Friday, April 25, 2014

GUYS; Your Large Man-Hood Could Lead To Marital Infidelity

If you are a one of the Men who take great pride in having large sized man-hood believing it brings s*xual satisfaction to their female partners might want to think again as a recent study has shown that women are likely to cheat because of the pain and discomfort associated with big man-hood.

The study which was conducted by a team of researchers from the U.S. and Kenya also found that married women whose husbands have longer, erect man-hood but are being denied their preferred s*x position are more likely to cheat on their men.

Other factors which triggers infidelity in women include, domestic violence, younger age, and lack of s*xual satisfaction.

The study which was published in Plos One, an online journal sought to investigate the predictors of extra-marital partnerships among women married to fishermen.

545 married couples from 33 beaches along Lake Victoria, in Kisumu County, Kenya were used for the research with a total of 1090 structured interviews and a total of 545 women married to fishermen were enrolled to participate in the structured interviews with an average age of 24, with mostly primary level education.

The findings of the research showed that ‘in the perspective of women, large-sized penises are associated with extra-marital partnerships possibly due to pain and discomfort during s*x’.

“This is contrary to men’s perspectives that have caused them to do all sorts of things to augment their man-hood sizes. Some have even insisted on penile enhancement against medical advisories that their penises are within the normal size.

“This is probably because of the received and popularized fallacy equating a larger man-hood with masculinity. This thinking needs to be progressively corrected, especially in the light of results such as this from women who are supposedly the main beneficiaries of penile enhancement outcomes,” the research stated.

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