Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upload Videos on iReportersTv and Make Money

Are you a Blogger? Can you create and upload videos? The signup for a free iReportersTv channel and start making money from the videos you upload every time someone clicks to watch them.

Owning a channel on iReportersTv is the same as having a blog but instead of posting text and images, you upload videos.

What makes owning a channel better than the traditional blog is … you can start making money from the first day. IReportersTv will pay you every time some clicks to watch any video you upload on your new TV channel. For every single view your video receives, you will be paid the equivalent of 65 kobo in dollars.

Just imagine, 1million view over time is equal to 650,000 (Six hundred and fifty thousand) naira or $4000 (four thousand dollars).

What are you waiting for? Click on this link NOW! To open a free iReportersTv channel and start making money. For any question Call +353 89 9740 465.

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