Sunday, April 27, 2014

BIG MESS: Laide Bakare's Husband on The Run, EFCC Takes Over Property

Few weeks ago, Laide Bakare's husband, Alhaji Atanda Orilowo told us that he is not on the run and that the EFCC did not follow due process before declaring him wanted. He said he is around and will go to court to put a stop to the intimidation by EFCC and settle all the issue once and for all.

But, funny enough, that did not happen. And EFCC say they didn't see the man and the money he is accused of embezzling is in billions. Now they have obtained a forfeiture order on all his choice property, including his big filling stations in Lagos and the new boutique he opened for actress Laide Bakare...

His mansion in Ibeju Lekki will also be taken over by EFCC. They say Alhaji Orilowo is still on the run and that all efforts to trace him in his known houses have proved abortive. MTN staff are serious with the case and they want to make sure he account for the billions given to him for their estate (Y'ELLOW ESTATE).

In fact, as you read this, a court order has been placed on two of his filling stations in the Ajah area of Lagos.

My dear ladies, marrying a super rich man is a good thing, but are you ready for all his hidden issues and secret dealings that could come out when you least expect and change the status quo?

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