Saturday, September 28, 2013

"I Found A Huge Collection Of P¤rnography On My Girlfriend's Phone", What Should I do?


Dear readers.Some days ago i was going through my girl friends phone when i discovered a huge collection of hardcore badography.... They were straight bad actually, but itbothers me considering that i'm planning to propose to her in comming months and thepossibility that she might be an undercovernympho. I'm still worried at what to do andsincerely at cross roads.
I would love to hear your opinions and thatof your blogreaders because i am already looking at breaking it off with her as things stand now. I am yet to confront her, but she senses something is obviosly wrong somewhere.
Please help me out, i know you are one of the few bloggers that openly tackle sexual issues that's why i took the pains to type and send you this message.Thanks.


  1. Hahaha she is learning 2 teach u more abt sex... #winks#

  2. U see, for U not to get ur mind disturbed, u shouldn't have gone tru her fone. But since u now know what she's got on her fone, delete those this, if she puts them again, querry er and delete if she puts it again, call the realtionship off, if U can.

  3. Personally she wantz to deal wit u on bed so young man go for yur own training too

  4. Mr man, u shd b bold enough to confront her since she is ur girl. Confront her n try to listen to her opinion n tel her u don't lyk it, dts all. U don't nid to break up nw. Den study her 4 sumtime n councel her. A word is enough 4 d wise. Gud luck.

  5. Its beta she's watching dan practicing wit som1 else! Calm down dude,nofin 2wrk urself up 4