary Apapa, Lagos this evening. A man whom I suppose to be an army personnel stumbled upon this man who wore a camouflage and started harassing him.
After slapping the man, he went ahead to ask the man to sit inside a gutter while the man was just pleading with him. Me thinks this is just not fair! I wonder if this is how army personnels in other countries harass their citizens. A young person will be harassing someone that’s old enough to be their father or uncle? Very unjust if you ask me.

NB: The army man is the one on a white shirt and a face cap in the first pic. I had to take a pic and leave there immediately to avoid stories that touch”


  1. With the state of the country now,I feel its wrong for anybody to wear camo when we know Boko Haram and other insurgents use that to impersonate.

  2. At first, is he a military man ? Let us call a spade a spade n remind ourself dat security is d responsibilty of every meaning Nigerian, we should not compound more difficulty 4 d military dat has really done their best.

  3. good for him because even a deaf man in this country knows it is wrong to wear such.The so call boko haram pple also wear 'camo' to reck havock.He should be made to remove it.