Saturday, December 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrest Lebanese Who Battered 7 Months Pregnant Woman, As Ordered By The President.

Mr Kaveh Noine, the Lebanese manager with Toppan Printing Company, who allegedly kicked his pregnant Nigerian worker, Ms Alex...andra Ossai, in the stomach two weeks ago, causing her to lose her pregnancy have been arrested by the Police.

Efforts of the Lagos State Police Command from Area F Police Division to arrest Mr Noine, proved unsuccessful as his company and brothers claimed that he travelled out of the country.

As the news of attack filtered to President Goodluck Jonathan, he immediately directed that the police and the National Human Rights Commission investigate the matter, and ordered for the arrest of the culprit.
The news coming from Kano is confirming that Mr Noine was arrested last night by the Lagos State Police Command in Kano where he had fled to and was brought back to Lagos.


  1. good news, he should rot in jail. boko haram

    1. olodo, who tel u say nai boko haharamm

    2. Anonymous 1:24 na u b d original olodo, haharamm Lol

  2. Hahahahah. @ the second comment

  3. That's good let him face the judge he think say we nigerian na mumu.?

  4. Most the president intervene before our police do dia job? mmmmm na wa o