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SEE Photos Of Top Ghanaina Actress, Martha Ankomah Without Makeup

Without Make-up

With Make up
Compare and Contrast,still sexy without make-up?

Power Goes Off As Jonathan Delivers Easter Message In Church

This is the ultimate embodiment of the present situation of electricity in Nigeria, the power company took lights as the president delivered his easter speech in church, what a nation!

EME's First Lady Niyola Flaunts Her Hot Body In New Pictures

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My wife helped me walk again – Former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Dosu Joseph

Dosu Joseph
In an interview with the Punch Newspaper’s ‘Tana Aiyejana, former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Dosu Joseph spoke on the car crash that ended his short football career, how his wife helped him through that phase and many other memories.


How is life in retirement?

I will say life’s been good but then life after retirement for a footballer is not an easy thing. As a footballer, you are used to training in the morning, afternoon and evening but after retirement, you have to sit most times now whether at home or in the office.

Do you find your new role as a football pundit on TV challenging?

It’s brought me back into the football circle again. Though it’s something new to me but I am enjoying every bit of it, thanks to Niyi (Oyeleke) who helped me. I’m still into football, managing the young ones and trying to carve a career path for them but analysing is equally an interesting part of football.

Can you tell me about your family?

My mother is Togolese while my dad is Nigerian from Badagry; that was why there was a lot of controversy about my nationality. But I am a Lagosian, a Nigerian. My mother was a beans seller and it’s what she did after giving birth to six of us; four boys and two girls. She sold beans, yam and plantain as well. We enjoyed it while growing up, we never went hungry and the food was very delicious. She did that to train all of us and we never regretted it. It was a sweet life and we had fun all through till we became what we are today.

With such humble beginning, did you think you could make it in life?

Life is all about dedication, discipline and determination towards what you want to become. I was very good in football, goalkeeping especially, so I decided not to hide my talent. Most people don’t know this but I am not the first person that played football in my family. My elder brother, David Dosu, was an excellent goalkeeper too and he kept up to YSFON and Flying Eagles levels. He played for Racca Rovers of Kano and played alongside Alloy Agu and the Olukanmi brothers in YSFON. My other brother, Abass also played football but he left the game to continue with his education. In my family, everyone is a goalkeeper, so it encouraged me to also become a keeper as a well. My younger brother, John, now with Warri Wolves is also a keeper and has played for big clubs like Shooting Stars, Nassarawa United and Akwa United.

When did the breakthrough come?

It wasn’t easy because my mother was against me becoming a sportsman or footballer because my elder brother was one already. All she wanted was for me to go to school. But my brother defended me. My father is a quiet person. He just laughed over it and gave us his blessings but advised us to listen to our mum. I started with a team in my area known as Olumo Bombers, we played football around the area and the interest kept growing. Before I knew it, I was snapped up by Nigerlux of Ikeja. We gained promotion from division two to one in Ikeja League. Igbobi College saw me when I was keeping for Akoka High School. We played against St Finbarrs’ and we lost 5-0 but I did very well; it could have been more. So Igbobi College came calling and from there my career moved up. I won the Principal’s Cup with Igbobi College and Julius Berger came for me; Joe Erico was the coach then. I was in the feeders team with Sunday Oliseh. Erico left and he took me along to Highlanders of Jos. I performed well and a move to Insurance was on the way but we didn’t agree terms and Highlanders were not ready to release me. Julius Berger chairman sent a message to me that I should come back and I was with them before I travelled out to Europe, Italy precisely. At the end, my mother was happy that I made it in football and wrote the family’s name in gold before she died.

How did you seal the deal and how was Europe initially?

Firstly I give thanks to Sunday Oliseh and his elder brother, Churchill. He made it possible for me to go on trials in Italy. Sunday was the architect of it, because he spoke to his brother about me. It wasn’t easy; you are in a country where you don’t know anybody. It’s you, your God and your talent. They don’t speak English and even those that understand pretend not to when you talk to them. But the most important thing for me was to sign a contract and move my family away from the position we were before. And thank God I signed a four-year contract with Reggiana.

How did you receive invitation for the Atlanta ’96 U-23 squad?

It was while with Reggiana that I was invited for the 1996 Olympic Games. Though I have been part of the team, but there were very good keepers, Abiodun Baruwa and Emmanuel Babayaro was ahead of me. I was called up as a back-up keeper.

How did you become the number one goalkeeper of the team?

Before we travelled to Tallahassee for camping ahead of the Olympics, we played a friendly game against Togo and we lost 3-1. Actually, we didn’t play very well; Nigerians were not happy and they wanted us to play another game before we travelled. So another match was organised for us against Shooting Stars. When the team list was released, coach Bonfrere Jo said, ‘Dosu Joseph will be in goal.’ The then sports minister, Jim Nwobodo warned me, ‘If you misbehave, you will be dropped from the team to the Olympics.’ In camping in Tallahassee, we played our first game against Saudi Arabia and I was on for 45 minutes due to an injury. Bonfrere came to my room and said, ‘Dosu, I have a keeper who can play for only 45 minutes, so I have to bring another keeper from Nigeria.’ He scared me and I told myself I had to go back to training, no matter how bad my injury was and even if it meant I had to use pain relievers to kill it. At the Olympics, our first game was against Hungary and I still didn’t believe I would be given the keeper’s position. Bonfrere announced the names of 10 outfield players for the match but he didn’t mention who will keep. Later he said, ‘Dosu Joseph in goal.’ I didn’t expect it, Nigerians at home didn’t expect it as well. Everybody was thinking of either Baruwa or Babayaro. Bonfrere gave me the confidence to believe in myself. We beat Hungary 1-0, beat Japan 2-0 but we lost our last group match to Brazil but that game brought me to limelight. I did very well and from there, we didn’t look back until we became the first African team to win a football gold at the Olympics.

Can you recall the semi-final match versus Brazil?

The first game we played against them in the group stage gave us a lot of confidence that we could beat them. Though they won 1-0, they were not better than us. We were down 3-1 before the break in the semi-final. As we were going down the tunnel during half time, Bonfrere said if we don’t concede the fourth goal, we will win the game. And we were looking at ourselves and thinking, can this happen against almighty Brazil? So the coach removed a defender and brought in Wilson Oruma. And we played three defenders with a lot of midfielders and attackers. Before we knew it, Austin Okocha should have made it 3-2 but he lost a penalty. Not long after, Victor Ikpeba scored our second and Nwankwo Kanu, I call him the King, grabbed our equaliser. In extra time, we thought the game would extend to extra time but Kanu emerged again to give us the winning goal. It was sudden death, meaning whoever scored first in extra time will win the game but we didn’t know because it was a new rule then. We thought the game would continue until the referee sounded his final whistle and we went into wild jubilations.

How were you able to beat Argentina in the final?

After beating Brazil, we were sure of beating the Argentines but they stunned us with a first minute goal but Celestine Babayaro equalised for us and from that point, there was no going back. They went ahead in the second half through a penalty but we equalised again and Emmanuel Amuneke, whose two goals helped Nigeria win the Africa Cup of Nations in 1994, got the winner and suddenly we were Olympic champions.

You were gradually becoming one of Nigeria’s top keepers when you had an accident that ended your career in 1997 after the Eagles qualified for the ’98 World Cup. What happened?

My career was short-lived because of the accident. It happened after we beat Guinea 3-0 to qualify for the 1998 World Cup in France. After the game, we went back to Sheraton, our hotel and I prepared to visit my wife and children. I was with a friend, Saturday, a policeman on my way home when I had the accident. It was along the Lagos-Ikorodu Road. Suddenly, everywhere went blank; all I could see were cows everywhere. As I tried to control the car, I veered off the road. I asked the guy beside me, ‘Saturday are you okay?’ And he said, ‘Yes I’m okay.’ And I told him, ‘I’m not okay.’ So we were waiting for help and suddenly Taribo West’s car was passing by though he wasn’t inside. They saw us and rescued us and took us to Eko Hospital.

Is it true you were drunk while driving?

The first thing the matron did was to smell my mouth to find out if I was on alcohol. And I replied immediately, ‘I don’t drink and smoke. It’s just an accident that can happen to anybody. Before I knew it, I passed out and when I woke up, I found myself in Plaster of Paris.

Did you regret not playing again?

During the early days of my accident, I used to think, ‘I should have been playing.’ But I had to understand that you can’t play football forever. I had to stop at a point. Everybody stood by me and made me understand that football was just by the way. There are so many other things to live for. Thank God after football, a lot of things have gone on in my life and I give God the glory.

What role did you wife play in your recovery?

She’s everything to me. When I had the accident, a lot of things were said: ‘he can’t walk again, he is finished, he will be on wheelchair for life.’ Maybe if it was another woman, she would have packed out and left me to my fate. And that would have demoralised me. Maybe I wouldn’t even walk anymore. But she stood by me during my predicament and rehabilitation. She was there. She was with me in the hospital when my operation was done in Tallahassee. She was sleeping on the floor just to give me the confidence I needed. And I told her not to sleep on the floor but to sleep in the hotel and come to the hospital every morning. But she said she preferred to stay by my side rather than waste money.

Did the society accept you back after rehabilitation?

It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t born like this. My first outing after recovery was in 2000 when Taribo and Friends played against Professionals at the National Stadium, Lagos. I was amazed at the way the fans responded when I was taken around the main bowl. They were waving at me and that showed I was accepted back into the society even though I wasn’t playing the game anymore. I didn’t give up and had the belief that I could do better than I did before. I give God the glory for helping me back.

Sunday Oliseh scored in France ’98 and shouted your name in celebration. Were you filled with emotion?

After recovery, I said I was going to support the team at the World Cup. So I went to France with Churchill Oliseh, my agent. We were there before the game against Spain but we didn’t let any of the players know that we were around. Against Spain, we entered the stadium when Nigeria’s anthem was played and (Sunday) Oliseh saw us but he wasn’t sure. So I waved him and he knew we were the one. So when he scored, he ran towards the corner where we sat and started shouting my name. His teammates were shocked too and they were asking, ‘Is he here.’ It reminded me of my time with the team.

Which defender made you most confident while in goal?

Uche Okechukwu, he‘s very confident. A keeper can close his eyes and he won’t receive a shot because Okechukwu is there. Another defender is Taribo West. He is very strong. Just tell him to keep a striker out of a game and he will ensure that the player doesn’t have a shot at goal all through. These two defenders made the Eagles feared. Any keeper will be happy to have them play in front of him.

Are your children into sports?

People have said a lot of things about my son, that I didn’t encourage him to play football. But you can’t force someone against his wish. He is into taekwondo and rugby but my daughter knows nothing about sports. She is interested in education.

Where is your Olympic gold medal?

Last week was the last time I saw it after so many years. It is in a bank. When I saw it, Atlanta memories came back again. I enjoy seeing it because it makes me happy.

Dosu’s Favourite

1. Colour — My favourite colours are black and white.

2. Car — I don’t really have a favourite but I have an Infinity, CrossFire and Suzuki.

3. Goalkeeper — I watched Dino Zoff, the Italian keeper, while growing. I enjoyed his goalkeeping.

4. Player — The late Muda Lawal is my best. The way he passed the ball and controlled the midfield was amazing.

5. Perfume — I don’t have a favourite but I combine two or three together, maybe Hugo Boss and Versace, so that people don’t know the exact perfume I’m using.

6. Designer- I prefer to put on anything neat and good looking, I am not interested in the name

7. Film — I watch Nigerian movies

8. Actor — Will Smith

9. Child — That’s difficult. I love my kids

10. Novel — I love reading James Hardly Chase novels. He is a great writer

Patrick Obahiagbon Wishes You Happy Easter .... In His Language (LOOK)

Yes o! the Prof. is back, this is smoking hot grammar at his peak.

As we join Christians in the celebration of Easter, may we truly reflect on the quintessential modus vivendi of Master Jesus; The Christ, who peregrinated this incarnation as an exempli gratia of self abnegation, puritanical excrescence, spartan discipline, mental magnitude, hierophantic candour and altruistic effusions,qualities which have become a desiderata for national resurgimento 



After representing Sierra Leone in the Big Brother Africa Star game edition, Zainab O. Sherriff has ever since being the most talk of the house mates. She recently shot a pilot for her upcoming reality show and will soon be in Nollywood to star in a movie alongside Jim Iyke.

From sources, a Kenyan beads company called the Indigenous Beads of Africa approached Zainab’s management with an endorsement proposal to have the model sign as the brand ambassador.

Over the working days, she released photos of her in a Lord Shiba pose on instagram. The images show an almost naked Zainab with beads covering her breast. Posing like an India goddess, gossips are saying the photos were meant for a beads company but on a phone interview with the model, she denied the rumour and said she was exploring her creativity. “I was only playing indoor as a model with my new photographer, hello…” abruptly, she cuts the line.

Boko Haram Are Not Muslims – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said that members of the Boko Haram sect were not Muslims because no true adherents of Islam would subject the country to killings, bombings and other gory attacks the way they had done.

From their modus operandi, Jonathan stated that the sect members were products of international terrorism and “not members of Islam or any other religion in Nigeria.

“Those who mindlessly and indiscriminately attack worship places, schools, health workers, motor-parks, banks and ordinary road users must be seen as they truly are: the brainwashed pawns of international terrorism.

They do not represent any true religion or section of the country and we must never play into their hands by succumbing to their nefarious ploys to incite religious, ethnic hatred and division among us,” the president stated.

In his Easter message to Nigerians yesterday, Jonathan urged Nigerians who he described as “dear countrymen and women” to continue to exhibit restraint and understanding in the face of seeming provocations.

“We must have peace, security and stability to effectively implement our agenda for national transformation in all parts of the country and we shall continue to work ceaselessly to re-establish the prerequisite conditions for nationwide progress and development.”

Assuring Nigerians of the federal government’s commitment to peace in the country, the president said security agencies and the armed forces would protect the unity and territorial integrity of the country.

He said, “It follows, therefore, that to successfully achieve our vision of becoming one of the most dominant nations on the global stage in the shortest possible time, we must stay together as a people and continue to effectively resist by all possible means, the evil machinations of global terrorists and their misguided domestic accomplices who seek to provoke turmoil, hatred and harmful divisions among us.

“I assure Nigerians that our security agencies, armed forces and I will continue to fully discharge our constitutional responsibilities of protecting the unity and territorial integrity of this country with all the powers and forces at our disposal.”

On Easter celebration, Jonathan said, “I greet and felicitate with you all as we celebrate Easter which commemorates the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ after his redemptive self-sacrifice for the eternal salvation of mankind.

Irrespective of our religion or faith, all holidays provide us with a fresh opportunity to establish stronger bonds with our family, friends and all those around us for more enduring, harmonious and beneficial relationships.

“As we celebrate this year’s Easter, I urge all Nigerians to rededicate themselves to living in peace and oneness with all members of their communities no matter their ethnicity, religious beliefs or places of origin.”

Forget amnesty for Boko Haram – Northern CAN
Meanwhile, the publicity secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the northern states, Elder Sunday Oibe yesterday maintained that there was no need for any amnesty for members of Boko Haram.

He spoke to journalists in Kaduna while reacting to a statement credited to the Anglican Bishop of Wusasa Diocese, Bishop Buba Lamido, who had call for an overhaul of the Christian body over its position on amnesty.

According to Oibe, “the Anglican bishop does not understand what amnesty means.

It’s on good note to know that all the politicians that have been accused, arrested and those who have been facing trial, including the ones that there houses have been destroyed and carry ammunition are all politicians from the same part of the country.

World Muslim League tasks Nigerians on peaceful co-existence
And after days of deliberations by scholars from within and outside Nigeria, the World Muslim League (WML) has advised Nigerians to rekindle the once mutual understanding which existed amongst them irrespective of their religion, creed and region.

“Why I Never Reveal My Girlfriend’s Identity” - Don Jazzy:

Nigerian music producer Michael Ajereh popularly called Don Jazzy has come open to reveal why he never made his romance public.

As well all know, Don Jazzy has never been spotted with his girlfriend by preying eyes.

In response to a fan who asked him the question “Please show us ONOME”
Here is Don Jazzy’s response

“I cannot almost every relationship that has been blogged about dey fail”


Why I didn’t talk to Fela for six years – Femi Kuti

Fela Anikulapo’s son, Femi, tells OLUFEMI ATOYEBI and GBENGA ADENIJI what people didn’t know about the late Afrobeat musician

Why did your father choose a controversial lifestyle?

It was because he was too honest about his way of life. He liked women and he did not hide it. He liked to smoke marijuana and he did it in the open. Many people like women but they do it secretly. There are so many brothels all around the world but Fela never patronised them, many people go there to pay for sex.

You will be shocked to know the number of people that smoke marijuana in Nigeria and all over the world. I hope you know that some countries are legalising the smoking of marijuana now. He was truthful about his way of life while many of us are hypocritical about ours. Many people were envious that he was too honest and bold and that was why there were so many controversies about his life.

Most of his friends who are highly-placed admire women even girls young enough to be their daughters. They leave their matrimonial homes to meet them secretly. Some of them hide in hotels to do what they cannot do in the open. Many of them smoke but they are not brave enough to say they smoke. All the call girls you see on Allen Avenue, who picks them? Fela never did.

How was he able to manage his many wives?

It was very stressful for him. Do not forget that he divorced all of them. They were not faithful to him. When he decided to marry them, he did so for a reason. He said they had been with him in difficult times. They endured police harassment and beating. But they never left. Though they were very loyal to him, they still had a bad image in the public because people were calling them prostitutes.

He felt that the best way to protect them was to marry them. They became Fela’s queens, so the society had to respect them. I believe he loved them and he was already sleeping with them before he married them. It was not really a big deal to anybody that knew them. For instance, my mother knew this was happening so it was not a hidden thing. The big deal was how he was able to convince the 27 of them to marry him same day.

Did Fela talk you into music?

He did not influence me as such. I always knew I would go into music. It was just a question of how and when. He was however a big motivation in my life because every child wants to be like his or her father. The son of a plumber will want to be like his father, especially if he is learning the trade early. If the son loves the father, he will want to emulate him. I am not a different son. I love my father and wanted to do what he was doing. The only question hanging over that ambition was whether I could fulfil that ambition perfectly.

How did he punish any of his children who misbehaved?

He beat us. In fact, I was the one who got the most beating in the house when we were young.

Can you remember things you did that made him beat you?

I stole my mother’s £1 to buy chewing gum one day. You can imagine how many wraps of chewing gum that money would buy. They were not less than 100. My friend convinced me to go and steal the money but we were caught while chewing the gum. When my father asked me where I got the money from, I was speechless. I was still thinking of what to say when he started beating me with his hand. He then warned me never to steal again.

He also beat me when he caught me with cigarette in 1969. My mother used to smoke and he saw me put the cigarette in my mouth. I did not really smoke the cigarette because it was not lit, I only put it in my mouth but it angered him when he saw what I did. He beat me again and warned me not to touch cigarette again.

Why do you think it has been difficult to replicate Fela’s style of music?

It is so because the foundation of the band was truthful. He was not pretentious. He really believed in what he was saying. Despite all the police harassment, he was not moved. Many people would have gone to seek political asylum in another country but Fela did not do that. He had so many opportunities outside Nigeria and he would have taken advantage of them to run away from his enemies. These are the things that every generation admires in him.

What are those things you imbibed from your father?

I may not be able to mention them. In the way I deal with people, I am very truthful. If I say I am going to do something, I would do it. But I am more of my mother than my father. My elder sister has more of my father than I do. I am more of a practical person. If I plan to do something, I will think of the consequences. My father would never weigh any decision before executing it. If he planned to go to Dodan Barracks, he would just go there. As for me, I make plans before I do anything. My father would not write a Will. But because I know that I could get killed, I had written my Will a long ago.

I know that in a divorce case, my wife could claim one third of my property, so I would not go into wedlock. The most important thing to me right now are my children. Now, I will not play to the gallery. I will not say because people love me, they must come first before my family. Who are my family? My children of course. So, whether you love me or not, I will let you know that my children come before you, take it or leave it. I live this way because I learnt from my father’s life, the decisions he took and the consequences. When you learn from someone, you don’t have to do what he did. Fela did what he did for his own reasons. I cannot criticise why he did what he did.

Also, we must remember the stardom. Nobody was as big as my father. He had over 100 people around him daily when he became a star. I cannot live like that because I don’t want too many people around me. I saw what people did to him. It was too much. I can keep the Afrika Shrine open to everybody but not my house.

If you come to my home, you will only see me, my kids and may be my girlfriend. Sometimes, my friends visit but I don’t keep a crowd around for any reason, my father did. I like women but I saw the harassment he went through with 27 wives. It is not that I don’t want 27 wives but I know what will happen because of what happened to my father. I can’t tell a woman that I will be faithful in our relationship. That was part of the problem of my marriage. I cannot be faithful. I will not lie about that. It is not that I cannot be faithful, but I cannot start my relationship by saying I am going to be faithful till death do us part. There are possibilities that if another woman comes and I like her, I cannot give the assurance that I will not have an affair with her. I have no intention whatsoever to bring all of them under one roof. My intention now is to cater for my children and do my job to the best of my ability.

Did Fela have any special food?

He ate any food. He liked cakes and ice cream too. I don’t like cakes. I can eat ice cream and chocolate once in a while but my father loved them all. If somebody is celebrating and there is a cake, I can take a little piece not to offend my host. My father could die for cakes. If you visited him and looked inside his refrigerator, you would see lots of cake in it.

Your father did not hide his hatred for western medicine. Is it the same with you?

I grew up not liking tablets too. I grew up to be a traditionalist like my dad. But I later realised that there are too many fake traditional medicine in our society. The government must understand that many of these herbs are claiming the lives of our people. We must ask ourselves which of the herbs has been scientifically proven to cure malaria and the ailment they claim to cure. I once had malaria and I drank herbs but I was not cured. I felt very uncomfortable. I will not say that herb does not work because Africa believes in it. It is a fact that we did survive before orthodox medicine came.

There was African traditional medicine, but where is it today? Everywhere, you will see people hawking herbs, saying it work for this and that. People buy them and mix with hot drinks. Really, when you are mixing alcohol with herbs, you are damaging your liver. While you think you are curing one thing, if it does work, you are damaging another thing in your body. Until we have concrete fact to say something works for the body, we will be deceiving ourselves.

Why do you think Fela hated former President Olusegun Obasanjo?

Olusegun Obasanjo was a bad leader. He did not do well for Nigeria. He ruled this country three times but has nothing to show for it. They called the soldiers that burnt Kalakuta Republic and killed my grandmother unknown soldiers. The Federal Government is yet to apologise for their action against the Kuti family. Whether they like it or not, Fela was one of the biggest stars from Africa. As the days go by, people are beginning to understand the importance of his music. The Lagos State Government is building a museum in his honour. The family does not have that kind of money to build a museum. It is not the governor’s money but the state government money. But the governor took the decision on behalf of the people.

Another museum is also being built Ogun State. Governors are beginning to understand that Kuti’s name cannot be swept under the carpet. The family has done so much for Nigeria and the world. Many people are playing afrobeat style of music today because Fela invented it. Some people are saying he did not start it. But the question is: Who started it and stood firm using the music creatively? Fela stood for many great things and his contribution to the society cannot be pushed aside.

Did he have time to take the family out for leisure?

In 1967, I remember that he took us to Onikan swimming pool and also Federal Palace Hotel. That was the first and last outing for fun with us. He always made it clear that he was not a conventional father. He did not want us to go to school not because he did not like education, but because he believed that education was colonial. He believed that it was structured to show that Europe is supreme and Africa is not good. Even when he took me out of school in my fourth year in secondary school, I had acquired vast knowledge about the outside world through the books I read at home. I was known as a professor in the Kalakuta Republic. I read books such as Blackman and Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. I read so much that I even found there was a Pharaoh Kuti in Egypt. I wondered if this Egyptian Pharaoh Kuti was in any way related to the Kuti family in Nigeria. My father said we are probably related.

Which school were you attending before Fela made that decision?

I was studying at Baptist Academy and he withdrew me from there when Obasanjo deployed soldiers to the school. I later went to Igbobi College and spent a year. He advised me to leave the school in form four. Many believed I would become a nonentity because of his action. There was disagreement within the family, my mother was against it, but my dad stood his ground. She wondered why my dad took me out of school when he went to one of the best schools in the UK.

She also said since he did not teach me music how then would I be great in life? My father told her not to worry that I would be great. I was not happy too and did not speak to him for six years. He told me that he was confident that I would be great. I did not know what he saw in me. The day my album, Wonder Wonder, became popular and I was becoming a household name in Nigeria, he called our family members and told them that the same boy he withdrew from school had become a successful musician.

At that time, it was only my father and King Sunny Ade that were travelling abroad frequently for musical concerts. But I suddenly started travelling abroad more than the two of them because I was becoming known more outside the country.

Will I do the same for my son? No. He will get a good education. I will let him understand street life which I grew up to know so that he will have a feel of it, but he must be formally educated.

Where were you when soldiers invaded Kalakuta Republic?

I was coming back from the school when I saw the soldiers. They wanted to arrest me. But I managed to escape through a place called Alagbole behind Kalakuta. I ran and went to pick my younger sister at Mary Magdalene Primary School. We then crossed over the railway and went home.

Is there anything you miss about Fela?

I miss his being a grandfather. I think he would have been a fantastic grandfather. He had already been showing the signs with my sister’s daughter and my son. He died in 1997 and my son was born in 1995. I know that what he was not able to do for us, he would have done for our children if he were still alive.

Punch Nigeria

Mistress Burns Maid’s Buttocks For Being ‘Promiscuous’

A 14- year-old house maid, Otobong Edet John, had her buttocks seared with hot electric iron by her mistress, simply identified as Ekaette, on the suspicion that she was promiscuous.

Narrating her ordeal, Otobong said she was receiving a call on her phone when the madam operating a canteen asked her who was on the phone and she said it was one of her friends. “But madam did not believe me and started beating me. So I ran and stayed somewhere with my friend”,she stated.

According to her, she remained in that place until about 10p.m. when she went to sleep in a church close to their shop and the next morning “when I was about coming to the shop, a neighbour saw me discussing with a customer who was asking me where I was coming from so early in the morning and went to tell my aunty that I spent the night with the man”.

The madam, she said, went to the police station at nearby Atimbo Road, Calabar and reported to them that the man abducted her housemaid.

But after the police interrogated the man, they let him go and this infuriated Ekaette following which she allegedly dragged Otobong to the shop, plugged the electric iron and when it was red hot, she used the scorched parts to sear the maid’s body including her buttocks and right arm. Not done yet, she allegedly put a basin of banana on the girl’s head, asking her to go to town and sell even as her arm and buttocks were bleeding.

“It was a customer who wanted to buy banana that saw that my arm was bleeding and asked me what happened and, when I showed him my buttocks, he shouted and took me to the police”, she said.

The mistress, while being interrogated by the police at Akim Police Division for causing bodily harm to a minor, justified her action by saying that Otobong was a rude and wayward girl. “When she told me it was Mary that called her, I called back that number and it was a male voice that answered and she then changed the story that she did not know what the man wanted after she had discussed with the man for over two minutes”,Ekaette said.

She said there were instances when the girl had gone from home to stay with men even as she had repeatedly cautioned her to change her ways. “That girl you are seeing is a very wayward girl and, if I tell you her story, you would marvel”, she said.

The Public Relations Officer for the Cross River State Police Command, DSP John Umoh, said the action of Ekaette was unacceptable as it amounted to child abuse and “after investigations she would be taken to court”.

Nkem Owoh, Funke Akindele, Cossy Ojiakor star in ‘Oga on top’ – See Poster

A fake movie poster has emerged featuring Nkem Owoh, Funke Akindele, and Cossy Ojiakor. There seems to be no end to the #MyOgaAtTheTop mem.

Obafaiye Shem, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) shot to fame after he had given a shocking reply to the question; “what’s the website of the NSCDC?” during an interview on Channels Televison.

Student killed by lover was waiting to earn first salary

Parents of Olaide Bournes, who was allegedly killed by her lover, are in agony and they want justice to take its course, writes GBENGA ADENIJI

Tears welled up the eyes of Mrs. Bournes as she welcomed our correspondent to her Aguda, Ogba residence. There were a few sympathisers outside the house, who came to comfort the Bournes family.

A few days earlier, Bournes had lost her daughter, Olaide, a part-time business administration student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, who was allegedly killed by her lover, Abuchi Cyril.

Initially, Mrs. Bournes was too heavy-hearted to talk about her loss, especially as the continued arrival of sympathisers reinforced the reality of her 22-year-old daughter’s demise.

Although there was nothing to suggest that she was walking to her death on the day she died, Olaide was reluctant to leave home, repeating the same house chore several times and taking a long time to dress up. She had planned to see her alleged killer, Abuchi, in his house and later head for a branch of an old generation bank to open an account in which her first salary would be paid.

She worked as a contract staff with a popular confectionery firm in Ikeja, Lagos State and she was expected to resume by 3pm on that fateful day.

Mrs. Bournes described her late daughter as a very quiet and peace-loving person whose death has created a big vacuum in the family.

She said, “She was always eager to assist others. Olaide hated argument or anything that will lead to a fight and she was never happy seeing people exchanging words. The day she died, we were together talking outside the house because I was waiting for the sanitation exercise to end so that I could display my wares. I am a trader and we observe sanitation every Thursday. Later, she went inside to get dressed and her phone rang. I had her phone with me so I rushed inside to give it to her. She told me it was Abuchi who was calling and that she wanted to see him before going to work. She said Abuchi was leaving for Malaysia during the week and had asked her to come so that they could celebrate before his departure.”

She added that before the deceased left home that day, she told her she would go to the bank to open an account where her first salary would be paid.

“She started working with the confectionary company on January 28 and was yet to get her first salary. They were told to provide their account details and many of her colleagues who had done so had been paid. She filled the form a day before the incident,” Bournes stated amidst tears.

But expectation of joy turned sorrow when, a few hours after her daughter left home, Mrs. Bournes noted changes in the way people were relating with her. She later learnt that Olaide was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died after she was allegedly beaten by Abuchi.

It was not the first time Olaide’s boyfriend had abused her. Mrs. Bournes confirmed that there were times when her daughter would return home sullen after visiting Abuchi. She recalled that she met Abuchi for the first time at a hospital where her daughter had gone to receive treatment for malaria.

“I asked my daughter who he was and she told me he was her friend. I remember that he sat looking as I questioned my daughter about his identity. Olaide used to tell me that the guy was fond of beating her and I warned her to be careful and desist from seeing him. But she would reply that they had settled whatever the problem was.”

Our correspondent gathered that the deceased and Abuchi had been dating for over three years before the final fatal meeting. It was also learnt that Abuchi, who lives close to the deceased’s house with his parents, often accused the late Olaide of cheating on him.

Abuchi, said to be popular in the area, was alleged to have beaten Olaide during an argument after which she hit her head against the ground in the suspect’s room and became unconscious. The suspect later went to the Area G Police Command to hand himself over to the police. He was subsequently detained.

The deceased’s father, Akindele Bournes, who was visibly distressed as he spoke to our correspondent, said he was shocked to learn that Abuchi attends the same church with him.

He stated, “I never knew that the suspect attends the same church with my family. At the close of service every Sunday, he would call my late daughter to tell her that he sat beside me in the church. I know that my daughter has been killed but the manner of her death was painful. I cannot believe that I have lost my girl. She was a source of joy to me. I want justice to be done. When I was at the Area G Police Command and the suspect was brought out for me to see. I was shocked when he said he knew me in the church.”

Olaide’s elder sister, Olabisi, said she would miss everything about her late younger sister. “I miss everything about my sister. Is it her smiles, jokes, beauty, gentle nature or caring attitude that I will forget? We did everything together being the only two around since our other sibling is not in Nigeria. She would joke about my choice of clothes and tell me what to put on and what not to. I would then tease her by saying ‘big girl.’ Her hearty smile to my taunt often made me laugh happily. I cannot believe she was gone forever,’’ she state.

The late Olaide’s friends in school, who paid the family a visit, were unable to hold back their tears. President of the institution’s students’ union, Mr. Udechukwu Ifeanyichukwu, said his first encounter with the late Olaide was in 2012 when she mistakenly stepped on him on the campus.

He said, “I told her she stepped on me and her response was so awesome. I didn’t forget the episode because I was moved by her apologies which was warm and courteous.

“Since then, I took notice of her and got to know that she was a very nice person. She was quiet and friendly. It is so painful that such a lady so full of hopes and promises could die so cruelly,” said Ifeanyichukwu.

When contacted on the telephone, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officers, Lagos State Police Command, Damascus Ozoani, said the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, Lagos.

He said, ‘‘The suspect has been moved to the State CID where further investigation is currently ongoing on the case.’’

Punch Nigeria

7 Annoying Things Nigerians Do On Airplanes (LOOK)

Like me, I bet you've all run around with your bathing towels wrapped above your shoulders like a cape and pretended to be Superman (and if you haven't then it's never too late!). Ever since I was a little brat I wanted to take to the skies. Air travel is the next best thing and I'm always looking forward to having a glass plastic cup of ice-cold apple juice which always tastes better at 10,000 feet. What could possibly disrupt this moment of long-awaited bliss? Cue the Nigerians... On my recent return trip from New York alone I encountered 7 annoying things Nigerians did on the plane:

1. Securing Economy Class!
There's a game Nigerian passengers play whenever they're on-board a semi-full airplane - It's kind of similar to Musical Chairs...but without the music. Passengers snub the seats assigned to them and scout for a stretch of three to four empty seats before take-off. Handbags and other luggage items are strategically placed on empty seats in the hope for that Business Class experience - pathetic.

2. Making dramatic Nollywood scenes. Whoever said 'Rules are meant to be broken' must have been a Nigerian. We're pretty damn good at breaking rules...into smithereens, just for good measure. There was one woman sat at the front of economy class with her less-than-a-year-old baby. She put her baby down on the empty seat next to her when the seat belt light was off (not sure if that's proper in the first place but I'll let her off on that one). The moment the seat belt light was back on, however, one of the air hostesses called her to order and told her to strap her baby in place - RED ALERT! RED ALERT! MAY DAY! MAY DAY! You knew from the way the irritated mother turned her neck with that 'oh-no-you-didn't' expression all over her face that cabin pressure was under serious threat. Needless today she told the air hostess to mind her own business - ironically, that's what the air-hostess was trying to do in the first place...Safety of passengers...DUH! I can't remember if the thud I heard later on was due to turbulence or because the baby had rolled off the chair...

3. Taking pictures. You can imagine trying to enjoy a good book when suddenly the corner of your eye picks up the flash photography of some newbie whose obviously hell-bent on convincing everyone back in Nigeria that he/she indeed travel abroad. Newsflash! There may be people with photosensitive epilepsy on-board or nearby pilots wondering if there is a terrorist hijacking, with one unfortunate Nigerian who decided to break one simple rule 'DON'T MOVE!' (go figure!)

4. Farting. It's bad enough you left your assigned seat at the front and decided to come behind me and stretch yourself across four empty seats. Now you're so generous as to share your flatulence with me in small doses of ammonia-laced farts...not a one-off...periodic discharges which could catch choke me unawares if I dare yawn. FYI, avoid fizzy drinks on the plane if you know you can't handle your abdominal tract like few pros among us.

5. Drink to stupor.
Is it the sheer pettiness of wanting to get one's money's worth that would make a passenger drink like a fish? (Remember, its Nigerians we're talking about here). Of course, it's not the drinking that bothers me but the mindless banter and laughter at completely 'unfunny' things that drives me up the Berlin wall (just like that - after a couple of drinks you'd be in stitches when you read 'drive me up the berlin wall').

6. Leaving toilets unlocked. Common sense consistently fails to prevail when most Nigerians use the airline's restrooms. It all boils down to refusing to acknowledge the instructions/directions carefully displayed all around them. It's quite simple - you enter the restroom and close it behind you. Right there on door is a slide lock which denotes 'Slide left to lock and right to open'. Why wouldn't I be interested in making sure that no one accidentally sees my 'bits'? Didn't they notice the green 'vacant' or the red 'occupied' sign before entering the lavatory? At my last count I've walked in on 3 unfortunate passengers who forgot to lock behind (but they all did once I exposed them...makes you wonder, eh?).

7. Sitting ovation. I'm not sure if you can relate but you're nearing your flight destination and as soon as the plane lands successfully passengers around you start to clap until virtually everyone joins in. Why are they doing this, you ask? beats me - for landing safely or for not crashing into the deep blue sea or for getting their money's worth after usurping the mini bar...I dunno. The clapping is cheesy in my opinion. I'd much prefer passengers go one by one to shake the pilot(s) for a job well done plane well-landed.

And coming in at a surprise number 8 is Irregular exercise. Make no mistake about it, Nigerians are terrified about premature death, more so than the average civilian (if that makes any sense). I've seen the most bizarre repetitions performed from kicking mid-air to punching only your left arm over the seat head in the same direction. Deep Vein thrombosis is no laughing matter so I guess all I have to do is close my eyes next time if I don't want to behold seemingly amateurish 'Kung-fu'.

See you on the next flight and God help you if you're sitting next to me, lol.

Kay Joker

Annie and 2face Idibia expecting baby No.2

According to inside sources, Annie is in her first trimester.Big congrats to Annie and 2face!!!

SEE Desmond Elliot's Afro Getaway at Weekend Getaway movie premiere

The star actor and director has gone from dreads to Afro. He debuted the new look at the Weekend Getaway movie premiere in Lagos on Friday. You like?

"I Need A Guy Who Can Treat Me Like A Woman"- Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya in a recent interview talks about her background, life as an actress, marriage among other things.


I am Beverly Naya and was born in the United Kingdom. I am Delta Igbo from Ibuzo. My full name is Beverly Ifunanya. Growing up was quiet and fun and I had a lot of cousins. I think there are about 27 of us, so we always got together.

Becoming an actress

Acting has always been a major passion of mine. I actually started in London when I was 17. I was studying sociology and psychology in school and later switched to drama and scriptwriting. I have always been more of a creative person. That is where my heart really was.

In the United Kingdom, I did a few short films for the British Broadcasting Corporation and The Metropolitan Police. I acted in a couple of theatre productions including one by Debbie Tucker-Green, called Stoning Mary and then Psychosis and Crave.

My mother came back before I did because she had always known how much I love the craft. So, she started building contacts for me preparatory to my return. It was just about the love and passion she knows I have for the industry. She just wanted to encourage and help me as much as possible because she did not want me to be in England and probably do a nine-to-five job when I could utilize my full potential in this industry. I like the fact that I can choose what I want to do and how I want to do it.

My first role

I was a lead actress in Lancelot Imasuen’s Living in Exile, which my mother produced. It was an incentive for me to come back because before then, I was not too willing. She bankrolled it to encourage me. Obviously, after shooting that film, it was a great experience and I felt motivated to work more in Nigeria.


It has been rocky and I will not deny that. This industry has its difficulties but for the most part, it has been worth it. Watching my brand grow, my fan base increase and watching my friends and family comment on my jobs gives joy.


This industry allows you to be involved in production as much as possible, whereas in the film industry in England, you could be working once a year. I prefer to be working as often as possible and building my brand.

As they say, charity begins at home. I also think we are growing. We have a lot of creative and innovative minds coming into the industry and these minds will ensure that Nollywood gets to where it should be in the next 10 to 15 years.


I would say because my first movie was funded it helped to a degree but I believe most of my success can be attributed to my diligence, passion and my positive energy. I do not believe there is nothing on this earth I cannot achieve especially if I put my mind to it. God has been good to me also.

Role models

I think Joke Silva is a great role model if you want to look at someone who has achieved a lot, who is married, working hard and inspirational. I would give it to her any time, any day. She is very graceful and loves to encourage emerging talents.


I do not work with a stylist. I have fashion designers that I can contact if I need something to wear. For my everyday dressing, everything comes from my wardrobe or my mother’s and I borrow mainly her accessories and bags. I like to look classy, sexy, and glamorous. I like to stand out for the right fashion reasons. I love to wear high heels and I love bags.


Fortunately as an only child, nobody is breathing down my neck. Of course, I am looking forward to the day I will get married but God’s time is the best. First, he has to be a man, he has to be God-fearing, eloquent and brilliant.

I like it when a guy knows how to treat a woman. I do not like conceited men. I just like a guy that is down-to-earth and knows how to make a woman feel special.


I do many things like modelling, script-writing, directing, dance and sing. I try to incorporate all of these things into my acting career. I write scripts all the time in my free time. None has been produced but I intend to produce a film either this year or next. It is a script that I hold very dear to my heart.

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G News! 14 Boko Haram Bombers Killed in Kano.

**compound housing the Terrorist invaded by JTF.
**1 soldier was killed, while another was critically injured, 14 Islamist were killed.

A compound housing members of the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, who were preparing for their planned Easter celebration attack was invaded by the JTF this morning.
This invasion lead to a heavy sounds of gun shots and explosion which lasted for over 4 hours.
The commander of the 3rd Brigade in Kano, Brigadier General Iliyasu Abbah said one soldier was killed in the onslaught while one other was critically injured, 14 Islamist were killed.

Several Vehicles found inside the compound were primed probably for attack today during the Easter celebrations. Some parked trucks were said to be used by the terrorists as escape measure.

Dead bodies suspected to be that of the terrorists were seen been carried out of the building with different guns as improvised explosive devices were also recovered from the building.

The house has since been demolished while the corpses have been taken to a morgue.

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Chelsea Transfer: Mourinho & Ronaldo Move Stamford Bridge

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo returning to England, the transfer take place at the end of the season.

According to sources close to the self-anointed Special One, Real Madrid Manager Jose Mourinho is once again the chosen one. He is the man Roman Abramovich wants to succeed interim manager Rafa Benitez and a deal, say those sources, is as good as done.

This is not something anyone can confirm. Not when Jose Mourinho remains the manager of Real Madrid, and the Spaniards remain in the hunt for the Champions League championship this season. But Jose Mourinho has made no secret of his desire to return to England and the pouting Portuguese coach rarely speaks without an agenda.

‘I cannot deny what is clear in my mind,’ Mourinho said recently. ‘After Real Madrid, England, that’s for sure. I keep saying the same, I know clearly.’

He said he could manage ‘everyone’. That he is ‘a professional’ who would have to consider offers from other English clubs should they come.

Manchester City have been linked with a move for Mourinho, while Sir Alex Ferguson has made no secret of his admiration for his close friend.

When Ferguson does eventually retire, Mourinho would certainly be among the leading candidates to replace him, but a move to Manchester now looks extremely unlikely.

The only area in which Roman Abramovich has shown any consistency since taking over at Chelsea is in his ability to surprise.

Initially, the billionaire owner did want someone else this summer. But when Pep Guardiola resisted Abramovich’s advances and opted to take charge at Bayern Munich for next season , the Russian oligarch was forced to think again.

Mourinho, he now realises, is his best option. A manager who is as close as it gets to someone who can guarantee success. He is a serial winner, having lifted the league title in all four countries he has worked — Portugal, England, Italy and Spain — and led Porto and Inter Milan to the Champions League crown.

Chelsea Boss Roman Abramovich knows Mourinho is capable of rebuilding a squad boasting some tremendous talent in players such as Juan Mata, Oscar and Eden Hazard, but which still requires an overhaul.

And the Portuguese has dropped the biggest hint yet he’s keen on a return to Stamford Bridge when his time at the Bernabeu comes to an end.

“I have an adventurous spirit and do not know what will happen next season,” Mourinho said. “It’s not easy to choose a new destination after working in England, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

“Maybe I could return to somewhere I’ve already been. Watch out for surprises.”

Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez has confirmed he will not be staying beyond the end of this season, with Mourinho and a number of other high-profile managers continuously linked with the role.

The 50-year-old could yet remain in Madrid, particularly if he guides the Spanish giants to an unprecedented 10th European Cup crown.

The old guard, players who served Mourinho with such distinction when they won back-to-back Premier League titles, needs replacing, even if there would probably be a renewed desire to see Frank Lampard extend his stay at the club. But what of the problems of the past? What of the clash of egos — namely between Abramovich and Mourinho — that led to their split in 2007?

According to those same sources, Abramovich and Mourinho have settled their differences. Chelsea’s owner speaks fondly of his former manager in the company of friends and associates and stories of gifts that the Russian has sent to Mourinho are presented as further evidence.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Co are among the favourites for the title after knocking out Manchester United to reach the quarter-finals, where they’ll face Galatasaray.

Mourinho was spotted house-hunting in London last week and he has already stated his his intention to return to the Premier League.

 Source: Dailymail

President Jonathan Pays Condolence Visit To The Awolowo Family (PHOTOS)

 President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in Ikenne, Ogun State, promised to stand by the children of the late Publisher of the Tribune Newspapers, Chief Oluwole Awolowo.

Jonathan said this when he paid a condolence visit to the Ikenne home of the Awolowos to condole with the family over the death of Chief Oluwole Awolowo.

The President, who arrived at the Ikenne country home of the Awolowos at exactly 2:55p.m in a military chopper marked NAF 571 and was chaperoned into the compound of the late sage by Ogun State Deputy Governor, Segun Adesegun, was received by former governor Gbenga Daniel and other family members of the Awolowos.....More pics after the cut:

Jonathan commiserated with the mother of the deceased, Chief HID Awolowo and stated that Oluwole’s death was painful to all Nigerians, because his mother is still alive.

The President also thanked the family for accepting him as part of the Awolowo political dynasty, pledging that his administration would stand by the children of the deceased.

“On our part, we will continue to be members of the family and any little thing that God has given us the privilege to do for the children, they are my children and my brothers. It is painful but God knows best and we pray that you don’t experience this again and God will see you through. Mama, I’m your son, I will continue to be with you,” he said.

Responding on behalf of the Awolowo family, Mrs. Tola Oyediran said the family was grateful the President for identifying with them at such a difficult period.

“Even when we thought it was too big for us to carry, you are there to help us carry the load. We did not think at all that you would come and see us. What you have done today will remain forever in our hearts and we pray for you and your entire family that you will never know sorrow in Jesus name,” Oyediran said.

UNBELIEVEABLE: Church Members Abandon Their Sick Pastor (PICTURED)

A parish Reverend of an orthodox church in Bariga, Lagos has become incapacitated after a strange fall at the entrance of his church. It has turned into a bone problem on which all his money is being expended.

“I used to have many members, but by the time I returned from a long treatment I discovered I was left with only five church members,” he cried out.
Pastor Amos Oladipupo, a father of two, told Punch that since the sickness refused to abate, his church members had also abandoned him.
Narrating the incident amid tears, he said, “It had just rained that day, and I wanted to take something outside. I suddenly fell on the pavement at the side door of the church.
“I initially experienced a little body ache, but I ignored that because it was expected after a fall like that.
“I became worried after the pain kept increasing. It became so unbearable that I had to see a doctor who told me it was rheumatoid arthritis, a critical bone problem and that I would require an operation”
Asked if he had not prayed on the matter, he said, “Many pastors and prophets together with some church members have had vigils and prayers for me. I think it is their prayers that have sustained me till today.”
He said he had struggled with the condition for three years with pain killer drugs until his doctor advised him in April 2012 that he might not survive the trauma if nothing urgent is done to save the situation.
Pastor Oladipupo, who hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State, is appealling to good Nigerians to save him from dying. He said, “I cannot walk, I crawl with my hands to enable me move around, and life is really unbearable. The doctors said I need N1m for the operation to save me. I don’t have a kobo. Nigerians should help me.”
Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bariga branch, Moses Olutoye, said before the accident Pastor Oladipupo used to be a fervent and zealous prophet before he was incapacitated by the accident.
Surprisingly, he added that the division within CAN in the state had made it impossible for them to help the pastor.

Who Did This To Goodluck Jonathan?

I stumbled on this on facebook and thought I should share. LWKMD.....
Good luck Jonathan walks into a bank to cash a cheque. As he approaches the cashier he says, 'Good morning Ma'am. Would you please cash this cheque for me?'
Cashier: 'It would be my pleasure, Sir. But could you please show me your ID?'

Jonathan: 'Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to. [Don't you know me?] I am Jonathan, the President...'

Cashier: 'Yes sir, I know who you are. But with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers and requirements of the CBN, I must insist on seeing some ID.'

Jonathan: 'Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am.'

Cashier: 'I am sorry, sir, but these are the bank rules and I must follow them.'

Jonathan: 'I am urging you, please, cash this cheque.'

Cashier: 'Sir, here is an example of what we can do. One day, Tonto Dike came into the bank to cash a cheque without her ID. To prove herself, she started singing, the guard dog fainted and the computers went off. So we knew it was her and cashed the cheque.'

'Another time, Governor Fashola came without his ID to cash a cheque. We doubted him at first but when our dispatch rider rode in on a motorbike and he screamed, 'Arrest that bike rider,' we cashed his cheque!'

'So sir, what can you do to prove that it is you and only you, as President?'

Jonathan stands there thinking and thinking, and finally says, 'Honestly, my mind is totally blank... There is nothing that comes to my mind. I can't think of a single thing. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I just don't have a clue.'

Cashier: 'Very good, Sir. It is you, alright! Now we're convinced! Do you want N500 or N1,000 notes?
- Happy Sunday to you all!!!

She's Lost Weight? Recent Photo Of Ini Edo At "Weekend Getaway" Premiere (LOOK)

 She sure looks like a born-again, because this was what she looked like yesterday.....Meanwhile, this was what she normally look like:

First Lady, Patience Jonathan Sick Again, In Europe For Treatment

According to Sahara Reporters, Nigeria's First Lady, Patience Jonathan, is sick again and is shuttling between Spain and Germany in search of treatment. A source also told SaharaReporters that the First Lady was also contemplating receiving medical treatment from a US hospital.

Mrs. Jonathan’s renewed health woes have accounted for her absence from several official events in Abuja and her home state of Bayelsa State over the last few days. A few days ago, Mrs. Jonathan made a quiet exit from Abuja en route to France where she was to allegedly receive some unspecified award. However, a source within the Presidency told SaharaReporters that Mrs. Jonathan’s trip to France was a ploy to enable her to shop for new doctors in Europe for her deteriorating health.

A source disclosed that she left France for Spain. The same source disclosed that the First Lady was considering being moved to a US hospital today. However, a source in the US who is close to the First Family told SaharaReporters that he was “not heard from the first lady regarding her trip to the US.”

Ayo Osinlu, a spokesman of the First Lady, told Sahara Reporters that Mrs. Jonathan was in Europe in order to care for an ailing elderly woman who helped raise the First Lady. He failed to disclose the specific European nation where Mrs. Jonathan’s foster mother is hospitalized.

During Mrs. Jonathan’s first extended medical sojourn in Germany, Mr. Osinlu had misled reporters by declaring that the First Lady was merely vacationing abroad after what he described as a series of grueling official functions, including the hosting of a conference of African First Ladies.

Mrs. Jonathan was noticeably absent from a Friday church service organized at the presidential villa yesterday as part of Easter celebrations. She was also missing at another key event where her Africa First Ladies Peace Mission donated relief material to the war-torn country of Mali. An aide of the First Lady reported that a minister, Ms. Jumoke Akinjide, represented Mrs. Jonathan at the event where relief material was donated to Mali.

During the church service at the Presidential Villa, President Jonathan was flanked by his elderly mother, Eunice Jonathan, as well as Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke and Ndudi Elumelu, a member of the House of Representatives indicted for corruption in power sector projects. Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who has been romantically linked to Mr. Jonathan, wore a large diamond ring at the church service.

One of the last times Mrs. Jonathan was seen in public was on her return from an official visit to Cote d’Ivoire on March 2, 2013. She later made a brief visit to Lagos where she attended a dinner organized for Nollywood stars. Afterwards, she was sighted in Paris where she received the “Global Women Leader for Peace Award 2013.” Since receiving the award on March 17, the First Lady has not been seen in any official photos released from the Presidency.

2015 PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST: Obasanjo Intensifies Plot Against Jonathan

Fresh facts emerged, at the weekend, that former President Matthew Okikiolakan Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo is intensifying his opposition to the 2015 re-election aspiration of incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

This is at a time when some hawks in the Presidency are pressing for decisiveness on the part of Mr. President, with a view to clipping Obasanjo’s wings.

The latest indication about the former President’s moves are what sources described as the “series of meetings and consultations between Obasanjo and traditional rulers in the North”.

A former state governor familiar with the surreptitious movements of Obasanjo in the last one month told Sunday Vanguard: “The former president has been moving round the North under the guise of being a special guest at functions; but the real reason for his visits to the North is the series of consultations he is holding with traditional rulers across the zones – save, of course, North East geo-political zone where the dreaded Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Lidawati wal Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram, holds sway”.

It was learnt that Obasanjo’s latest moves are “with a view to pacifying the North which heaps on his head all the blames for the loss of its hold on power as occasioned by the death of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, a death which paved the way for the enthronement of Jonathan as president.

“What Obasanjo has come to realize is that even most of those he considers his traditional friends and confidants poke disdain at him for his role in the imposition of the late Yar’Adua and Jonathan as presidential candidate and running mate on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 2007, and he is very desperate to make it up to ‘his people’”.

“The meetings are centred on how best the North can present a united front against the aspiration of Jonathan. And because of his vast network of friends across the country, Obasanjo is cashing all his cheques because of this project”.

Sunday Vanguard can also report that the off-and-on relationship between Obasanjo and former military president, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has again engaged the ‘ON’ mode.

“When you see Obasanjo and Babangida coming together again with their interests coalescing, then you know something is in the air”, our source said.

Another source – a former presidential aide – that is very familiar with the scheme, said, “It is not so much of what Obasanjo wants from the northern traditional rulers but what the rulers want from him. Yes, I can confirm to you that he has been all over the place and he has been holding series of consultations. The agenda is to work against the 2015 aspiration of President Jonathan”.

Asked about the rumoured rapprochement between Obasanjo and his ex-deputy, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, the source was emphatic in saying that “the two have not sat down to meet one on one but there are behind the scene consultations with a view to ensuring that happens”.

In addition, Obasanjo is also said to be in consultation with a few PDP state governors who are very loyal to him, specifically Sule Lamido of Jigawa State and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State.

Indeed, sensing this emerging threat, PDP Board of Trustees, BoT, Chairman, Chief Tony Anenih, launched a counter offensive.

Already, the BoT Chairman has held talks with Lamido, Kwankwaso, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, and Governor Mukhtar Yero of Kaduna State, among others.

His rescue mission is to “ensure that a proper reconciliation is engendered between the President and the state governors”, a very dependable source told Sunday Vanguard.

The talks, which are continuing, are said to be “yielding very positive results”. On his part, Jonathan himself held talks with a section of Yoruba leaders three weeks ago in Lagos.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the meeting, which had some elders in the land as well as a very strategic traditional ruler in attendance, explored ways of pacifying the S/West geo-political zone which is increasingly becoming vociferous about its claims of marginalization under the Jonathan administration.

The Yoruba leaders, who do not appear to be on the same page with the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, or its intended successor party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, are to hold another round of talks with the President at a later date.
Interestingly, even as the President patience is being taxed by Obasanjo’s scheme, some hawks in Aso Rock Presidential Villa are of the view that the former President’s wings should be clipped.

A Presidency source told Sunday Vanguard:”It is because President Jonathan is mild-mannered; if not, are we not living witnesses to how the former President deployed state power to haunt those he perceived as capable of stopping him from achieving his failed Third Term agenda?

“That he is walking the streets of Nigeria free does not mean he is a saint, especially the way he’s been carrying on. Is it not the mess that he created after eight years in office that this administration is still battling to clear”? the Presidency source quipped.

Source: Vanguard

BREAKING NEWS: Explosions rock Kano again

Information reaching the 247 Naija Gossip's newsdesk, has it that an explosion has occurred around Unguwa Uku, along the Zaria Road highway.

According to details we received, the Joint Task Force (JTF), has arrived the area and cordoned off the scene of the explosion, which has now blocked the very busy highway.

Another explosion is reported to have taken plan around the Eastern Bye pass area.

We will continue to monitor new developments and bring you more details.

What Will You Do If You See This In Your Girlfriend's Inbox

You checked your girlfriends text message or inbox and saw a text from a guy which reads thus:



Caption This Couple's Wedding Picture

Caption This Couple's Wedding Picture...

Could This Be Comedian Bovi's Son? (LOOK)

The top comedian posted this photo on a social media site with the caption "Me and my mannn".

Look well,can you see the resemblance??...Cute boy!!!

It Is Very Hard To Find A Good Wife In Nigeria – Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi recently spoke to Kayode Tijani about his life and other issues. But this is what caught our attention in the interview; where he spoke about marriage.

‘I know, normal people don’t go through what I am going through now when it concerns finding a Wife to marry, and normal people don’t at all. Believe me it’s so so difficult, very difficult, it’s so so difficult you just have to leave it to God. There might be someone who really loves me truly for who I am but I may not be aware and maybe you don’t know… or you may think she’s one of those who loves you for who you are or what you have, or because of your money, maybe she’s there for you, you never know, you get so confused, now I have decided I will just leave it to God to decide who I get married to’.

I Wear 38 Tripple D Bra Size - Eniola Badmus (Gbogbo Bigz Girlz) Tells Journalist

I’ve known Eniola Badmus for quite sometimes now and she doesn’t care to say whats on her mind. I was expecting her to be more blunt but the interview was quite short and I guess the journalist who interviewed her didn’t whine her well.

Well she said somethings. Read it below.

How did you come into acting?

I have been around since 1999, I just walked into an audition centre and I was chosen.

How has it been?

It’s been a whole lot of challenges because at first it was not easy, but we glorify the name of the Lord.

What are you doing presently?

Currently, I am working on my profile, to look inwards and move into the corporate world, do some corporate shows or probably get an endorsement.

You shot into the limelight with the bad girl character in the films, jenifa and Omo Gheto; are you that bad a person?

No, I am a very simple person, I m a cool babe.

You once told me that after your university you just walked into an audition session and got a role, were you harassed sexually as being claimed by some people?

There is no industry where there is no sexual harassment because if it did not happen to you, you will not have the gut to say ‘wow! I have come a long way’.

So, it happened to you?

Obviously, It happened to me so there is no big deal about it. The fact remains that I must be harassed sexually because I am sexy and big and I know it. So, it’s bound to happen to anybody but the way you handle it matters.

How sexy are you?

That’s personal. I don’t want to go into that.

Where did you grow up?

My growing up was good and wonderful. I have wonderful parents who wanted the best for me that’s why I studied up to Masters degree level.

As a sexy person, how do you cope with male admirers?

I am very, very comfortable with guys because I have a lot of them as friends. I like to be in the midst of guys, I love them.

How is your love life, are you into any relationship?

My love life is cool and my relationship is private too.

How was your first sexual experience?

Aha, that is still private.

Do you enjoy sex?

That is rotten; I can’t talk about that too.

What do you like most about your body?

I like myself, I like my body, at times I think I’m the only person created like this because I’m not only big, I’m also sexy.

When are you getting married?

Soon, very soon because I am in my 30s and I only need just three years to have my two babies.

Which part of your body do you protect more?

I protect every part of my body because my body is a temple of God, which must not be exposed.

Do you use a special bra?

So, you want to know my bra size? Okay, I will tell you. I wear 38 Triple D.

Which colour of bra do you prefer?

No, no, I won’t answer that, that is too confidential.

How do you relate with the opposite sex?

I relate with them normally.

Which project are you working on right now?

I am working, working, working. My fans should just keep their fingers crossed.

What bad things have you done that you regret?

I have done bad, bad, bad things even worse but now I am a changed person

Culled from Punch

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Is A Victim Of Mother Nature! Wind Blows Up Her Skirt & Exposes Her Spanx

Khloe Kardashian was the unfortunate victim of Mother Nature on Friday and it all went down outside of mom Kris Jenner's LA office!

While chatting with her sisters, an overzealous gust of wind blew up her printed Thakoon dress and exposed her Spanx for the entire world to see! Just moments after the tragic mishap, Khloe tweeted:

Shorts, spanks, boy shorts under a dress/skirt are a must!

Exactly! It could've been way worse! What if Khloe was wearing a sheer thong? Or no underwear at all?! Always look on the bright side, people! Lolz

OH DEAR: Dr Sid's Last Photo With His Dad (LOOK)

Pa Justus Esiri, one of the most talented actors in Nigeria and Dr Sid's dad died on February 19 and will be laid to rest in the third week of April in his home town, Abraka in Delta State.

This was one of the last photos they took together, May God continue to console Dr Sid and the rest of the family..

SEE A Woman Having Sex In The Bush With BABY On Her Back

Describe them with one word or phrase...

AMAZING PICTURES Of Benin-City, Nigeria

 Lovely!!! More pics after the cut: