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Is she Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?

I’m Ready To Marry But I Keep Getting Deceived By Girls...What Should I Do?

I’m a mature man, old enough to get married and I have been trying to get a wife but my girlfriends have not been honest.

After dating a girl for a long time, I found out that she was married and separated from her husband and she wasn’t planning to tell me.

I am dating a girl now and I haven’t seen her for about a year, she’s always giving me excuses that she can not come to see me because she is far from me and even when I travel to see her, she still won’t come but she insists that she loves me and that I should go visit her family and do the necessary things.

I am ready to marry but how will I marry someone I don’t spend time with? Please help me and tell me what to do.

SEE how dirty this gospel singer went on stage

So many of us believe these are signs of the end, but take a look at this, would you say Christians are just upgrading because the world is upgrading? Would such a lady claim she is winning souls for God getting dirty like this on stage? See the old news below...

Kenyan Gospel Artist size 8 who apparently got saved a few days ago was caught yeaterday night getting dirty with an unknown male at a night club in Nairobi. When we asked her about it she said that she was doing the work of God by preaching to horny men. Other sources(Ghafla and Kenyanpost) state that she later had unprotected sexual intercourse with this male in public. However, Size 8 later denied this allegations and says she was a bit drunk.

Is this whore saved for real or is she trying to cover up her K.Street business?


 The name Linda Ogutu may not ring a bell, but the well-endowed TV personality is a household name in Kenya. Linda, a former staff of NTV, is currently a News Anchor at Kenya’s leading station, Kenya Television Network (KTN).
The hipped lady is a regular feature on the station’s prime time news at 9pm; a moment an average Kenyan wouldn’t want to miss – not necessarily because of the news but to behold their favourite news anchor.
Lately, there have been reports of scuffles in bars and clubs due to demands by merry makers, especially men to have TV sets tuned to KTN… just to watch Linda.
Kenyan Post reported an incident that occurred recently in Nairobi, “Over the weekend at a club in Nairobi's Westlands area, chaos erupted after the club manager chose to switch to KTN for the 9pm news...Reason being LINDA OGUTU. And immediately a reveller demanded that the station be tuned to Citizen because Janet Mbugua was reading the news and what followed was an exchange of words as revellers fought to have their favourite anchor tuned in. It took the intervention of the management to calm everyone down by switching off all the TV's and demanded that people concentrate on their drinks”.....More pics after the cut:


Although the both parties mentioned do not enjoy the best of relationship for some years now, no one knew it would degenerate in to a rofo rofo fight years after, until they finally engaged each other in a severe boxing match recently that finally earned AY a serious head but from ‘Terry the Ginja’ .

For the purpose of those who may not have understood the whole story, let us revert to the beginning of the matter.

In 2009, AY Dot come launched an attack on Terry G and warned him to stop performing his song, “Pass Me Your Love” in shows. The song which featured Terry and was also produced by him turned out to be a monster hit single later became the subject of a misunderstanding between the two parties over the years.

While Terry on his part claims he has the right of performing the song since it was a duet that featured him, AY Dot Come maintained it was never going to happen while he lives.

Meanwhile, AY on several occasions lamented of how Terry G went about collecting money on his behalf to perform the song without his consent.

Now from the story, you can see it was an age long animosity which finally turned out into a free for all fight, where blows were exchanged; several bottles broken, people injured, trying to separate the fight. Fast forward to what happened at Terry G’s Iju home on his birthday.

An eyewitness said, ‘AY came in the company of some friends as a sign of solidarity to celebrate with the ‘Intellectual Mad Man’ on his birthday and upon sighting him, Terry G Immediately threw caution to the wind and all the madness in him was let lose, as he punched AY severally and landed him an headbutt. AY upon being rescued reached out for the next available weapon but was immediately intercepted by friends and colleagues. At this point the party was already thrown into a halt, while Terry G insisted that Ay disappears from his house before something worse happens. AY was immediately seen to the gate of the compound with bruises all over his body.

Neither Terry G nor AY was available to give their reaction on the story, as their both numbers were switched off as at the time of filing in this report.

Guess Which Actress Owns This Backside

Guess Who..

Ini Edo & Hubby Philip Ehiagwina Bury Mum In Edo State (PHOTOS)

 Ini and hubby buried his mum last weekend. The burial took place in Irrua. More pics after the cut:

Rapper 2Shotz Shows Off His Beautiful Wife, Precious Jones To The World (SEE PHOTOS)

 I wonder how the name "Precious Jones" sounds Nigerian, If I heard the name without any association I would think shes an English princess. Wrong!... He took her to a local studio to take some photos with her!!!..SO CUTE!!! More pics after the cut:

Iyanya Live In Toronto (PHOTOS)

 Its no longer news that the ‘Kukere Master’ Iyanya has been touring America and parts of Europe recently with his MMMG Crew!!

They had a stopover in Toronto where he dazzled his fans as usual.. Check out some photos from what happened during his stay !!

The first picture above though… “Shuuu… See babes oo”....More pics after the cut:

BAD GUY: How Ex Gov Akala Snatched His SSG, Layiwola Olakojo's Wife

A big drama is playing out in the Oyo political circle which involves former associates and friends; ex-Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala and the Secretary to The State Government (SSG), during the last administration, Chief Layiwola Olakojo.

Chief Olakojo is regarded as one of the most experienced politicians in the State who enjoys a considerable followership in the state's political set-up and has participated in different governments both as the SSG to ex-Governor Ladoja and later Chief Bayo Alao-Akala.

During the high point of Governor Akala's administration, Chief Olakojo who was in his late 70's did the unusual and married a very young beautiful wife who was in her early 20s. They had a big wedding ceremony which was attended by all the political bigwigs in the State then.

However, the robust relationship being enjoyed by Chief Olakojo and ex-Governor Akala ended when the Governor was being hounded by the EFCC and arrested his SSG, Chief Olakojo. It was revealed that the old man who couldn't endure the hard measure and feared what would become of his political life squealed on some activities of his boss, and that spelt long years of rift between the two politicians.

Recently the former SSG's marriage to his youngest wife was rocked with a big crisis that led to the wife moving all her things out of his house.

Sources revealed that Chief Olakojo now lives alone in his country home in Oyo town. It was revealed that ex-Governor Akala was the mastermind of the break-up in Chief Olakojo's marriage. Those in the know claimed that the ex-Governor has been in close contacts with Oyin during his days as a Governor when the wife used to visit him and report Chief Olakojo's frugality and she gets cash gifts from the Governor.

First Weekly Magazine learnt that Akala pampered Olakojo's wife so much that the beautiful lady couldn't resist the advances the former governor eventually made. The source informed us that Akala and the woman began to have sexual relationship on a regular basis.

It was also revealed that during one of their secret rendezvous, Akala convinced her to move out from her matrimonial home. The source revealed that the young woman who already had a child for Chief Olakojo left her husband's home with the child and Akala relocated her to America where she now lives.

“It was so funny the way Oyin left Chief Olakojo. She had earlier told Chief she wanted to travel to America, but Chief asked her to wait for some days, that he wanted to do some things in India. He promised to take Oyin to America when he comes back from India. Chief traveled to India, but unknown to him Oyin has her own plans,” an insider said.

The source revealed that Oyin, through the help of Akala perfected all her traveling papers, while the husband was in India.

“She went into Chief’s room, took 20,000 dollars out of the 100,000 dollars she saw and the funny aspect was that it was the day Chief Olakojo landed at the airport that Oyin also boarded a United States bound flight. They were probably at the airport at the same time. While the husband was at the arrival lounge, the wife was at the departure,” the source added.,

The recent development was said to have sparked off a new row between the two politicians, as Olakojo has been reporting the matter to all the influential people in the state. Chief Olakojo was said to have threatened to end Chief Akala's political career and his recent activities has pointed to that direction.

The former SSG has been at the forefront of the move to reconcile ex-Governor Ladoja with other PDP chieftains and he has been engaging in different activities that exhibit his agony, and hatred towards his ex boss.

Culled from First Weekly Magazine.

Police arrest and detain ceremonial cow in murder case in Ogun (PHOTO)

The cow detained at a police station over murder
The police at Sango Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, have arrested a cow following the killing of a 24-year old teenager identified as Azeez Salako at Ilata area of Ota, a suburb of Ogun State.

P.M.NEWS gathered that youths in Ilata Ota were planning to hold a carnival on Saturday 27 April, 2013 and there was an argument between some of the youths which led to a fight and one of the boys identified as Dayo broke a bottle which he used to stab Salako in the neck and he bled to death.

When the police arrived at the scene of the fracas everyone had fled leaving behind the cow bought for slaughter during the carnival and the police arrested the cow and took it to the station where it is currently being detained. When P.M.NEWS visited Sango Area Command where the incident was reported, both the Area Commander ACP Titi Kayode and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Sango Division CSP Dibie were not available for comment. However, a source at the station who confirmed the incident on condition of anonymity said the suspected killer is on the run as no arrest has been made.

“Both the Area Commander and the DPO are not around now. We are still investigating the matter as no arrest has been made. The person who was alleged to have stabbed the deceased is on the run. It is only the cow the youths wanted to use for the carnival that was brought from the scene,” said the source.

Read more: PM News

Never Trust A Man Because They Are All Hungry - Sarah Ofili

I believe you all know who Sarah is.Anyway,Incase,you don't know, she is rapper Ikechukwu's ex and also a model. More famous as the rapper's ex tho. See her tweet below:

 S.O.Katona @SarahOfili

"Never trust a man coz they all hungry... U say u a gangster but dat don't impress me none" KAT DAHLIA-GANGSTER

She sure knows what she is saying.....Lol

SEE Toke Makinwa's Sexy Way Of Rocking Ankara

Here's another way to rock the Ankara fabric. Brought to you by stylish media personality, Toke Makinwa.

SEE Mr Ibu's Outfit at An Event

Mr Ibu doesn't seem to seize being hilarious cum crazy. Hit or Miss?

DISGRACED WEDDING: Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi tells own story

•I loved Ezinne, my first wife, but she was deceitful, greedy

• If I hadn’t left Lillian, my second wife, I would have committed suicide

• Uloma gives me true love, inner joy

On Saturday, April 13, Nigerians were shocked when the supposed wedding of Nollywood actor, Mr. Solomon Akiyesi, to Ms Uloma Agwu, turned into a major scandal in Lagos.

The ‘wedding’, which was taking place at the Overcomer’s World Outreach in Aguda, Surulere, was truncated when Solomon’s authentic wife, Lillian, stormed the church with some family members, creating a scene and accusing the groom-to-be of abandoning her at home in Port Harcourt while he was busy, plotting an illegal wedding in Lagos.

It took the intervention of policemen to restore sanity. The wedding was eventually cancelled by the General Overseer of the Overcomers Church World Outreach, Bishop N.E. Moses.

Since then, many Nigerians have taken to the social media, raining unprintable invectives on the Nollywood actor, who was said to have been married twice before his latest failed attempt. In a chat with Daily Sun, Solomon tells his own story, explaining why he decided to take the actions that he took, concerning his marital life. Excerpts: Over the last one week, hell has been let loose on me.

I’ve not only suffered verbal attacks, but also vituperations and near fisticuffs, all because of another futile attempt of mine at my journey towards achieving that which I honestly and passionately desire – a peaceful home and family. Social network sites and blogs have been awash with how I left Lilian, my “pregnant” wife, to marry Uloma, my Lagos “mistress” whom they also claimed was pregnant for me. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Only a mad or cursed man would simply leave his pregnant wife and elope with another one. And lest I forget, I urge you, as you read this, to have an open mind to listen to that which is true instead of taking sides and jumping into wicked conclusions with its attendant wicked insults and uncouth commentaries about how Solomon is running his life and how he is not. I’m not asking for pity or trying to buy anybody’s love at this time.

This is my life. If at my age I don’t know what I want, then I may just remain the dumb ass that I’ve been called over and over again. I don’t think I need anyone to give me any lecturing on how I should exercise my privileges.

For the record, I never planned on marrying more than one wife. And unlike the serial husband I’ve been labelled, I had dreamt and planned a lovely home and family.

And my quest for this dates back to 2003 after I had moved into Port Harcourt. I soon settled down with Ezinne, my university days girlfriend, whom I ran into in Port Harcourt during her National Youth Service. As fate had it, we couldn’t help reliving old times and one thing led to another. One fateful, rainy Thursday evening in October, 2002, Ezinne came to inform me that she was pregnant.

It was as far as I was concerned, a devastating blow to the new life I was living; rap music, cars, money and women. So, I told her the pregnancy was unacceptable to me. Besides, I only just started working and needed stability. But months later, Ezinne was to inform me that she was carrying a baby girl.

And knowing my attachment to baby girls and not wanting to ever have a baby outside wedlock, I repented and changed my thuggish ways and asked her to marry me, more so that I was mature enough in every ramification. Or so I thought.

And so, sometime in April, 2003, I hired a hall and invited a pastor to come officiate at my marriage with Ezinne and bless our rings. All done, we went home and started as husband and wife. God, the creator, knew how glad I was and looked forward to a happy home. However, five days after that marriage, I called my new wife on my way from work to ask what was up for dinner and she told me she had been in the hospital.

I rushed to the hospital and was told by Ezinne that she lost the baby. I got her discharged and took her home. But I was completely broken at the loss of a baby I had expected so much. Four days later, I asked my wife if she actually saw the dead baby. She responded by saying the doctor brought it but she gave instruction for it to be buried because she could not behold the sight. Instinctively, I called the doctor – both to thank him and to confirm because he wasn’t around when I went to pick her home. After thanking the doctor, I asked of the sex of my dead baby.

The doctor didn’t talk for like six seconds. I asked him the same question again and he said he’s been restless in his spirit and that he could no longer keep the fact that there was no baby inside Ezinne and that nothing like miscarriage happened in his hospital. I challenged him again and asked if he was not the same person, who confirmed her pregnant and that Ezinne had been attending antenatal in his hospital.

He responded that he had not set his eyes on Ezinne since October of the previous year. Meanwhile, Ezinne had always taken money from me for antenatal and had even shopped for the baby! It then became clear to me that this was a fluke all together.

Sadly enough, Ezinne denied any wrongdoing. For three years, I exposed opportunities for Ezinne to simply tell me the truth but she never took advantage of any of the opportunities. Alas! She was not pregnant. I decided to investigate myself and took her for HSG where it was discovered that there were no fallopian tubes in her and that there was evidence of previous surgery of the uterus. I independently probed further and found out with evidence that Ezinne had a life-threatening abortion in 1992 that resulted in the rupture and subsequent removal of her womb and tubes.

My biggest pain was not what I found out but the fact that Ezinne hid all this from me all these years and was still being economical with the truth even when confronted with hard evidence! In frustration, I moved out of the house but not before taking her to her mum in search of the truth.

Even the mum corroborated what Ezinne gave as excuse for the scar that runs from her navel down to her pubic region, i.e. she was operated upon due to menstrual irregularities. I then decided to stay out for good. While I was out, my relationship with Lillian whom I had known years earlier grew.

I was always going to see her in Enugu. I then got me another apartment and Lillian came around quite often too. Gradually Lillian grew from that little girl I was merely helping in her schooling, into a mature, witty and intelligent young woman. So, having taken my people to Ezinne’s place for the dissolution of the marriage – since we did only traditional marriage – I proposed to Lillian.

And, in 2007, we proceeded to the registry for marriage. And that was the day her father started troubling me. He insisted Lillian was not supposed to go home with me. For two years, he cut communication with me. Shortly after the marriage, my businesses ran into a crises and my entire life nose-dived.

There was tremendous loss in my finances. In my travail, Lillian’s father went to the police and told them to deal seriously with me because I was an “irresponsible son-in-law”. When the challenges kept mounting and seeing my life was at risk after I was badly shot, I left town to sojourn elsewhere. In 2010, I gradually re-emerged and we started finding our footing again.

Even though I tried to settle down again, I found that the centre could no longer hold, as Lillian had metamorphosed into a nag and had acquired a fire tongue with which she talked me down and reigned curses on me at any little provocation. There was no week we didn’t have a major fight, whether I was home or not.

At some point, she became religious. And having found her way into Winners Chapel, she suggested to me one day that it was necessary we took our marriage to God since we hadn’t a proper wedding. She said her church pastors were willing to help in blessing our marriage so there could be a turnaround. To this, I obliged. She said she would love for us to wear wedding costumes for the purpose of photographs. To this I also consented. And so, to Winners Chapel we went and were blessed and certificated.

But it was as if that blessing was what someone was waiting for before they would blow the whistle that would usher me into the hall of pain. Lillian became insatiable.

You would see tiny ingredients of marriage only when I could ensure her comfort. Once Lillian’s comfort was compromised, she would lampoon me and tell me my life history in graphic details and lecture me on what Mr. A and B have done for their wives that I’m not able to do.

It’s even worse when I try to remind her of the recent past that I laboured tenaciously to keep her happy. Once she told me that there was nothing I had done in the past that anybody couldn’t have done. Imagine sacrificing all you’ve got, including almost your life, for someone who would tell you it’s no big deal and that any other person could have done what you did. And then, suddenly, she wanted me to quit my acting career or she would divorce me. My phones were always her best companions at night. If she was not reading my texts, she was in my facebook or BBM.

I had no peace. My best moment was whenever I had to leave home for work. And after work I never wanted to go back home. On a trip back home sometime ago, I was praying that my aircraft should crash and I die instead of going home. Even when I was driving home, I was under strong temptation to ram into oncoming vehicles instead of going home.

It was either that a long list of demand would be waiting for me or an equally longer list of questions about whom I had been online with and whom I had been calling and not calling.

Then on the side was a supposed father-in-law, who claimed he regretted the marriage because he wasn’t getting anything from it and that I only came to destroy the love that existed in their family before the marriage. So, my joy knew no bounds when Lillian told me last year that she was pregnant. For me, it was a good thing. Maybe the baby would take her attention away from me at last. Then the heat started again. I must provide N2 million for her to deliver her baby, even though she knows my income and its source. When her pressure got to a head and to avoid the same road I travelled with Ezinne, I took Lillian to a gynaecologist. A scan was run on her and the result was declared before the two of us that she was not pregnant.

This was after she told me that she had done an independent scan and that she was carrying triplets! Even with the medical confirmation, Lillian never stopped her push for N2 million and money for baby shopping. I ended up suffering a partial stroke in January. Yet she would wake me up at 2am to ask me of my plans to raise N2 million for her, even while I was bedridden with stroke.

I knew then that I was going to die in that marriage and had to do something about it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is about my life. If what greeted the Internet and press was that I died, trying to please Lillian and my marriage, people would still insult me and ask why I didn’t take a walk. And taking a walk I tried to do but I did not do it right.

I tried to skip due process to avoid hurting anyone. More so, I did not have the political and emotional will to ask for divorce. Pray, people, divorce is not like going to a grocery store where you go to pay your money and come back with a bag full. What would have been my ground for divorce? I should also confess that I could not find an answer to what would happen to Lillian if I asked her to go because I was more than a husband to her.

So, I foot-dragged to the point of taking the easy way out. And the easy way is not usually the best way as I found out on Saturday, April 13.

Uloma did not just jump into the picture to “snatch” Solomon from Lillian. Uloma has been my friend since 2006. We met again in 2009 at the peak of my business crisis and have been seeing each other afterwards. Candidly, I was swept away by the love, understanding and the peaceful disposition Uloma proffered even as a friend, far from the opposites I was getting back home. The way Uloma treated me was the exact desires any man longed for in a wife. So, I was always running to her whenever Lillian lit her fires.

So, I asked myself why I couldn’t marry her. Far from the evil rumour that I wanted to marry Uloma because of her money, I wanted to marry Uloma to fill a vacuum in her life and make her happy and fulfilled because this woman with a heart of gold who has impacted many lives deserved to be happy.

If that was what I could ever do to plant some comfort in her life. If there was going to be any immediate gain for me, it would have been peace of mind and its attendant long life, not her money or any physical or material gains. I’m not a lazy man.

Apart from being an actor, I have been in business for almost fifteen years. Years back, when I poured millions of naira on exotic cars and a posh house in Port Harcourt, Uloma was a seventy thousand naira recovery staff in Sterling Bank. Today, even if Uloma gave me all her salary from where she presently works, it won’t be enough to put Internet credit in my tablets and phones. Someone even posted that I said I would have ‘hammered’ if I had married Uloma.

What could I possibly gain? Uloma wasn’t frustrated to the point of desperation to pay a man to marry her. There was no award for anyone who married her. She does not own an estate or anything willed to her by anyone that I was running after. Uloma is not the daughter of any rich man or top politician. She’s as much a hustler as I am.

Ok, yes, sincerely, maybe I actually would have ‘hammered’ long life, happiness, inner joy, a sense of being loved and long life. I also would have ‘hammered’ having her sisters as my sisters because they love me like their own brother – a far cry from what my own people give me.

If I had married Uloma, I know I would have had a good burial whenever I died because I’ve always been scared that at my level of loneliness, whenever I die, my corpse would probably have decomposed before my people would find me. I beg to be loved and appreciated. Nobody to call my own.

No one ever cared about me. I have always been alone and hardworking too. From way back, my joys, my sorrows I have always swallowed alone. But Uloma was the only person who truly listened to my heart and understood where I was coming from. So to say any of my failed marriages was for money is simply stupid and unreasonable. The first car Ezinne ever drove and financing for her first attempt at business all came from me.

Lillian was not born with a silver spoon. Her father is only a retired naval officer and the last time I checked he had no wealth ascribed to his name. On her 18th birthday, I bought Lillian an exotic Corolla car. At 300 level in school, I gave her a Mercedes Benz.

Then she graduated with an LS400 Lexus. This is apart from a lush apartment and school bills that God used me to help her take care of. So, who amongst these would I have married for money? Uloma stood out because she’s shared my pain even when it was because of me and that explains why it was a difficult task telling her Lillian was still in my tracks.

I couldn’t have deliberately gone out of my way to hurt Uloma, because that will be simply committing suicide. Hurting Uloma is like waging war against a nation. Is it her legion of admirers I will have to contend with or her nation of die-hard lovers who will be tumbling over each other to get a pound of flesh?

I wouldn’t give hurt for the love and hope Uloma and her family gave me. Unfortunately the same scandals I thought I was preventing by not doing what everyone is saying I would have done is now the same thing staring me in the face, and everyone is worse hurt.

And above all, my own life is now seriously at risk because I feared hurting anyone. I ask all concerned to please sheathe their swords of anger and find it in their hearts to forgive me. I will make restitution as much as the mercy of God permits me. It’s never too late to begin again as far as God keeps us all alive.

I’m a man on a mission for a peaceful marriage, a good home and family life. I guess my desperation took good reasoning off me. Again, I am humbly and truly sorry. I thank my friends who have stood by me through this trial. Your comforting words are like lights on my dark path.

And for the judgmental few, I urge you; work with the truth while the Almighty fixes that which went wrong in my life.


Women Who Eat More Bananas Get More Sons – Scientists

Women can influence the gender of their child with what they eat before they conceive, according to new research that lends scientific support to age-old superstitions about pregnancy.

The discovery shows higher calorie intake prior to conception can significantly increase the chances of having a son while women on restricted diets are more likely to produce daughters.

Scientists at Britain's Oxford and Exeter Universities, who studied eating habits of 740 women during their first-time pregnancies, say that their findings seem to back certain traditional links between diet and gender while disproving others.

"We were able to confirm the old wives' tale that eating bananas and so having a high potassium intake was associated with having a boy, as was a high sodium intake," research leader Fiona Mathews, a specialist in mammalian biology at Exeter University, told the Guardian newspaper.

"But the old take about drinking a lot of milk to have a girl doesn't seem to hold up. In fact, more calcium meant they were again more likely to have a boy."

Mathews said the study pointed to a simple technique to influencing the chances of a male birth: Eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

"If you want a boy, eat a healthy diet with a high calorie intake, including breakfast," she told New Scientist magazine.

"Of women eating cereals daily, 59 percent had boys, compared with only 43 percent who bore boys in the group eating less than a bowlful per week."

The researchers said that a higher calorie intake prior to conception can increase the chances of having a son from ten to 11 boys in every 20 births, according to the study published in the Proceeding of the Royal Society B.

They said it could explain why male births in richer countries are experiencing a slight reduction.


Recent Photos Of Emeka Ike And Family

 From Trendysturvs:

This isNollywood actor, Emeka Ike, his lovely wife and daughter. I met the couple on sunday after church. The couple are very friendly. Our celebrities like good things, check out his beautiful wife and daughter, so cute..... More photos when you continue:

Is It Wrong To Fart In Front Of Your Patner?



okay i know this sounds very silly..i know..but i want to ask, can u 'pollute' in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend?? I can't pollute in front of mine. My stomach was rumbling yesterday..i kept holding it and sending it back..(the consequential feeling is bad!)
Not dat i'm not even free with my bf.. guys have given me the impression dat its so unladylike to do dat.
Pls don't comment 'silly question', i knew dat already.

Blackberry Bread For Sale In Lagos (PHOTO)

I saw this in Lagos and just want to share it with you.I respect some people's Business Acumen. We had had P-Square Pop Corn, Facebook Nusery and Primary School in The Past. Now, This is Blackberry Bread.

Rihanna Buys Chris Brown A £700,000 Car For His Birthday (PICTURED)

Rihanna has got enough dosh to make sure Chris Brown doesn’t just get socks and a dodgy jumper for his 24th birthday.

The singer has shelled out more than £700,000 on a limited edition 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss – only 75 were ever made. And she’s also planning to take him to that well-known UK tourist hotspot… York.

A source said: “Chris is in Las Vegas with pals so he’ll get his birthday gifts on his return to LA next week.

“Rihanna has spent more than a million dollars on his main gift – a custom-made car. She’s had it personalised with his initials on the red leather seats.

“Rihanna is also planning a break to the UK in June when they’ll visit York.She’s on tour then and he has always wanted to visit the historic town.”

Banky W And Mavin First Lady,Tiwa Savage, Star In: “The Tiwa And Bank Show”

Music and reality TV fans should prepare to be thrilled, Rumor has it that two of Nigeria’s inspiring and top R&B artistes, Tiwa Savage and Banky W would be working together to start a TV show titled, “The Bank and Tiwa show”.

The pair have been on location in the past few days shooting pilots for the forthcoming TV show which will air on Mo Abudu’s soon-to-air television channel, Ebony Life TV.
Knowing the charisma and humor of this duo, we can tell we are all in some funny and entertaining TV show.

Which Of These Nollywood Actress Rocked The Bald Head Best?

Since Nollywood actress Chika Ike shaved offher hair for a movie role for a reported N5million price, there’s been much debate about what the big deal is about for shaving off hair.
Before Chika Ike, quite a few Nollywood actresses have had either the cause or guts to do same.
Please let me know your opinionon who you think rocks the bald look best…

Nelson Mandela Now Looks Thin And Fragile (LOOK)

Nelson Mandela is 'in good shape' and 'good spirits', South African president Jacob Zuma said today.
He spoke as the first footage emerged of the 94-year-old former president since he left hospital on April 6 after suffering from pneumonia.
He spent 10 days in hospital being treated for the illness, which followed an earlier hospitalisation in December when he developed a lung infection and gallstones. See pictures below:

While with Mandela, Zuma jokes and laughs with two officials of the governing African National Congress, some Mandela family members and the former president's medical team, but Mandela stares straight ahead.
One of his grandsons cries 'Smile, smile,' as he takes a picture on his mobile phone. He attempts a weak smile but, as the flash goes off, he closes his eyes and purses his lips. He doesn't look strong at all.
The Nobel Peace laureate was imprisoned for 27 years during the apartheid era became the first democratically elected president of South Africa in 1994. God heal Mandela...


Sexy Mercy Aigbe Gentry On Set Of A New Movie (LOOK)

The singer looks beautiful despite the fact that she was beaten by rain. She captioned the photo"On set! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! "

White Fans Beg Emeka Ike For Autographs In The U.S (PICTURED)

Actor Emeka Ike seems to have put behind him the pain of the recent loss of the Actors' Guild of
Nigeria (AGN) leadership to Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Splendor magazine exclusively gathered that Emeka Ike was in the U.S sometimes back where he took the opportunity to complete his role in a Hollywood movie which he has been working on for a while now.

Just as the saying goes, "a prophet has no honour in his town", the climax of it all was that some white Americans who saw how well the Nollywood star acted during the shoot, began to rush him, jostling for his autographs.

According to our source who trailed the actor all the way in America, "the fans bombarded Emeka to the extent that even me, I began to wonder, shey nor bi the same Emeka Ike wey dey act for Nollywood for Naija bi dis?"

Why I Love Nigerian Men – Ex-BBA Star, Vimbai Mutinhiri

Vimbai Mutinhiri, born and raised in Zimbabwe, a graduate of politics, philosophy and economics, was one of the housemates on the 6th edition of the Big Brother Africa game-show in 2011, which had Karen Igho as winner. Recently, the pretty entertainer copped a job as co-host of the 1st edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, alongside IK Osakioduwa, in Lagos, Nigeria. In an interview with Adeoye Keme Arubayi, she expressed her thoughts about Nigeria and a couple of projects to be expected from her soon.

How would you describe yourself as a person and not the public figure?

Well, I am a very quiet and reserved person. I spend a lot of time at home with my DVDs and I’m crazy about good jazz music. I’m simple, loving, never take any moment for granted and always give everything my best.

What was life before Big Brother Africa (BBA) 6 like?

Life before Big Brother Africa was normal, I guess. I had just graduated from the university, started modelling and was trying to carve out a career in entertainment for myself before the opportunity came. I was just a normal young lady with big dreams.

What were your experiences in the BBA house?

Experiences in the Big Brother Africa House changed my life in so many ways. It was a unique experience living with people from different parts of the continent. I met new people, learnt new cultures, but most importantly I learnt a lot about myself. Basically, I could say I found myself, because there was so much pressure making it necessary that you defined yourself, in order to be noticed in the crowd.

What have you been up to after BBA and before AMVCA?

I now co-host a daily entertainment news show called Star Gist on Africa Magic Entertainment. I have been busy with it for over a year and it has been fantastic learning more about the African continent and its beautiful celebrities. This show is my life because it is my greatest passion.

How did you come about the AMVCA job and what was your reaction on getting it?

Honestly, I just received an email one day telling me that I had been chosen to host the event with IK. It was just before my birthday, so it was the perfect birthday present, and a wonderful blessing. I remained surprised until the very moment the show started.

What was it like co-hosting the AMVCAs with IK Osakioduwa?

It was a great because IK is so experienced in the industry, making it a great challenge to step up to his level and complement him on the stage. I learned a lot and I grew so much and he made that happen by making it easy and fun to handle. I’m glad I got to share the experience with him.

Have you done any major job apart from AMVCA?

I have hosted a number of major events in my home country, Zimbabwe, but certainly nothing of this magnitude. This was my second major experience in live broadcasting, the first being the hosting of the red carpet for Big Brother Star Game Finale. The AMVCA is a major career highlight for me.

What are we to expect from you in the nearest future?

Wow. Well the best is yet to come. I have a Nollywood movie coming out in the next couple of months featuring Denrele Edun and Bryan Okwara which I am very excited about. But other than that, I would say: watch this space because there are many more surprises coming from me.

What are your views on Nigeria as a country and its citizens?

Nigeria is one of the warmest nations I have ever visited in my life. The people are unique and I love their strong personalities. With every visit to Nigeria, I learn why Nigerians are some of the most successful people in the world.

What do you love most about Nigeria?

I thoroughly enjoy the Lagos nightlife, and of course the delicious food. I love suya and some great seafood dishes also.

Would you marry a Nigerian, if possible?
Certainly, Nigerian men are fine gentlemen.

Are you in any intimate relationship currently?

No, I am currently single.

Describe your dream man?

My dream man is caring, loving, patient with me even when I get dramatic and hyperactive. He should be able to encourage me when I am down and inspire me to grow. My dream man is the man who will always bring out the best in me and spoil me rotten, of course.

How do you balance relationship and work?

I think that everything has its season. When I step into a relationship, my man will respect the demands of the industry that I have chosen. Of course, a successful relationship is built on support and compromise, so I will always make sure that my man has his rightful place in my life.

Do you have religious backing in your career?

Nothing is possible without the hand of the almighty, so I commit every single thing in my life to him every morning when I open my eyes. I believe that I have only travelled this far in my career because God’s grace and favour are over me. Without his hand, I would be nothing and nobody.

Give me an inspirational quote that appeals to you and tell me why?

His grace is enough for me. That appeals to me the most because it is the testimony of my life.