Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lady Gaga Displays Her Privates At American Music Awards 2013 (SEE PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga was spotted with a revealing, unclad, bejeweled bodysuit at the AMA 2013. However, her privates were on full display. Guess that's what is in vogue now among the female singers -- recently it was R&B singer K. Michelle and then Lil' Kim free-style things. See pics after the cut:


  1. Na dis thing be private part,as far as I'm concern dia is nothing private here I have been see her naked I have don it with her @texas U.S.A.my name is Ucen ask her she will tell u

    1. Ucen or oloshi abi wetin u call ur name, wu dey ask u question? Shey na achievment be dat wey u dey brag.mtcheeeeew

  2. she looks more like a ghost than human

  3. Yes, she looks like a ghost,with that lady dressing u will know that she have something in connection with demon

  4. Ucen craze dey ur head oooo, even ur great grand parent neva reach airport not to even talk of Texas. Nah poverty they worry u. U nd dat demon dey share same craze mtcwwwwww