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Michelle Obama And A Nigerian Lady :Who Wore It Better?

Who Wore It Better?

Can You Tell These Identical Twins Apart?

Can You Tell These Identical Twins Apart?

BADOO!!! "I Dont Like Any Female Nigerian Celebrity" - Olamide

Baddoo!! Take the boy out of ghetto but you can never take the ghetto out of the boy, even in a dapper suit, Olamide is still as razz as ever! BADDOO! Olamide a.k.a Badoo is one of Nigeria’s finest rap artist. His unique style of blending yoruba and english lyrics separates his work from others. He has recently risen to become a huge force in the nigerian rap industry with top charting tracks like “First of All”, “Stupid Love” and “Voice of the Street”.He emerge with the hit “Omo to Shan” featuring Wizkid a few years back and since then has continued to drop massive hit songs. Toolz gets The Juice on Olamide as he shares his experinces in music, relationship, controversy regarding his signing to DKM and whats next. So!!! First of All…


'I Want To Meet My Dad Before He Dies' - Bill Clinton’s Secret Son With A Prostitute Exposed

Bill Clinton has a secret son he fathered with a hooker – and the now 27-year-old young man is desperate to meet his biological dad.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Danney Lee Williams Jr., the love child the then-governor of Arkansas conceived with ‘working girl’ Bobbie Ann Williams, tells GLOBE he fears Clinton, 66, who’s battling heart disease and also suffers from Parkinson’s, will pass away before they can meet.

“I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,” says Danney, who lives in Little Rock Ark. “I just want to shake his hand and say, “Hi Dad,’ before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Danney also wants Clinton to acknowledge and meet his five children, who he says are the former President’s only grandchildren and range in age from 10 years to just 4 months old.

PICTURES From Burnt Tedder Hall At University Of Ibadan

The fire which started around 4;10am at the buttery area of the hall was as a result of an electrical failure. News reaching us has it that the fire service came around 5;25 am when the fire had already done serious damage. Goods and property worth thousands of naira was reported to have been lost to the fire. The Cyber café beside the buttery was also affected but some computers and computer accessories were salvaged. The warden of the hall released a statement in respect of the fire outbreak and told ‘Tedderites’ to keep calm and not use this opportunity to perpetrate nefarious activities in the hall.....More pics after the cut:

How would you steal from this woman?

How would you steal from this woman?

78-Year-Old Kenyan Granny Starts Primary School (SEE PHOTOS)

78-year-old Mariana Ong’ango Ololo, a new pupil at Obambo Primary School, is not only the oldest pupil in her class, the grandmother is also the oldest pupil in the school. Ololo, who hails from Siaya county, reportedly showed up at the school unannounced on 14 May, in a school uniform with a shaved head and accompanied by her 56-year-old son George.The school principal Joseph Muloand told the Daily Nation, “It is a unique case. We have to lay down a strategy of handling such an elderly pupil.” Ololo has already missed classes on several occasions due to her poor health....More pics after the cut:

The Nation reports that she is a mother of eight and has been a widow since 2002. She reportedly started school because of an interest in politics and was inspired to do so by the election of Uhuru Kenyatta. She told the Daily Nation, "“Uhuru Kenyatta is not an old man, but took over as fourth President because he has got an education. That is a clear indicator that a person cannot rank highly in society without an education.”Her story is very similar to that of Guinness World Record holder Kimani Maruge who enrolled in primary school at the age of 84. Maruge had a 2010 movie, called The First Grader, made about his experience.

What Is Wrong With These Dencia's Photos?

If a lady dresses up like this at a party she doesn't have to sing or say anything before she will have my undivided attention......Her bosom is just too much and fresh pass Cossy......More pics after the cut:

Dbanj's Oliver Twist Becomes The Most Viewed African Video On You tube With Over 20 million views

Within a year , Dbanj's iconic song , Oliver Twist has gathered over 20 million views on Youtube and still counting! No other Nigerian locally originated song has attracted such huge viewship across the world as this song. This is a special moment in the career of a Nigerian song. According to Wikipedia and youtube sources , the song was No 1 in most African countries, No 2 in the U.K. R & B chart , No 9 in U.K. national chart, No 1 in Romania, No 10 in Belgium, No 12 in Scotland, No 24 in Slovakia and No 19 in Armenian music chart. Recent U.S. survey also listed the song in Top 5 workout songs in U.S.A. , according to U.S. morning show, Live With Kelly and Michael. Dbanj's Oliver Twist has confirmed itself as a classic.

SEE GOBE: I Cheated On My Husband With A Man Who Now Wants To Marry My Sister!


I have only two weeks to confess or it would be too late. Years ago, when I was in England, I seduced one young man whom I eventually got pregnant for.
Though 10 years younger than I am, I couldn’t help myself as he had all the qualities I wanted in a man so I planned it all by inviting him to my house. I knew it was not going to be easy convincing him to have a relationship with me since I was still married to the brother of his elder sister’s husband. It was one of those days when my husband went to France. I wore one of my sexiest nightgowns, which showed off my fantastic body. It didn’t take too long for him to capitulate.
The relationship lasted for a year.

It ended with my husband finding out about it when I became pregnant. He was very scared of the repercussion of accepting responsibility of the pregnancy. The shame of our relationship was too much for him; he left for Scotland. I went ahead to have the baby against the opinion of my friends and family members who expressed the view that I was taking it all too far. They didn’t understand my passion to have a baby when my last child was exactly 10 years old. To be frank, I didn’t understand it my self, I was ready to forfeit my marriage because of my passion for this boy and his child inside of me.
Since I didn’t have his address or contact in Scotland, I bore all the expense of the baby on my own. My husband didn’t bother to come back to England. He along with our first and second sons settled in France, he allowed me to keep the youngest child; our only daughter, because of her age. Needless to say, my children and family were all disappointed in me but I was beyond caring. It was a burning desire to be loved, a satisfaction that I was still attractive enough to attract the attention of a young man and a handsome man too.
Before the incident, my marriage and life was in comatose, my husband was either too tired to pay attention to me or too busy making money to care that I needed that special assurance only a man could give. The excitement in our life was missing, I tired discussing the decline in emotion satisfaction with him but he wasn’t listening. I had no choice but to follow the trend among women in England, having young lovers to give them what their husbands at home cannot give. For me, it was more than fun because I found for the first time that depth that I only imagined but never experienced.
Well, I came back to Nigeria seven years after that incident to discover the man my sister is getting married to, to be the same man who is the father of my seven year old daughter. The mistake was made because nobody in my family knew him. All they knew about the incident was that I got pregnant and had a baby for a man. He met my sister in Nigeria five years ago. He did not tell her about his child or me. Seeing him again after all those years brought back my feelings. I went in search for him, and blackmailed him into sleeping with me.
The reason I am writing to you is that he recently called my bluff, saying I could go to the roof top to tell the world about our affair and the child. Agatha. I am not selfish but I love him so much. I want him for myself. How do I make him understand this before he marries my sister? I also want my daughter to know who her father is. She has of recent started asking questions about her father. I want to inform my sister that her husband to be is my daughter’s father. What do you think I should do?

SEE Adorable Picture Of Diddy as a little boy (LOOK)

 Diddy, Diddy Dirty Money, P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy or maybe just cute Sean Combs.

The mogul shared a picture of himself aged six and it’s obvious he’s always got style.

According to reports, Diddy has a net worth of $550 million, but he started from humble beginnings having been raised in a public housing project in Harlem, New York City......More pics after the cut:

Why Olamide Rejected D'Banj

For a while now, D’Banj and his management team have been planning to sign in rapper Olamide to their label, however, Olamide turned down the Koko master’s offer, preferring to roll alone for now.

Olamide, who does not want to play the fool at this phase of his career, politely told D’Banj that he was not ready to surrender some of his powers, especially having to be booked for shows only by D’Banj’s management outfit, pleaded for time to even think about the offer as he still wants to work with his present team and taking things as they come for now.

He believes that for now, there is nothing D’banj can do for him that he can’t do for himself.

"In the future, I will consider his offer. If anybody wants me, he should have unfettered access to me. I am just starting out in the profession", he allegedly told close friends.

“If I leave my husband he will commit suicide” – Chioma Topliss

Delectable and multi-talented Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis, who won the heart of many in 2005, when she landed the female lead rolein a Nollywood flick entitled, Trinity has said she can’t leave her husband because of the bond they both share.

According to her, only death would separate her from her husband.

Hear her, “Not for me, not matter how they talk about it, it will never happen. I know what I’m talking about because I know the man I am married, it will never happened. That is why I’m not moved when I read what they write on the pages of newspapers and the Internet. In fact, if tell my husband that I am living him today, he will commit suicide.

I am the pillar of that home, though I am not the one proving for the family but I remain the pillar. I can say it again, I don’t see my marriage crashing, if they like let them do or say whatever they like my husband will not leave me it is me that would decide whether I am going to leave him or not.

The actress who said she has never for once cooked for her husband disclosed that she has forgiven her close rival and long-time enemy, Oge Okoye.

She voiced her conviction thus: “I have forgiven all the people who have wronged me and God is moving me higher every day. I do not have any grudge against her; everything that happened to me in the past is just a lesson. I have decided to forgive anybody who has wronged me; she’s not the first person and as far as I’m concerned she’s not going to be the last person. Chioma has decided to move on with her life.”

via Dailypost

Drama As Majek Fashek Attends & Performs At COSON Awards Night

A mild drama ensued at the Oriental hotel, Lekki, Lagos, venue of the just concluded Song Award organised by the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) last Saturday night when Nigeria’s reggae legend and guitarist, Majek Fashek stormed the place to thrill his fans once again after years of being missing on stage.

Clad in rugged jersey and jacket with a brown cap, Majek who has been incapacitated for a long time now arrived the venue some minutes to the end of the event and hell was let loose. Shouts of ‘the Rainmaker’ rented the airas he moved from one end of the expansive hall to another, greeting and hugging some of his contemporaries whom he has not seen for years.

Interestingly, Majek’s song, “Send Down the Rain” won the best song of the 1980s at the event.Even though, his sight evoked sympathy,some of the guests who were familiar with Majek’s ordeal could not believe their eyes as the Rainmaker was virtually in high spirit. Still looking shabby and frail, Majek bubbled with lifewhile the event lasted.

Upon spotting highlife maestro, Victor Uwaifo who was one of the dignitaries that graced the awards night, Majek immediately prostrated before him and later, requested to perform on stage. But the audience would not allow him to do so as they wanted him to close the event.After Iyanya’s ‘Intimate performance’, Majek mounted the stage and took the audience in a musical voyage. He reeled out some of his evergreen songs to the delight of the audience.

When he sang ‘ Send Down the Rain’, everyone in the hall took to the floor as they sang along with him. His performance that night reaffirmed his place as a reggae legend.Despite missing the stage for a long time. Majek who waltzed his way into the hearts of music fans in the late 80s and early 90s with his debut album

“Prisoner of Conscience” containing the hit track ‘Send Down The Rain’ released in 1987, still retains his stagecraft, vocal dexterity and followership. Standing ovation however greeted his ‘unexpected’ performance even as he hinted that his latest album is due to be released soon.

Meanwhile, the event was organised to honour musicians, songwriters and composers who had written and sung great songs from 1960s till date. Victor Uwaifo’s “Joromi,” was chosen as the best song of the 1960s while Prince Nico Mbarga’s “Sweet Mother” won the 1970s category.While Femi Kuti’s “Wonder Wonder” emerged the best song of the 1990s, for the new millennium (2000), Kehinde Akinbode’s “Olorioko” was awarded thebest contemporary Afro song. The contemporary pop song was awarded to Tu Face Idibia with “African Queen.”Sunny Nneji won contemporary highlife category with “Oruka.” Idibia won contemporary afro with “Iheneme,” while Psquare were honoured for their hit song “Chop My Money” and the best song for contemporary highlife of the new era was awarded to Jude Okoye for“Baby Oku.”The award ceremony was part of activities marking the COSON week.


#BBATheChase: Big Brother Africa Shower Video Leaks Online (LOOk)

It was only a matter of time before this video came the video below:

 Big Brother Africa Shower Video

Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (Isabella) vs Most Beautiful Girl In Ghana (Naa) (PHOTOS)

They are both agemates - Naa Okailey from Ghana and Isabella Ayuk from Nigeria, they are both the reigning beauty queens of their respective countries. Amongst queens there is a queen, who is the most beautiful queen of these two??

EME Star, Niyola Without Any Makeup....Hot Or Not?

Apparently the new trend in town is to share a photo of you without make up, lol - that's what the female celebs are doing now!
First it was Genevieve Nnaji, Chioma Chukwuka, Rita Dominic and guess who is next in line - Niyola, E.M.E's first lady.

Hot Or Not?

Baba Suwe Loses N25 Million Award At The Court of Appeal

A panel of Court of Appeal judges in Lagos today set aside the N25 million compensatory damages earlier awarded Lagos comedian, Babatunde Omidina " Baba Suwe " over a prolonged detention by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) last year.

In the ruling, the Court of Appeal re-affirmed the right of the NDLEA to investigate, arrest, detain and prosecute drug suspects as long as the agency acts within the law.

The court said the NDLEA had not violated Mr. Omidina's rights because it sought and got court orders from the federal high court to keep him in custody after the arrested him on the suspicion that he had ingested hard drugs.

The Court of Appeal came down heavily on the Lagos High court judge that awarded the damages against the NDLEA, describing the decision as oppressive and burdensome to an agency of government carrying out its statutory duties.

Baba Suwe's attorneys led by civil rights activist, Bamidele Aturu, has vowed to take the matter before the Supreme Court.

SEE African Leaders Sleeping During AU Summit Session

These African leaders were caught snoozing during the 50th Anniversary of the African Union Summit which kicked off in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on May 26.
Leading the pack of snoozers is the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe in blue and silver tie.
Was the summit that boring?......Lol.

Woman Delivers Her Baby After Being "Pregnant" For Two Years (PICTURED)

When Mrs. Prisca Ashiegbu struggled with her husband and finally got pregnant after seven years of fervent prayers to God for the fruit of the womb, she never imagined that she would have to go through so much sufferings and pain, waiting another two years before she eventually "pushed" the baby out.

Below is the story of this beautiful woman who got her first baby after nine years...
The nine years of childless marriage to her husband, Henry, was rough but the agaony was forgotten when she was delivered of her “miracle baby” on February 2, 2013.Married in January 2004, the couple who hail from Abazu village in Imo State was not so anxious about having a child in the first year of the marriage. However, they stated their journey of praying and waiting on God by the second year.

For many years, they went from one hospital to another searching for a solution to their childlessness and it was during one of such hospital visits that a scan revealed that Prisca had fibroid.

The doctors said the only solution was for Prisca to undergo surgery but the stories the couple heard about having surgery to remove fibroid didn’t encourage them to go on with the treatment.

“I have always had this phobia of going for surgery especially when it concerns fibroid. I have heard a lot of stories and the stories were not good. Many women had lost their lives in the process and we didn’t know where to go and who to trust. Some other stories we heard were that if one does not conceive within three months after removing the fibroid, it will grow back. I didn’t want my wife to go for the surgery because I had already made up my mind that I’ll rather remain childless than lose my wife to the ailment,” Henry, the husband said.

 God is great!

J Martins Marries His Pregnant Fiancee (PHOTOS)

Popular Nigerian Singer and Producer, J Martins (real name: Martins Okey Justice) got married yesterday to his lovely boo Nnezi Mbila, an Abuja based Banker in Lagos.The wedding was kept secret for some reasons. Nnezi is reportedly 4 months pregnant too.
Jay and Nnezi had had their traditional wedding January 2nd, 2012 in Ohafia, Abia state.
Big congrats to them....More pics after the cut:

JTF Seize Over 50 Bombs From Lebanese Members Of Boko Haram

Four foreign nationals, suspected to have hailed from Middle East, were arrested in Kano by the Joint Task Force in the Bompai area of Kano on Wednesday.

Owner of the complex, where the weapons were impounded, simply identified as a Lebanese national, was arrested by military personnel.

Security sources disclosed that items recovered from the extensive operation included 40 air-to-surface missiles, 50 cluster bombs, 200 rocket-propel launchers, eight AK-47 rifles and 200 military hand grenades.

The “weapons of war” were said to have been evacuated to the headquarters of the 3rd Motorised Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Kano, alongside the foreign nationals.

Preliminary investigation had begun while “three countries have been indicted and the military high command is working to ascertain the culpability.

Meanwhile, the JTF has arrested 50 terror suspects in Borno State with the aid of special dogs, says the Director of Defence Information, Brig.-Gen. Chris Olukolade.

Olukolade said in a statement on Wednesday that the terror suspects were arrested with the help of specially trained dogs while trying to infiltrate Maiduguri.

The Defence spokesman said 15 of those arrested were caught with arms concealed either their bodies or their properties.

Olukolade said: “The efforts of the specially trained dogs have so far led to the arrest of over 50 terrorists who were trying to infiltrate Maiduguri.”

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Zimbabwean Big Brother Africa Rep, Pokello,Sex Tape Leaks (SEE PHOTOS)

 This is a warning for ladies, she is in the big brother Africa house and her boyfriend did the unspeakeable, he leaks their private video online!!...See photos below:

 One of the housemates representing Zimbabwe in the ongoing BBA – The Chase, Pokello Nare has been hit by a sex tape scandal a few days after she entered the BBA house.

According to investigations, the said sex tape was acted and recorded by Pokello and her boyfriend Desmond Chideme also known as Stunner who is popular urban grooves artiste.

Stunner is famous for his role in a leaked sex tape in which he had sex with his socialite girlfriend Pokello Nare. In the video, he is seen having sex without protection with the girl that he is not married to. The ‘Godo’ hit maker also went public as he got circumcised in a bid to promote education on HIV/AIDS and how to prevent the Aids scourge.

Apparently the sex tape was reportedly shot at his Avondale home with his girlfriend Pokello Nare. Desmond Chideme is his actual name and he’s a “Zimbabwean urban groover” – probably why we can’t find the tape because it would be hosted on a foreign site and written in another language – if popularity arises then we will seek further for the tape.

Harare-born Pokello has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications and owns a luxury shoe boutique. She enjoys pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and prawn cocktail.

She describes herself as “dynamic, captivating, intelligent, beautiful & hilarious” and says that the best thing about her is that she’s head-strong and a woman of real substance. “When I speak, I speak with depth and confidence,” she says. She admires people who are selfless and filled with humility and modesty, disliking disloyalty and betrayal.

Asked what viewers can expect from her, she says: “I am beautiful, intelligent, controlling and entertaining. I am funny and witty and I say the most humorous things.

Pokello says if she wins the USD 300 000, she’ll buy a big house for her son and herself, send him to a full-time soccer academy in London and invest in her business.