Wednesday, November 27, 2013

COUPLE ALERT: BBA contestants Beverly Osu and Bimp

BBA The Chase contestants Beverly Osu and Bimp from Ethiopia are dating. They currently live together at a temporarily place in Lekki. Bimp is planning to stay in Nigeria for good if all his plans go well. He will return to Ethiopia tomorrow while Beverly goes to South Africa for the Channel O awards but as soon as she returns to Nigeria, Bimp will return to his love. We hear they are totally mad for each other! Go Bev! This is a hotter catch than Angelo!


  1. If its true then am happy 4 them! Naija gossip abeg let it b true

  2. Wen desirable is not available,availability becomes choice.....

    1. on
      the contrary, Bump was the very person she desired and even approached
      but he wasn't available then, that was why she went to Angelo who was

  3. O my Gosh! I pray it's true, wish dem d best