Saturday, December 28, 2013

SEE Governor Ameachi's Reaction To Allegations Of impregnating Soyinka’s daughter

There had been rumours that a daughter of the Nobel Laureate was expecting a child for Mr. Amaechi and that she was already living in the Government House.

It was further alleged that the governor’s wife, Judith, had fled abroad following the domestic challenges she was having with her husband.

It was claimed that the absence of the First Lady gave Mr. Soyinka’s daughter the opportunity to establish her full presence in the Government House.

But in the tweet, Mr. Amaechi debunked the rumour, saying it was a big lie, which was part of the ongoing campaign to smear his image.

“That rumour about me and Prof. Soyinka’s daughter is a big outrageous lie. It’s certainly part of the ongoing political campaign to smear…..”

In another tweet, the governor said his marriage to his wife was intact, adding that they both love themselves.

“… and Prof. Soyinka. I have never and will never assault my wife Judith. I love her so much and she loves me too. Our marriage DEY KAMPE. (Top Form).”

On December 24, the governor tweeted a touching birthday message to his wife Judith. The message was accompanied by a romantic photograph, with the governor wrapping himself around his wife.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful, loving, caring, trustworthy woman alive – my beloved wife and mother of my children, Judith. You’ve been a pillar to me, my partner through thick and thin. I love you so much my darling,” he wrote.

He posted the same message to his Facebook page.

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