Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#BBATheChase: 'Can You Marry A Person Like Me?' - Beverly

Relationships in the House are always complex, especially when they become intimate. Beverly and Angelo can attest to this as they got to know one another first as contenders in the game and then as lovers. Tonight they spoke about their fears when they leave Biggie’s House and have to be a couple in the real world.

The two were kissing outside near the Jacuzzi when Angelo said Beverly smelled like smoke. Obviously she would be smelling of smoke from the cigarette she was smoking next to him but Angelo needed Beverly to understand that it’s not nice kissing a girl that smokes yet he doesn’t.

But when all that had subsided the two went into serious mode with their conversation straying from smoking to them pursuing their relationship in the outside world. Beverly said that Angelo terrifies her because she’s fallen in love with him so fast. “I try to deny that I love you because I’m thinking it’s too early to love you when I don’t know how you are in the outside world,” she said concerned.

Angelo understood where she was coming from but also had the same fears as Beverly did. “To be honest, I’m also kind of scared of knowing you on the outside,” he told her. But Beverly quickly defended herself saying she has told him everything about her and whatever he hears on the outside should not matter.

She then asked him a question he was all too happy to answer. “Can you marry a person like me?” she asked almost shy. Angelo didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes, but would you marry someone like me?” he asked as well. She agreed saying that she would have no choice because she loves him. Is that wedding bells we hear?

Do you think Beverly and Angelo will tie the knot in the outside world?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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