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SEE 9ice's Touching Prayer For His Twin Daughters (PHOTOS)

Abolore ‘9ice’Akande who doubled as an Afro pop singer and Political Aspirant is engulfed in the joy of fatherhood as his twin daughters turn a year older today January 31, 2014.

Mr. Akande’s daughters turned three years old today and the excited father posted a photo of beautiful girls on his Instagram page with the caption; “HBD My Queens. You shall grow and excel beyond me in all your endeavors.”

9ice has a five-year-old son Zion Akande, with estranged wife Toni Payne and the twins with an Abuja based ‘lover’ Vicky Godis.

I’m 3weeks Pregnant For My Jobless Boyfriend, Please Help

A girl who is an unemployed graduate got pregnant for her unemployed boyfriend and now she doesn't know what to do.

I discovered that I’m 3weeks pregnant for my jobless boyfriend. I and my boyfriend are unemployed graduates and he is financially handicapped.

He is the first son while I’m the only daughter in my family. And believe me I don’t want to ruin his life neither do I want to ruin mine. I have always dreamed of giving my kids the good life that I had which they deserved too.

I am kind of nervous of abortion because of the risk involved, but I want to know if its the right thing to do since its not up to one month.

I don’t even want to let him know before he runs out of town, the problem here is should I abort the baby and be free or just keep it and face what the future brings for me.

Islamic Teacher Sexually Assaults His Pupils (PICTURED) {VIEWERS DISCRETION}

A 32-year-old islamic teacher identified as Mallam Ibrahim Salley has been smoked out of his hiding place by the police for allegedly abusing children sexually.

He was arrested by the police at his hideout at Asensu Bar in Ashaiman, away from the Valco Flats location where he lived.

A neighbour had expressed concern about the activities of the Mallam (or teacher) but he was asked to provide evidence by the persons to whom he complained. When he finally came out with a pictorial evidence of the man, unclad, as one of the pupils was sucking his man-hood, the picture spread quickly in the neighbourhood.

UNBELIEVABLE: MEET Ice Prince’s First Girlfriend (PHOTO)

What a shocking revelation!!! He made this revelation while performing at the second anniversary edition of the monthly Loud ‘N’ Proud Livemusic concert which held at Soul Lounge, Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos on Thursday, January 30, 2014.

Before kicking off his performance, the rapper (who’s known for taking his time to give shout outs) revealed that Eva was the first girlfriend he had when he came to Lagos back in 2008.

‘Let me tell you something I’ve never said before in public,‘ Ice Prince announced as he pulled Eva from her seat onto the stage. ‘Eva was the first girlfriend I had when I came to Lagos; that was way back.‘

A surprised looking Eva then grabbed the mic, laughed and said, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about.‘

OH NOT AGAIN!!! Another Nollywood Actor Is Dead

Another veteran Nollywood actor, Charles Warren died yesterday, Thursday night.

It was gathered that the actor, in the evening, complained of severe chest pains and was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

His first major break was a movie titled “Mark of the Beast” which featured Majek Fashek in 2001.

He was one of the script writers for “Dear Mother.”

The first child of the family and only son. He’s survived by a father, mother and 5 sisters.

I Am About To Marry A Man I No Longer Love, Am I Making A Mistake?

I am about to get married. In fact my wedding is in 16 days from now. But thing is I just realized I don’t love him like I used to.

I don’t even know how to tell him how I feel. I am so scared of breaking his heart. I have been trying my best to rekindle my feelings but its not working.

I am so confused and don’t know what to do. I know I can’t cancel the wedding because everything is set but I can’t help but feel I’m making a mistake. What should I do?

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Guys, do you like what you see???

SHOCKING: SEE This Actress Who Transformed Herself To Completely White (PHOTOS)

Am short of words!!! Actress/singer, Thelma O'khaz has transformed herself completely and now wearing a new look. Guys peep through more pics below and bare your minds on which one you prefer in her before and after photos...See pics after the cut:

See Thelma O'khaz before her transformation below:


What do you think of her new look? Which do you prefer?



Female Etisalat Customer Rep In Trouble For Calling A Married Male Customer (LOOK)

Recently, Etisalat mobile network has been making calls to their subscribers to appreciate them for staying on their network. This particular voice conversation between a female customer care rep and a wife to a male subscriber surfaced online. The wife did not take it lightly when she heard a female voice on her husband's line. Listen to the funny conversation:

Police Arrest Chinese Man After Beating Employee In Ogun (PHOTOS)

What is the matter with these chinese people. This is sick,can a Nigerian employer do this in China? I guess no is the answer. I personally believe Nigerian government gave them (Chinese, lebanese and some other foreigners) an upper hand and something must be done to curtail this madness.

According to Punch report, The State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, Ogun State, has detained two Chinese nationals, Mike Jackson and Tony Jackson, for allegedly brutalising Adeleke Owolabi, an employee of their company, Jivan Plastic Company.

PUNCH Metro had reported on Thursday that Owolabi, a graduate of Mass Communications from Olabisi Onabanjo University, was beaten black and blue by the suspects on his first day at work after a disagreement with Mike.

Owolabi had said the police refused to arrest the Chinese men due to their status as foreigners.
However, it was learnt that after PUNCH Metro’s publication, the police immediately stormed the PVC manufacturing company in Sagamu and whisked the suspects away. It was learnt that the suspects apologised to Owolabi, who was also at the SCID to write a statement.

Owolabi said, “Yes, the Chinese men have been detained at the SCID and I am satisfied with the action of the police so far. I am happy that the media are helping to ensure that the matter is not swept under the carpet. “I am not after money but I just don’t want a situation whereby Nigerians are treated badly by foreigners in their own land.”
It was learnt that the suspects would remain in police custody until the completion of investigation.

Owolabi had said, “I was bringing out PVC materials out of a bag and Mike said I was not handling the materials properly. He kicked me and slapped me repeatedly so I held unto his shirt to prevent him from beating me further.
“However, his cousin, Tony, smashed a bottle on my head and they beat me until I fainted and woke up on the way to Makun Police Division covered in blood.”

Federal Government Set To Stop The Production Of Sachet Water

The Federal Ministry of Environment has developed a draft action plan for the phasing out of light weight non-biodegradable plastics in the country, a top official of the ministry, said, yesterday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Abuja, said that the draft action plan had already been adopted by stakeholders in the sector.
He recalled that the ministry, in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO, had in December 2013, organised a workshop to sensitise Nigerians on the process.

“What we intend to do now is to follow the implementation of the action plan since the awareness has already started; the next step is to source funds from UNIDO to implement the plan.
“Once we have funds, we will continue with other activities in the process of phasing out heavy non-biodegradable plastics.”

The official said it was not possible to completely phase out non-biodegradable plastics because of its importance in the society.
He cited the example of a plastic chair, which is a non-biodegradable component, to buttress his point.

He said that the ministry would start with the phasing out of light weight non-degradable plastics such as table water sachets and polythene bags.
“Those countries that have succeeded in phasing out the substance started with placing a ban on the light weight ones.
“Countries like China and South Africa have placed outright ban on light weight plastic bags while some other countries have placed tax levies on the manufacture, retailer and buyers of light weight bags.

“We are going to be gradual in the phasing out process as well, so that we will not cause havoc to the livelihood of people working in the industry.
“We will also use alternative sources that are economically feasible and environment-friendly to replace the non-degradable products,” the official said.

MEET Nollywood Actress, Shan George's Grown Up Sons & Mum

WOW!!! So Shan george had grown up sons like this? The sons - Delnoi (27) and Jaga (25) are both graduates of University of East London. Delnoi is a director in his dad's company, while Jaga is a hip-hop artiste. Another pics after the cut:

I Placed A Curse On My Ex-Boyfriend Who Messed Me Up, Now He Wants Me To Release Him!

Please, I really need some advice. This is about something that happened to me almost 10 years ago.

Read my story:

It all began in 2002 when I gained employment in an organisation. And, in the course of duty, I got very close to a guy named Mike. I later got to know we lived in the same area and since he had a car, he was always taking me home.

In 2003, we still shared the closeness and I was beginning to get fond of him. I lost one of my parents and he attended the funeral alongside most of my ogas. It was after the burial he told me he loved me and would want to have a relationship with me. I asked him if he was single and he said yes.

I visited his home one day and saw some greeting cards from a certain Nike and when I asked, he said she was his ex. I asked him why he didn't get rid of the cards and he said he just didn't think it was necessary.

On a Sunday morning, I intentionally visited his home cos I knew he would be in church. I interviewed two of his neighbours and they told me he was indeed single. They said he used to have a lady but it's been ages since they saw her and when they asked him, he said they've broken up. I was happy, thanked them and left.

We started a relationship in March and I was happy cos I already had feelings for him. After three months, he came to visit my mum and told her of his intentions to marry me. My mum said no wahala and gave him her blessings. I had already told her about him and she knew I was happy with him.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from a woman in July and she said she wanted to speak with my guy. I asked who she was and she said she was his sister who just came in from Calabar. I was happy and told her I was yet to get to the office, but I will let him know once I arrive the office. I got to the office and excitedly told Mike his sister called me. He was surprised and asked to see the number. When he did, he said, but this is Nike's number (his ex). I said, really? I called the number again and she said I should give Mike the phone. I handed the phone to him and he shouted, why did you call this number?

I went to my cubicle and my phone rang again. Nike told me, don't think you have found a husband, Mike is my fiancee and in fact, I am 7 months pregnant for him. I felt as if my world would collapse. I couldn't concentrate and when it was time for us to go home, I told him what Nike said. He said it wasn't true and I told him, true or not, I am going to your house this night. He didn't want me to follow him home, but I was adamant.

We got to his house and I saw a heavily pregnant woman. Immediately he barged into his house, he started beating her. He beat her and rained blows on her tummy. I'm sure if that pregnancy wasn't heavy, she would have lost the pregnancy. After beating her, the woman pounced on me and tore my shirt to shreds. She started shouting, ha (Mike, I will destroy you).

She told me - You, you want to come and reap where you didn't sow? When he was living in a room, I was with him and now that he lives in a room and a parlour, I want to enjoy abi? In my mind I thought, so room and parlour na enjoyment shey?

After the drama, I couldn't go home that night cos it was too late. First thing in the morning, they started fighting again and I had to quietly leave for my house. I got home and my mum wondered why my shirt was torn. I lied to her cos I didn't want her to worry.

The third day after the incident, Nike stormed my office, shouting, where is that husband snatcher? Where is Dupe? Husband snatcher oshi? Ashawo, prostitute? Before I knew it, a crowd had gathered and they had to ask her what her problem was. She told them she was Mike's fiancee and I am dragging him with her.

My ogas had to tell her to go home and settle with her fiancee and stop disgracing herself in public.

Later in the day, they called Mike and me into the conference room and asked questions. Right before my eyes, Mike told my ogas I knew he had a fiancee and he told me and I insisted I wasn't bothered, that I would be the second wife. I didn't know when I started crying cos I never believed he could lie against me. He also told them I was always enticing him with gifts and money and that was why he decided to date me. I opened my mouth and couldn't utter a word. I just started crying. My ogas who were women shouted at me to stop crying and defend myself. I told my ogas I had nothing to say, but one thing I know is that even if it takes ten years, we are all going to sit down again and Mike would confess he lied against me. With that, I stood up and walked out of the room.

When I arrived home that night, I ate my dinner and when it was 12 midnight, I went outside the house, removed all my clothes, including my pants and bra. I looked up to God and cried. I said, God, you are the father of the fatherless. You know my story with this guy called Mike. You know what others don't know. If it is true I knew about Nike and still insisted on dating Mike, keep quiet about my issue, but if Mike lied against me, I want you to fight for me. I commit Mike, Nike and me into Your hands. With that, I went back inside the house, still crying.

Mike later resigned cos my male ogas were really on his case. They told him that if he could say I enticed him with gifts and money, then, he is not fit to be called a man. He had to resign when he could no longer bear the shame.

On the other hand, I am still with the organisation and that singular case endeared lots of my ogas to me. They really showed me lots of care. All these happened in 2003.

Fast forward to 2013, I received a call and it was from Mike. I was shocked and he told me he decided to call just to say hi. I was surprised to hear from him and I spoke with him warmly. 10 years is a long time to keep grudges I told myself. He asked for my BB pin and I gave him. Once in a while he says hi and I reply. I was surprised when in September last year, he pinged me and told me he needed to speak with me and it wasn't a phone thing.

I told him to meet me at an eatery near my house. He came and he wasn't really looking good. He said he came to ask for my forgiveness cos he lied against me and I told him, haba, 10 years and you think I would still carry your matter for head. I told him there was nothing to forgive. He now said I should bless him and that was when I told him to go back to the office and confess to those same ogas that he lied against me. He said he would never do that. I asked him, how is your wife? Does she know you are here? He said, no and I smiled. I told him, so you want to make amends and still want your wife and my ogas to think I am all you said I was. I laugh. I left him hanging and went home.

In October last year, I celebrated my birthday and one of my ogas, who works in a similar organisation as the one I work with, called to wish me a happy birthday. He said he would like to take me and my friends out for a drink or two at the weekend.

I agreed and during the weekend, he took us out. We were eating cat fish pepper soup when his phone rang. I heard him sigh and say, na wah o, what is this again?

When he dropped, he started a story about a certain Mike in his office. He said the man is so effective, but seems bad luck keeps following him. The name Mike caught my fancy and I asked for his surname. Lo and behold, it was the same Mike I dated. I was curious and asked him for more details. He said anytime anything good is about to happen to Mike, something happens and someone else is giving the goodies instead.

He said the latest one is the issue of a car he personally approved. He said the oga who is supposed to sign the final approval said he doesn't want Mike to have the car, instead he gave it to someone else who was lower in rank to Mike. He said lots of good things that have evaded Mike. I didn't tell him anything, I just kept quiet.

Last week, Mike sent me a mail and sent a text to my phone that I should check my mail. In the mail he said:
Dupe, continue to play God over my life. I know I made a mistake, why can't you just forgive me? Why must you insist I go back to that office and confess my mistakes? What's the big deal in forgiving me? We are fasting and praying in my church and one of the prophets that was invited told me to come and apologise to you and that you need to bless me to enable me move forward in life. Before this, I have been having dreams of someone asking me to come and beg you. Please, forgive me, but don't tell me to go back to that office. Let's bury the hatchet once and for all. I know you have challenges and I know you are still unmarried. What if this is because you have refused to bless me? Why don't you forgive and bless me and see if God won't turn your story around?

Now dear readers, this is where I need your advice. God knows I have forgiven Mike, but why can't he just go back to the office and tell my ogas he lied against me 10 years ago? What's the big deal in it? At the same time, I don't want to play God over anyone's life. Am I playing God by insisting he goes back to tell the truth?

Please, advise me. Thanks.


He Abandoned His Fiancee While She Was Pregnant, Now He Wants The Babies And Not Their Mother

This is a heartbreaking and painful story of a lady who went out with a guy for years thinking she even had a future with him only for her to realize he never had the same feelings for her and even abandon her when she got pregnant.

Adaobi has shared this really painful story of her Aunty's experience.

Here's Adaobi's story
This is a war raging in my extended family now.

An aunty of mine dated a guy for seven years (2005 -2011). During this period, everybody thought they will later get married, but along the line, my aunty got pregnant, and had a set of twins in 2011. Some months after she put to bed, the fiance left the country for Belgium. For the 3years he was away, my aunty singlehandedly trained the twins, and is still training them alone. Her parents kind of rejected her because of what she did - having children outside wedlock.
The problem now is, the father of the twins is back, and wants custody of the children. He claimed he can't marry my aunty because she is Ibo, that he is the first son, so the parents said he has to marry an Iteskiri woman. My aunty refused to let go off the kids. Her father said he can't have the kids unless he marries the daughter.
Many suitors had come her way, but when they find out she has sons, they don't come back again. She is not getting any younger, she is 29, gainfully employed.
People are asking her to release the boys to their father so that she can marry, she refused. The matter is at welfare now. My aunty has been hiding the boys for the past one month, the boys are in our house because the man and his family want the boys at all cost.
What do you all think? She should release the boys to their father? My aunty's stand is if the man rejected her, he should as well reject the children. Do you think she is doing the right thing?

Please readers what advice would you give to this lady?


'I Wanted To Become The Richest Man In Africa', Says Man Who Killed His Mother For Money Making Rituals

If some parents have the chance of coming back to live a second life, a lot of them will beg God not to give them any child at all. 

He wanted to become African richest man, so killing his mum will pave the way for him...what a poor woman.

 According to report, Detectives attached to the Obosi Police Division in Anambra State have arrested a man, Tonna Enedo from the Umuezeshime royal family in Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area, for allegedly killing his mother. Enedo spoke yesterday on why he killed his mother. He blamed the incident on his quest to make money at all cost, adding that he was lured into a fraternity. He said he has slept in the mortuary for seven hours as part of the money-making rituals.
Tonna said: “I was asked by the chief priest of the society that if I wanted to be rich, I should go and have fun with a mad woman. I should also go and sleep with a body for seven hours; I should fast for seven days dry; I was told that I would first kill my father and the last stage is that I will go mad and after I might have completed all the condition, I will become the richest man in Africa, if not in the whole world.” He said he met all other conditions and was planning to kill his father when he mistakenly killed his mother. He said it was after he hit a metal on her head that he realised he had killed the woman he loved most. Tonna is a first-born from a divorced home. The parents divorced in 1984. He behaved like a mentally-challenged person in and around Obosi before the incident

SHOCKER: City could score five or six against Chelsea on Monday, Mourinho admits

Has Mourinho lost so much confidence in his boys. If you recall he said few days ago that Chelsea will not win the league title this season. Again, he has admitted that current league leaders, Manchester City, could score up to six goals against the Blues, in Monday’s night six-pointer.

The Portuguese was left fuming on Wednesday, after West Ham snatched a point at Stamford Bridge, but will be preparing his team to face City at the Etihad, where they have put six past Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Manuel Pellegrini’s men have scored 42 goals in 11 home games and still hold a 100% home record.

Mourinho once again stated that City were on another level and it could get worse for Chelsea, who are now three points behind Pellegrini’s men.

“For how many months have I said the same thing? – one team is an end product. The other is a team trying to build. For me, it’s not a surprise,” said the Special One.

“We go there next Monday and the result at this moment is 0-0. Are they favourites? Yes. Are they favourites to score, again, four, five, six goals? Yes. But it’s 0-0 now, and we go there to compete.”

HORRIFIC: School Teacher Found Living With Hundreds Of Pythons (SEE PHOTOS)

A schoolteacher has been arrested after hundreds of living and dead pythons in plastic bins were found stacked floor to ceiling inside his stench-filled suburban California home.

As investigators wearing respirator masks carried the reptiles out of the house by the score and stacked them in the driveway, reporters and passers-by gagged at the smell. Some held their noses or walked away from the five-bedroom home to get a breath of air.

“The smell alone I feel like I need to take a shower for a week,” said police Corporal Anthony Bertagna. “They’re pretty much in all the bedrooms everywhere.”

Officers said they found more than 400 snakes at least 220 of them dead as well as numerous mice and rats, in the Santa Ana home of William Buchman after neighbors complained about the smell. He was arrested for investigation of neglect in the care of animals, Bertagna said.

Buchman, 53, was still in custody Wednesday afternoon, Bertagna said. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District, where he works, declined comment, saying it was a police matter.

Buchman has not yet had a court appearance or been formally charged and it wasn’t clear if he had an attorney.

Authorities said he lived alone, and neighbours said his mother, who once lived with him, had died within the past few years.

Sondra Berg, the supervisor for the Santa Ana police department’s animal services division, said four of the five bedrooms in the home were stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with plastic bins on wooden and metal racks. The bins were packed so tightly, Berg said, that they didn’t require lids because there was no room for the snakes to slither out.

Each snake was catalogued by name and type, and Berg said Buchman told authorities he was involved in a snake-breeding enterprise.

“House of horrors: That’s the best way to describe it,” Berg said of the house. “I mean there’s so many dead snakes … ranging from dead for months to just dead. There’s an infestation of rats and mice all over the house. There are rats and mice in plastic storage tubs that are actually cannibalising each other.”

Some of the living snakes were little more than skeletons, police said, while others, only recently dead, were covered with flies and maggots. Peep more photos after the cut:

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: MEET Justin Bieber's Dad - Jeremy Bieber (PHOTOS)

This is Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber's daddy. Jeremy abandoned Justin Bieber and he was brought up by his mom alone now the boy is made, his dad has re-appeared. Funny enough Justin Bieber's FATHER was with him at the time of his arrest last week. Jeremy Bieber, 38, has been enjoying a vacation in Miami on his son's money and was not only present when Justin was arrested, he was with him in SET nightclub and hours later he joined the singer's camp in helping to block off a residential street so his son could drag race. People say Jeremy is not a great influence and he certainly enjoys and takes advantage of his son's money and lifestyle....peep more pictures of him when you continue:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

ADORABLE: Popular Yoruba actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola shows off her Cute sons (LOOK)

Talented Nollywood actress and a caring mother, Opeyemi Aiyeola who relocated to the U.K with her husband, Olayiwola Owolonse, several years after the marriage shared the photos from her family collection.

The mother of two has recently visited Nigeria with her sons, aged 3 and 6.

See more photos below:

LADIES, This is For your Eyes Only!!! Check Out Peter Okoye's New Sexy Pictures

OH MY HOTNESS! Despite the fact that he is married, the father of two is not going to stop putting ladies in tension with his seducing photos. More pics after the cut:

Nigerian Ladies' Latest Trend; Would you call it civilization or "custom" madness? (PHOTOS)

You will all agree with me that showing massive cleavage is the new trend in town now. Would you call it civilization or "custom" madness? More pics after the cut:

SHE HAS GONE WILD: SEE Maheeda Masturbating In New Pictures (LOOK)

This lady is not relenting in her efforts to keep up with her fans and bloggers with her nude pics. Call it cheap publicity, she doesn't care.. Here are new pictures she just shared. See pics after the cut:

HOTTEST HIPS IN AFRICA: SEE Video Vixen Matilda Quaye Hot Hips (PHOTOS)

This is definitely the hottest hips in Africa!!! Ghanaian video vixen and model Matilda Quaye is mightily endowed. Check out the hips on this one woman. Damn!! If you say you don’t like this …. hmm…..hmmm…More pics after the cut: