Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AGAIN? Nollywood Actor, Yemi Solade in Sex and Threat to Life Scandal (LOOK)

Yemi Solade is in the news again for sexual harrasement issues, few months after United States based lady, Bunmi Ladipo, accused him of harassing her sexually.

The lady told journalists then that the actor sent her a friendship request on popular social network site, Facebook and: “I accepted his friendship request because I recognised him as an actor.

“After accepting his friend request, we started doing normal chatting and along the line, exchanged Blackberry pin. But unknown to me, his intention was beyond the normal relationship as he began to disturb me for something else, but I politely told him it is impossible because I’m happily married.

“At a point, I felt it was someone impersonating him. But I got the biggest shock of my life when he started sending me his nude pictures and sorts. He later called on phone and I recorded the conversation. In fact, that was when I was convinced that he was actually the one harassing me sexually.”

In some of the pictures , the actor snapped himself with a mobile phone from head to chest level, while the controversial one shows a man’s private organ.

Mrs. Ladipo added that she has informed HonAbike Dabiri and Funmi Ikeji, a woman activist about the issue and would make further legal actions against the actor, it took the intervention of concernced persons to settle the matter.

The new Allegations is by Bola Animashun and according to her she met Yemi 2 years ago on facebook and they started talking and before they knew what was happening, they had exchanged Bbpins.
She says Yemi started persuarding her to see him and she had been declining him. Yemi finally got angry and sent Bukky a message saying she will die for not seeing him.
This got Bukky scared and she left this message on her Bbpm :

Annoucement Yemi Solade jus placed a curse on mi dt i wont c d end of dis year all becos i refused to sleep with him. pls if anytin hapuns to mi, he is responsible.

Bononline spoke to Bola and she confirmed the story and said she was on the verge of going to report to both the police and leadership of Antp. When we called Yemi, he denied knowing who Bola was.

His words:



  1. It could be lie. maybe they just want to ruin his name....

  2. It cud b true or lie,but my question is, when u know fully well that U did not want anything cordial apart from plantonic relationship with dis guy, why xchanging ur bbpin with him, and not just FB. It seems u are admiring d guy but don't know how to go about it.

  3. Sharrap u guyz.....dis is a plain one, nd I think those ladies r saying d truth. Or is it bcos there iz no solid evidence? Oh plssssssssss...... Infact, he has 2 be charged 2 court bcos dis is nt his first attempt. And as for those galz dat exchange BB pins nd phone numbers, I pity ur lyf cycle bcos u may nt know when d person 'll harm u just like wat happened b4. So, be careful.

  4. Hw r we sure dat is nt a frame up all the same ladies let us respect ourself and u a married woman wat are u doing on facebook with another man wen u knw u r happily married

  5. Anonymous 8:30, who says Facebook was only meant for singles.I jus don't understand sum people n d way they comment. My friend join a yoruba group on bb n dat was how she met dis same actor,e sent ha pix of his family, and d same pix we have on dis page, sum oda pix, e invited her over to lag, she had to delete him wen e started sending nude pix. He is not a saint.