Monday, September 30, 2013

Jealous ex-girlfriend sets rival ablaze in Enugu (PICTURED)

According to a report by, a 20 year old girl allegedly set ablaze the 22 year old new love interest of her ex-boyfriend. Cynthia Onah reportedly went to her ex-boyfriend's house at Onugba Nike area in Enugu State late at night with a gallon of fuel and emptied its content on Chinwe Igwe, her ex's girlfriend, who was sleeping. The incident took place on August 24th.
The Commissioner of Police Enugu State, Mr. Mohammed Adamu described the incident as very unfortunate. “It is terrible that a girl because of jealousy would set another girl on fire simply because they are befriending the same boy.”
CP Adamu explained that on that fateful day, Cynthia had in connivance with another suspect, one Obiora Chukwuegbo stormed Chika’s home and set Chinwe on fire. It was only the assistance of neighbours that Chinwe was rescued through the window as the fire consumed the room. She was said to have been taken to a private hospital before she was transferred to Annunciation Specialist Hospital Emene, Enugu State where she is still receiving treatment.

The boyfriend, Chika told Sunday Sun
“I am a driver and I’ve been dating Chinwe for the past five years. We had little quarrel and we stopped dating. I meet Cynthia who is a prostitute and dated her for just one month. We separated one month after because at times she would be chasing me with a knife. I couldn’t bear it and so I went back to settle with my former girlfriend. Cynthia didn’t give up as she threatened that she was going to deal with us. She even threatened to pour acid on me.
Being a driver, I travelled the day Cynthia burnt my girlfriend. It was one of my neighbours that called me to say that my house was on fire and that somebody poured fuel under the door and it exploded and burnt my girlfriend who was sleeping in the room; that they have rescued her through the window.
“When I got home, I saw that all my property had been burnt to ashes. My girlfriend was hospitalized because she sustained injuries from the fire. But I am determined and I have promised God that with the condition of my girlfriend that I am still going to marry her.”
The suspect, Cynthia, who hails from Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State, said
“I started dating Chika when he had misunderstanding with his former girlfriend, Chinwe. We dated for one month and then he told me that he was no longer interested in marrying me. Chika is owing me N12,000. When we had a quarrel, I did not threaten him with a knife. I only used the knife to deflate his tyres.
“I have quarreled with Chinwe several times. I sent her a text message to leave my boyfriend. Because she threatened me, I also threatened her that she will never enjoy the relationship. I don’t know anything about who took fuel to the house of her boyfriend and burnt the house. On that fateful day, Chika called my phone at night and said that I should meet him at Emene junction. I was out waiting for him when the policemen from the State CID arrested me. I didn’t know anything about the incident. I only know we have traded words.”
When Sunday Sun visited the victim at the Annunciation Specialist Hospital Emene Area, Enugu State, she said:
“I am still shocked at what happened. I regret dating Chika as I have been turned to something else now. I saw Cynthia Onah and Chukwuegbo Obiora after they had poured fuel under the door and fire was everywhere. I was calling him for help. It was when I was calling for help through the other window that I saw Cynthia Onah and Obiora Chkwuegbo running away and I was shouting for help until the neighbours broke one of the windows and carried me out from the window”, she said.
“My relationship with Chika is over. I am in pains and agony. I didn’t know what to do. I was sleeping and suddenly I saw smoke and it exploded and caught fire. I could have been burnt to ashes if not for the neighbours who broke through the window and rescued me,” she added.
CP Adamu said the suspects would soon be charged to court.


  1. Nefarious; Iniquitous and inhumane. This vixen should rot in prison

  2. D girl must be a witch nd cailous, as 4 u (vitim) u beta stick to chika since he's ready to marry u, bcos who ll wat to marry u wit d hot wound bt I pray dat God ll heal u

  3. What has this world turn into? Flesh destroying carnivores!!! This is too harsh. Well, who am I to judge?

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