Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IGBO Traders In Lagos Paraded by State Agents (PICTURED)

"The men being forced to lie on dirty grounds by combined team of armed military and police personnel are traders at the Ladipo Market, Lagos, which was recently shut down by the Lagos State Government purportedly over issues with ‘environmental sanitation’ – and we all know where they hail from.

Why treat them as mere criminals – for goodness sake, these are men whose wares have been seized/locked up and they are now being paraded as mere criminals!

Anybody familiar with the Lagos terrain knows quite well that the reasons’ being advanced by the Government is hogwash! If you want to see ‘environmentally unsafe’ markets in Lagos, visit Mushin, Oyingbo, Oshodi, Barriga, Yaba and some other markets which for obvious reasons they are treated and seen by Lagos Government as ‘no-go areas’ for ‘closures’".

- From Josh Okeke, Lagos.


  1. na bcos igbo full ladipo market dat is why.. Nigerians no like themselves at all.. This is not fair. How could trader not criminals being paraded bcos of evironmental sanitation ..they should stop dis nonsense ,we aren't in a military time.

  2. Igbos shall live and never die, it is only those u are better than will envy u. BIAFRA is the only option, my people it gonna be ok Oneday.

  3. This present government in lagos is a hater of IGBOS, but God is always on d IGBOS side.they a lyk d Jews wt ever u do 2 them they d IGBOS will always win.

  4. Wen things people with narrow mind channel it into tribalism leaving the issue at stake,yes this persons are maltreated, but how do you those lying on the ground are all igbos? We know that this thiefs who call themselves leaders & law enforcement agents always leaves those pension thiefs, government funds looters,subsidy thiefs,without any punishment even allowing them to be cabinet members in the senate & other offices,but when any person who do not belong to there class does anything wrong they see it as a grave offense punishable by death!! It is this excess that I expect any person to talk about not tribe,race or nationality,because that will give them chance to go ahead when its proved its not only the igbos they are punishing, the fact is they have no reason to punish anyone like that be it an igbo,hausa or yoruba. so tell them to cut down their excesses "leaving the real offenders of the law namely N.P.A thiefs, NEPA thiefs, FUEL subsidy thiefs, PENSION thiefs & GOVERNMENT money looters!!! & punish just "environmental sanitation offenders" they should remove the timber in their eyes first before removing the toothpick in others eye!!! LETS FIGHT THE REAL ISSUE NOT SHADOWS!!!!!!! Uchenna