Friday, November 29, 2013

BBA Winner Dillish Features In Flavour‘s New Video Titled ‘Ikwokrikwo‘ (PHOTOS)

We think this #BBATheChase 2013 winner has spent the most time in Lagos than any other country – why wouldn’t she, the West African state is the home of entertainment these days…

Dillish Matthews who’s been globetrotting in the last few weeks is back in Nigeria and has featured in singer Flavour‘s new video titled ‘Ikwokrikwo‘. The video was directed by Clarence Peters.

‘I always said if I am to be in a music video, I have to be lead, has to be for a huge musician and they have to pay me good!!! power of the tongue!!!‘, Dillish says.

The video will be released in the second week of December.

Check out some behind-the-scene photos below…


  1. Is that the music we are going to rock this Christmas with?

  2. This was shoot in S.A mos.....

  3. That road to Polokwane is in S.A.

  4. That picture where she is wearing black& white, she was in Namibia at her home when she came back from Hong Kong.

  5. @Anonoymous 2.31pm wots rubbish here now? Peeps n their hate n greed.