Monday, December 30, 2013

D’banj Is A Disappointment, He did not give me any money – OJB tells all in new interview (READ, WATCH)

Music producer/singer Babtunde Okungbowa, popularly known as OJB Jezreel who recently returned from India where he underwent a successful kidney surgery was in an interview with Inspiration FM’s Gloria Maduka. And, as he has done, since he returned, he again throws jabs at colleagues who did or didn’t come to his aid.

During the interview, he addressed several controversial issues that trailed the donations made for him to undergo surgery. He also called out superstar entertainer D’banj, adding that some celebs used the donations as a means to compete with one another.

Few months back, there were rumors that D’banj had donated N7 million to the ailing producer, a claim D’banj never came out to debunk. However, OJB set the record straight at the interview, maintaining that he received nothing from D’banj adding that he was disappointed and hurt by the singer’s attitude.

Here is what OJB said:

“The most disappointing one for me is D’banj because he passed through my hands, he was trained under my tutelage. That is offensive. I don’t care if you’re with Kanye West, you can’t forget your root. I won’t call anybody else’s name but I will call his because it hurts. His own hurts very deep. And he never tried to reach out to me. It’s not like we parted on fighting terms. He told me he had to go to London and he went. And when he came back it was Don Jazzy, and I said OK, that’s fine. And what he did worked and I’m very proud of him, the love, that’s why it hurts more. He should have come out to say no, I don’t know why you people are saying all this, I didn’t give OJB N7million, maybe a part of him felt embarrassed because at the end of the day, really, are you not supposed to do something?” OJB says during the interview.

On the issue of people using the fund raiser as a competition and bounced cheques here is what he said:

“When P-Square gave me N5million cheque, everybody started treating as a competition. They were like, they brought N5m, I want to show that I can do more, or equal it. So they will come to my house, some will drop N2m, N1m, you say thank you, they take pictures and go away. Then you drop the cheque in your account and you see that almost N4/5million is being returned back to you that it didn’t clear. You call them and tell them and they tell you they are coming but they haven’t picked the cheques till now.

“The shocking ones are not even the bounced cheques. It’s the ones that when they are coming to meet you in the house to give you money, they come with a whole camera crew. Then they will say I’m donating one million naira to you and the cameras start recording and maybe the guy’s tape stops, and he says let’s take that again (Laughs).

“There were people in my dialysis that I gave N100k each to pay for their dialysis, we didn’t publicise it, we didn’t take photos with them, because I felt that was unnecessary.”

Watch interview below:


  1. And so? Did u give D'banj moni to keep for u? U better start saving ur own moni incase of tomorrow. Period

  2. Y did บ sayin dat? Are บ not a human being, OJB am happy 4 บ Oo°˚˚˚° , at least บ re back on ur feet thank God 4 dat

  3. It dos'nt mean, what abaot d people that donated money for him, did he give them money to keep for him? D point is that it can happen to anyone and that is exactly the kind of situation that God said we should be our brothers keeper.

  4. Yes it can happen to anyone! What about those it happened to and they did not call out for help? #Lessons to be learned# "DO NOT WASTE YOUR YOUTH" save your money, don't sqaunder it! If all thoses ur aburo lived their lives like u did @ there age, they no go fit give u money! The truth hurts, but bros abeg grow up! You are well now, thank God that used those good pple for u, abeg stop all these nonsense! It won't make anyone give u money! STOP ALREADY! One more thg, pls cut off the noodles for your head!

  5. D'banj should learn and stop the 2 much talk #bright bravo#

  6. I seriously don't know you people are ungreatful, instead of OJ fuckin B to be thankful to God and those that give for a successful operation, you @ there picking on people. Maybe the plan was to become a billionaire after the operation. Weda or not anybody gave is not an issue, "bcos you nor put moni for anybody pocket" and you were been paid for whatever work you claim to have done for them one way or another. My advice for ojb "shut tha fuck up and start thanking God".

  7. Hmmm.. Some pple can be so childish. Must u comment? @Anonymous 8:05pm? U talk so tay u come murder english join. Thoses koooor... Theses niiii... Woobbish. Shut the fuck up. Ojb is saying d truth. If u dont wanna give, park joor n not give a dude check. Na una type be Dbanj, they talk more than they act: nonsence.