Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Just Lost My Virginity To My Boyfriend, But Now I Wanna Try Other Men (PICTURED)


well i just lost my virginity and now there is noting to hide, whether i decide to Be Intimate with other men, my boy friend wont know, , dont get me wrong, i still love my boyfriend

i just have this crave for sex with his friend who is really hot( with abbs, tatoo and what not), and the friend is already making passes at me.
the other day i was alone with his friend, he had on sleeveless( i could see his chest, his muscular hands, and going down then its like i went into a trance) and the whole of my body started trembling, i couldn't stop looking at him and one thing led to another so we kissed, almost got Unclad but my boyfriend got in

anyway he dint suspect anything

i keep having all this crushes and urges to get wild

i feel like i have been locked up in my virginity for too long and now my body just wana explore things, you know like extreme sex, to make up for the lost times, my boy friend isn't giving me you know the whole wild stuff i would want, he is being so gentle cos he thinks am a good girl

but i just want the whole bad boy stuffs done to me, and i cant really tell him, anyway

what do i do?

am i a bad person


  1. U r a big fool.n av always bin a slut.shame on u

  2. Would advice , you tell him how u feel abt sex.......No point cheating wen u cn tlk wit him, dats what mks him ur Man !!

  3. Jesus loves u y ruin ur lyf to enternal damnation.repent

  4. You are a maluu and a goat go on and fuck is friend na adamu like u,a man has given u all is trust and u ar tinking of fucking is friend if u want it wild tell I'm and stp talking of cheating

  5. gbenga balogun gygabyteFebruary 27, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    Ahahahahaha. All this comments are killing me

  6. But I wonder y black ppul are so hartless,is it a crime to xpress ur feelings, what if the lady had come out to say she was a lesbian U ppul wud have crucified her oo, I think is better u put ur fingers @ rest if don't have any reasonable thing to type. As for that pretty angel, I can help you out, I have all d fitness and the best V shape U'll ever love,my (JT) is really something to write home about. In case u ar serious am available to give it to u exactly the way u want it. U can contact me thru this bb pin (29DCFF79)or(08131626169)

  7. Lose ur virginity, Christ still love you and there is room for ammendment my sister. Remember fornication, adultry is a sin against ur body which God's temple...