Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Karen Igho to Star in Her Own Reality TV Show Tagged 'Knowing Karen'

Knowing Karen will primarily feature the Big Brother Africa winner and radio personality engaging in the different activities that sum up her celebrity status. These range from the following:
1. Before, during and after work related activities like photo and video shoots. Including special events etc.

2. Several classes have been planned for the series like policing/ custom officing / waitressing for the day to meet her surprised fans in the grassroots.

3. To show her readiness and willingness to work with high profile corporate brands, she is taking etiquette lessons and so on.

4. The additional acting lessons she went to get in London, will also be displayed through monologues that will be recorded with fans.

So watch out people!


  1. i love u karen.......cant wait to see ur reality show.

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