Thursday, December 12, 2013

Male Nurse Rapes Patient Five Times In One Night

A Utah nurse has been accused of molesting and threatening to kill a female surgery patient.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Joshua Platte Shumway, 26, was arrested Monday after an unidentified woman came to police and told them of her alleged ordeal that happened in April.

The details are disturbing.
The 37-year-old woman was staying the night at Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt, where Shumway worked, to recover after a surgery.

Shumway entered her room during the night and allegedly sexually assaulted the woman five times in the course of the evening. He was not her assigned nurse.

According to a probable cause statement, the nurse first gave her medication before placing her hand on an automatic morphine injector to activate it. The woman told investigators she had stopped using the injector because it was making her nauseous.

After pumping her with morphine, Shumway allegedly lifted up the woman’s hospital gown and began fondling her multiple times in the night. The victim said he thenforced her to touch him inappropriately and made her engage in sex acts, Desert News reported.


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