Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brother Stabs Brother Over A Piece Of Chicken (SEE PHOTOS)

The pictures below were reported to a blogger colleague of mine who at the same time works in a federal teaching hospital. It was alleged that the brothers were fighting over a piece of chicken as argument arose between brother. The other got angry and stabbed his other brother on his chest.
So touching! Viewers Discretion is strongly advised here as you take a look at it yourself below:-

Surgery would had taken place by now because he was rushed to the hospital as soon as it happened and a neighbor came to rescue. Full details coming up soon!! See pics after the cut:


  1. Na wa o. Things are happening everyday. God deliver us not into temptation...

  2. this is jst the adverse effect of poverty............................what a world!

  3. Poverty is a big manace ! Lord help us out