Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Me and My Wife Lived In Sin For 2 Years — Charly Boy Confesses

In this era when young ladies and guys commit sin and still dance and celebrate inside it, it's uncommon to find someone who's ready to admit his wrong doings. But not so with the Area Father.

Charly Boy has been married to Lady D for over 35 years. At a 'joint-sitting', the couple reveals what has kept their marriage going all these years. See brief excerpt below:

How long have you been married?
Charles: We lived in sin for about two years but we have been married for over 35 years.

Where and how did you meet each other?
Lady D: We met in Boston. That was in 1976 at a hair salon where I worked. Charles came in to fix his hair, but after he left, he called my boss and asked to speak with me. He invited me to a party the next day with a promise to pick me up from my work place. I noticed that he was so soft spoken and didn’t even have an accent at all. He didn’t even sound like someone from Africa. Now, that fuelled my curiosity. Before Charles, I never dated anyone from Africa. Well, he showed up the next day but guess what? There was no party to attend! We ended up driving all the way to the next state and back. That was the party.

When did the proposal come?
Charles: Marriage was the last thing on my mind because of past experiences. I had three failed marriages. She woke up one day, looked me in the eyes, and said, ‘marry me or I leave you today not tomorrow.’ I admired her guts. Also, I had a sneaky feeling that she could be different from the women I had married before. Luckily, I was right....

In almost four decades, don’t you get bored?
Lady D: He is an unrepentant romantic, even though he will always hide that part from the public, but that is what he is. He knows that I love romance. Being married for almost four decades can be a drag if you don’t work on it. That is why we always try to keep it as youthful and fresh as we can. It’s not easy but we are determined.

Do you both still remember to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries?
Lady D: Charles knows how to sweep me off my feet and he knows how to woo me with his outlandish and elaborate surprises. The latest was my birthday a few weeks ago. I feel special most of the time.

What should people hold on to if their relationship must last as long as yours?
Mutual respect, love, patience and good old fashion friendship, like two buddies.

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