Monday, July 29, 2013

John Terry's Mother Drunk And High After Partying With her Daughter In-law [PHOTO]

SOCCER ace John Terry’s mum Sue lies flat out in the back of a taxi after a boozy night on the town.

Sue, 55, stumbled into the cab at 3am after partying with John’s wife Toni.

The grandma spread herself out on the back seat and closed her eyes while waiting for Toni.

Party girl ... John Terry's wife Toni on her night out with Sue
 When her daughter-in-law finally arrived the two women sped off from the Mayfair nightspot in London. Chelsea skipper John, 32, is always eager to get himself into photos — but even he would shy away from this unflattering snap.

An onlooker said: “Sue was staggering everywhere. She was a complete mess and had definitely had too many drinks.

“She had to come out of the club about half an hour before Toni did. And then she passed-out in the back of the taxi. At first she was lying on the cab’s floor.”

Mum's the word ... John Terry's mother Sue

Snap happy ... footie ace John Terry
 In 2009, Sue was cautioned for allegedly shoplifting £800 of clothes and groceries from M&S and Tesco.

Terry’s dad was last week accused of head-butting an Asian man in a racist attack. Edward, 59, allegedly assaulted Amarjit Talafair in London.

He admits common assault but denies it was racially aggravated. He will face magistrates in November.

Former England captain Terry was cleared of racially abusing QPR star Anton Ferdinand following a trial last year.

Flat out on the town ... John Terry's mum Sue, 55, kips in tax


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