Friday, September 27, 2013

3 Ways In Which Women Can Rape Men (MUST READ)

There are three ways women can rapé men.

Adult women can and do commit statutory rapé against underage boys. When this phenomenon first came to light with a female high school teacher and an underage male student, it was shocking and I think many people assumed such a thing was freakishly rare.

Subsequently, a number of such cases have been publicized suggesting this kind of occurrence is not nearly as freakishly uncommon as many believed. As with men and underage girls, the complicity of the victim does not alter the criminality of the act.

The second way women can rapé men is through unwilling (anál or orál) penetration of men with fingers or objects. (I don’t know if unwilling orál pénetration is always treated as rapé in law.)

Finally, a woman can rapé a man through coércing them to pénetrate the woman with an eréct pénis. Though it is not easy to ‘will’ an erection, it’s not always impossible, either. Men, like women, can become physically ároused despite not actually wanting to have séx with someone. This may occur in response to physical mánipulation or other reasons. Coércion need not be through physical force, obviously; a man can be blackmailed into having séx (as one commenter described his own victimization here).

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