Monday, November 25, 2013

How Do I Tell Him That I Have A New Boyfriend?


Dear Readers,
I was once in love with a guy who doesn’t care about me. He never admits to his wrongs, he finds it very difficult to say sorry and he also finds it difficult to call me. When asked why he doesn’t call, he either says he doesn’t have money or he doesn’t have time…. Though I have made up my mind to disengage myself from the relationship since am not gaining anything from it.
I have made up my mind to breakup with him, it is just that I don’t know how to tell him, but my new boyfriend said it is better I tell him so that he will know I am no more his GF.
And should I continue to be independent because I noticed that the guys are taking advantage of it and even if I try to ask for something from a guy, I am always disappointed because I wont get it. Please I need your advice as soon as possible.


  1. Don't leave the guy try and tell him what he his doing wrong.. The new guy did u know maybe he's just pretending

    1. We realy do hav a problem in dis country. So many pple cant even speak correct English language including d owner(s) of dis blog. Wich 1 is "the new guy did u kno mayb hez pretending"? Anyway, keep it up. Such things mek me laff 4 up2 48hrs. Haaahaaaha. LOLs.

    2. you are an idiot, @anonymous 6.29, did you not see UNEDITED? This means the blog owner posted it just the way it was sent. Most of you morons coming to this blog to look for grammatical errors are reals fools born out of useless parents. mtchewww

    3. Hahahahaha!!!! English master. Did she say she wanted an english tutorial or solution for what she's undergoing now? That shows you don't undastand english eida. Anyway, don't leave ur boyfriend girl. D new guy is not worth it. U don't nid a hundred percentage of a guy. U culd change dos attitude u know!