Friday, November 29, 2013

Gov. Oshiomole Apologises Over ''Go And Die'' Comment Made To Widow (LOOK)

The governor has been heavily criticized in the social media over his choice of words to a widow who violated Edo State’s policy on street trading. He realizes his mistake and has thus apologized. WATCH VIDEO


  1. Am 100% sure that his opposition will surely take this arrogant mistake of his, as an advantage to get at him. they will look for the woman and do the compensation for him. This will surely cost him and his party something

  2. Street-trading is banned in som states all to d detriment of d poor including widows who ar not provided wit viable alternatives. Now they ar openly telling dem 2 go & die & later apologize only after such comments ar criticized. Am yet 2 see an African leader dat is sensitive 2 d pple's needs. Honestly. Once they cross d hurdles they wil destroy d bridge & expect d poor 2 swim in dangerous waters. Even oshiomole, d former human rights' fighter has joined d wagon.