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"I Am Having An Affair With My Teacher"

I am having a passionate love affair with a former teacher of mine. She still wants to keep it a secret but I don’t think we are doing anything wrong.

I am 20 and finished with University now. I have a job with excellent career prospects and I want to continue with that rather than go to university.

The affair started when I was 17. She was 33 then. I was struggling with work and she suggested I went to her flat for some help a couple of evenings a week.

We got to talking about relationships and she said she had no one in her life. I told her she was too attractive to be single. I could see she was pleased and embarrassed all at the same time.

Sexual tension began to build between us. When I got a good mark for my homework one time we hugged in celebration. I kissed her and next thing we were tearing each other’s clothes off and having passionate sex.

She was gorgeous, amazing and funny – everything I wanted in a girlfriend. We began a full-blown affair. The sex was wonderful but we also went to the cinema, out for meals and stuff like any other couple.

She is sometimes a bit paranoid when I am around girls my own age but I am not interested in them, only her. She said we had to keep the affair secret as long as I was her student and I accepted that.

Years have passed now and I have said to her countless times that we should go public but she is worried about what her colleagues will say. It’s frustrating because I love her to bits and I know she loves me too.

Woman (50) Beats 32 year old Boyfriend Over Bad Oral Sex

Police arrested an "extremely intoxicated" woman after she allegedly beat her boyfriend over bad oral sex.

The Smoking Gun reports that Jennie Scott, 50, assaulted her 32-year-old boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon at his home Dec. 27 following a joint-oral sex encounter that ended prematurely.

Scott told police that she became angry after Deleon "finished first and stopped pleasuring her."

Deputies responding to a report of a disturbance at Deleon's home encountered Scott punching and scratching her lover, and allege that she threatened him with a stick and a wrench.

The woman was arrested and placed in the Manatee County lock up.

In November, Raquel Gonzalez, also of Manatee County, was charged with felony domestic battery after beating her boyfriend following a sexual encounter during which he climaxed and she did not.

In 2010, a West Virginia woman was arrested after pulling a knife on two men who refused to perform oral sex on her at a motel.

82-Year-Old Church Deacon Caught Having Sex With Donkey

An 82-year-old Seventh Day Adventist deacon is bracing for a dose of unwanted attention from his village after he failed to control his penchant for sex and allegedly had intercourse with a donkey.

The detestable incident which left villagers in Filabusi's Gangabezi village, Zimbabwe shell-shocked transpired sometime last month. According to sources who spoke to our news crew and requested anonymity, it is alleged the sexual predator, Deacon Canaan Ncube (82) was caught pants down while 'feasting' on a hapless donkey.

"I strongly believe that it was not his first time to be intimate with the donkey. The way he had positioned himself and the donkey showed traces of experience," said the source.

The bestiality issue came to light when Sibangani who was heading home from his sojourns allegedly saw Deacon Ncube with a humble animal. When Deacon Ncube realised that his escapades had come in the open, he freed the hapless animal and vanished from the scene, it is alleged. Sibangani then blew the said issue to the whole village.

"The news of Deacon Canaan and his donkey swiftly spread like veld fire. Everyone knows about this issue. It is not even a secret, you can ask anyone," said the source.

When the senior village headman, Patrick Ndlovu, was reached for comment, he said he was aware of the issue.

"I am aware of this issue. I am waiting for the village head Mechat Masuku and her entourage to deliberate on the issue. They will then report the matter to the police because it is out of my jurisdiction. I do not deal with such cases," said the senior village head.

Village Head Masuku said she was waiting to hear from the village neighbourhood committee members to give her feedback.

"I left the issue in the hands of village neighbourhood committee members to see to it that they bring down the culprit but up to now nothing has been done. I do not even know why they are taking too long," she said.

Meanwhile, Adventist church Deacon Ncube said he was aware of the rumours but dismissed the allegations as false statements meant to tarnish his image.

"I am very aware of the whole saga. I heard this issue at the church service last week, but the truth is that I know nothing about it and the neighbourhood constables have not contacted me," he said.

The alleged incident transpired barely two weeks after two sexual predators in the same area were caught having a three-some with a donkey. The matter came to light after they failed to pay a R100 bribe to a fellow villager who had spotted them taking turns to rape the donkey.

Source: myzimbabwe

"Help! I Can't Stop Cheating On My Boyfriend"

I had sex on the back seat of his car with a 25-year-old man last night. It was sheer madness – why do I do it? I’m going to lose my boyfriend at this rate.

I’m 36 and my boyfriend is 40. We go back years together as we had a relationship in our teens. I’m divorced 10 years after my husband cheated but my boyfriend has never married.

He moved away when he was in his early 20s and I thought I’d never see him again, but I ran into him in a bar in town when he was visiting his friends and it was like we’d never been apart.

We decided to start our relationship again but he still lives in another state and I only see him when he visits family near me or I travel to see him.

The relationship was casual at first so I’d see him when he was home and the rest of the time, I’d behave like a single girl. I meet guys on nights out and regularly have sex with strangers in their cars, at their homes or even in the loos.

I now have strong feelings for my boyfriend and I know the cheating has to stop but last night I was at it again with a guy who winked at me as I walked to the bar. He came up behind me and pinched my bottom and I fell for his ridiculous approach. We were having sex an hour later.

My family and friends think that my boyfriend is for keeps and that I should stop my antics. I know they’re right but it’s a habit that is just so hard to break.

Source: UK Sun

Pastor Chris Writes the Media on Nollywood (LOOK)

"Hello my brethren, by the special grace of God, I am Pastor Chris C. Godwin, the president of World Missionary Assistance Nigeria and the Shepherd of Fire House Ministries Lagos. I am writing to the media based on what I have foreseen coming up against the film industry of this our beloved Nation, of which if care is not taken, big calamity will befall this growing industry."

"The devil is fighting this film industry very well, most of these actors end up behaving and living what they acted in films, which is not suppose to be. After acting a particular film, no film is ordinary, there is a spirit behind every film you act, and every life you expose, every society you expose, every deity you expose."

After acting, some of them do not go for deliverance in a proper place and some of these deliverance are not done in a proper way, that's why the Devil and these dark kingdoms keep getting these actors, believe it or not, it is not every man of God who is fit or called for deliverance, most of these cosmetic preachers are not fit or called for that. Deliverance is not standing in the pulpit blowing grammar, many people can preach the Gospel even Satan preached the Gospel when he tempted Jesus after he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, Devil Quoted Psalm 91.’’

Pastor Chris C. Godwin is not a new person to a few of Nollywood stars such as Segun Arinze, Former President of AGN, Brother Emeka Jonathan DGN, Sis Louisa, a lot of them who have in one way or the other patronized the man of God for special prayers and deliverance.

I fed Okonjo-Iweala’s mum with bread, groundnuts – Suspect

A member of the 10-man kidnap gang who earlier this month abducted the 82-year-old Prof, Kamene Okonjo, mother of the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, yesterday, confessed his involvement in the abduction and narrated how he fed the retired professor of sociology with groundnut, water and bread in the kidnappers’ den.

The suspected kidnapper, Andrew Dime, aka Olokpa, 32, who hails from Enikorogha in Edo State, however, told Vanguard that he was only hired by the second-in-command of the gang to supply food to Prof. Okonjo on two occasions at a fee of N100,000.

Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, on the other hand, told Vanguard that Prof. Okonjo was kept in the custody of the suspect, who was in-charge of her feeding.

The second-in-command of the gang allegedly swindled him when he bolted with his N1 million share of the ransom collected for the release of Prof. Okonjo.

Apparently, to settle scores, the police said the suspect formed a new kidnap gang, which abducted an octogenarian at Aboh in Ndokwa area of the state. But having obtained a database on the group after its leader, Nwaeze Nwosa, aka Bolaji was shot dead in Asaba, the police were able to track down the suspect.

Aduba told Vanguard that the police set a trap for him when it got information that he was in dire need of money for the yuletide by convincing him to sell one of the guns used for the abduction of Prof. Okonjo, which was in his custody. He fell for the trap and negotiated a price of N300,000 for a pump-action gun with a police officer, who posed as a buyer. He was, thereafter, arrested at Koka junction, Asaba, when he came to collect the cash.

Dark-complexioned Andrew, who spoke to Vanguard in an interview, debunked the claim that he formed a new kidnap gang and that he was the one that negotiated the sale of pump-action gun, which was used to ensnare him.

A police source said he was being economical with the truth, adding: “Most of these people (referring to criminals) will never tell you the truth when you arrest them until you get other members of the gang to confront them.”

Below are the excerpts of the interview with the suspect

What is your name?
Andrew Idime.

How old are you?

Where are you from?
I am from Enikorogha, Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Where do you live?
I live at Army Barracks, Onitsha.

Do you know why you are here in police cell?
For now, I know why I am arrested. Some friends of mine, they indulged themselves in kidnapping act. One of them is Chiboy and another is Biggy. The person I know very well is Chiboy. It was through this Chiboy that I met Biggy. I was trading on used shoes and my business was not moving well. So Chiboy called me that there is something that I was going to do. I asked him what it was, he said there was somebody I was going to drop food for and that I was going to drop food twice and that they would settle me. Therefore, I went there truly, he brought an Okada man (motorcyclist), the Okada man took me there, and I dropped the food twice.

He said that if I dropped the food there that he was going to call them. That if I dropped the food, I should call to let him know that I have dropped the food beside that bridge on that Kwale road. That when I dropped the food, they would come and take the food. I went there twice and dropped the food at that particular spot. They said they were going to give me N100,000. But the N100,000 I did not see it.

Were you not told who was kidnapped?
I do not know the exact person they kidnapped. They did not tell me. I am a neutral person. My job there was to go and drop the food.

Did you not know you were doing wrong thing as the person was in the hospital?

No, he said that his boys need food so I should go and drop groundnut, bread and water for them.

Why did he send you, why did he not drop the food himself?
He is a leader. He said he wants me to, at least have some token in the business.

Which business are you talking?
He said he had involved himself in kidnapping business

Which means you were told what they actually did?
They told me.

Are you saying you do not know when you were dropping the food that you will be counted as one of them if caught?
Yes, I knew.

So, why did you take part?
It is because of my condition

What is your condition?
I am not living well; my business is not moving well. I needed little money to assist my business.

What we heard was that Prof. Okonjo was kept in your custody?
No, no, no, I swear to God. I do not live in Delta State.

You have a house in Asaba?
Of course, I have a house but I have checked out for a long time based on the rent. The house was too costly for me

You said you were neutral, then, tell us what Chiboy and others told you about how they kidnapped Prof. Okonjo?
Until they rounded up their business, even up to date, I have not seen Chiboy. I was holding one of his numbers, but right now, the number is not going through.

There is no way you would be asked to go and drop food for somebody that was kidnapped without you asking or finding out the story of how the person was kidnapped. What exactly were you told?
They only told me they have kidnapped somebody and that the person is at Kwale. That what I am going to do is to take the food to a particular bridge, that if I get to that bridge, I should flash him and he was going to call his boys. That if I dropped the food, I should not delay there. That I should drop the food, enter the bike immediately and move.

Were you taking bike from Onitsha to that place?
No, he was the person that brought the bike, not from Asaba. I entered bus to Ibusa and from Ibusa, he would now bring the bike. The bike person, it seems, is his private bike man, so the bike person would now take me to there.

From the story that you have told so far, it seemed you were party to the kidnapping?
I have involved myself already because of my going there to give them food, which has already made me a party. However, I do not know the exact person that they kidnapped but I have involved myself in this act.

You were arrested when you came to sell a gun?
No, the boy that wanted to sell the gun ran away.

Tell us how sharing of money brought misunderstanding among the kidnappers?
In bringing of food, he (Chiboy, the leader) told me to bring the food twice.

Did you buy food with your money?
He bought it; he was the one that brought the money. He does not reside in one place. He promised that he was going to give me N50,000 each. So, I accepted to go and drop and collect N50,000 because it was an easy one. Therefore, I went there twice. However, when they brought the money I did not see him. The N100,000 they promised as my share I did not see. Who am I to go and challenge him?

How were you arrested?
The police arrested me yesterday (last Thursday) because there was one of my friends, Chuks. He said that based on this Christmas period, that he does not have money and that he wanted to sell one of his pump actions. So he negotiated with one boy, so when the boy came, they were three in the car. He told me to go and inform them to drop and come out so that they would negotiate. I was to tell them to off the motor engine and that Chuks was waiting down there. Therefore, when they grabbed me, he ran away. In the process when I was asking what’s all about, I was arrested.

We learnt you also involved yourself in another kidnapping, what is your role in the new kidnap gang?
My role was to be with the man in the bush. I was supposed to stay in that bush with the victim

Vanguard Nigeria

How To Win The Heart OF A Muslim Lady

1. 'Hi' You met her for the first time, hey! STOP don't stare at her with all your energy.
she will curl back if she discovers your intention at this stage give a welcoming smile.

An exchange of pleasantries is ok. {Don't ask for her number}

2. Get closer to her discussions with other colleague once a while, choose to support her view as much as you can.

3. Never involve your self in religious talks. Just tell her you fancy her religion.

4. Don't be in a rush to touch her.

5. Buy her gifts of what she can't resist, maybe pay her bills after purchase.

6. Make her laugh always...then touch just once her hair saying you admire them.
Don't do that often, then always give a reason to always help her out in an assignment or work..

7. Fit into her live style.

8. Disappear for a while, appear after a while not too soon and of course not too far.

9. If she says anything around ' I missed you' Repeat from No. 4.

10. Then ask her out, if she says no drop it and move on.
If she says yes then take it from there like you would with any other girl. She's Muslim, not an alien.

Submitted by Kola Ahmed

See The Nollywood actresses who nailed their looks in 2012

This year has given us some of the best looks in dresses and hair. Fashionistas raised the stakes on the red carpet and took some fashion risks that paid off in the end. Nollywood actresses such as Rita Dominic’s mastery of creating on-trend looks that never feel like she’s trying too hard is so captivating.

Whether channeling downtown or up, she’s a true style star. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Monalisa Chinda and Stephanie Linus perfected their signature blend of trendy elegance so well on the red carpet that they left us reeling with pride with their stunning ensembles.

Their super-hot looks thrilled, mesmerized, and captured our stylish side with their body accentuating outfits.What about their accessories? They sure rocked with them too.

CAC Members Fight Over Church Leadership

As Christians the world over celebrate Christmas and thank God for bringing them to the end of the 2012, worshippers at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) busied themselves fighting over supremacy and allegiance.

The crisis in the church, which has lasted for more than 20 years, deepened when the two factions of the church clashed during a Sunday morning service.

During the service, the Lagos-based faction was engaged with the church activities when the Ibadan-based faction arrived and chased them away.

According to Channels Television’s reporter present during the clashed, the aggrieved faction disconnected the electricity supply to the church after they were chased out leaving the Ibadan faction to conduct their service in the dark.

Watch the video

SO CUTE!!! See Monalisa Chinda's Daughter

She was at the Christmas Dance for Life event which held recently in Lagos to support her mum.

Cossy, what is this?....Photo From Cossy Orjiakor Music Video Shot

Why Cossy, Why?.....Why a music video again?.....And for heaven sake, what is this??

Can You Guess The Most Annoying 'Word' In 2012?.....(LOOK)

For the fourth consecutive year, Americans consider “whatever” to be the most annoying word or phrase in conversation.

More than three in ten — 32% — have this view while “like” irritates 21% of residents nationally. 17% are most irked by “you know” while 10% would prefer to ban “just sayin’” from today’s lexicon. “Twitterverse” annoys 9% of adults while 5% are ticked off by “gotcha.” Five percent are unsure.

- Marist Poll

Well, Whatever!

Husband divorce Wife Because Of Strange Body Odour

A strange body odour has reportedly sacked a housewife in Asaba, Delta State and left her second son dead two months later.

Reports said that the housewife, identified as mama Ebere, is a native of Okpanam and her husband hails from Owerri but resident in Asaba where they both met and were married.

Leadership reliably gathered that the man, a motor mechanic, was alleged to be a member of the “Otokoto” gang in Owerri who escaped to Asaba where he opened a mechanic workshop with two apprentices.

Sources said that for the six years that the marriage lasted, they were reportedly blessed with three children (two boys and a girl) until the trouble started.

According to our sources, mama Ebere had invited her younger sister to help her take care of her children while she continued with her Okrika (fairly used) clothes business. But this was not to be as the girl, identified as Ada, started enticing her brother in law with her dress sense.

LEADERSHIP further learnt that Ada also infected her sister with strange body odour that made her no longer attractive to her husband.


Six men raped this girl one by one,then left her to die on the road (LOOK)

She was a student
She was 23
Her fault some people say because she boarded the wrong bus
And oh yeah
Six men raped her one by one and then used an iron rod to tear her vagina-
Small intestine and large intestine came out
They left her to die on the road
What’s more is that no one even turned to look at her
No one even bothered to throw a shawl on the ill-clad
ill-fated girl
She can never live a normal married life again
She Went into coma five times since 16th December
She was unconscious
Critical and hasn't been able to stop crying
But don’t worry
She wasn't your sister
She wasn't your daughter
But she could be. The brutality has to stop right here guys
These people deserve capital punishment for their cruel,
Perverted act
She died yesterday saturday 29th
December 2012
Rest in Peace♥ and I pray that her killers get the WORST punishment possible
This doesn't only happen in India..
But in every country around the world..
Is this how we treat our women?
It Makes me ashamed to even live on this planet today

If her death Touches u and you are against RAPE
"Write RIP"
If u Support RAPE

See The Ripe Single Ladies Of Nollywood (PHOTOS)

Just like the legendary story of a cobbler’s wife, who does not know when her husband’s payday will be since their source of income is dependent on people’s rough usage of their shoes and, until it goes bad, her husband is not sure of when the next income will come, so it can be likened to the story of these eligible Nollywood hotties.

As the year grinds to an end, the likely question on their minds is when, where and how their spouses will come. They seem to have outlived their single girlhood lifespan on the shelves. They are ripe and very ready. Yet, they are still hopeful that some day, perhaps, in 2013, their Prince Charming will emerge from any corner of the planet.

We present some of the hottest single ladies, who are still searching, not desperately though, looking forward to that blissful day, even as they desire to live happily ever after....

GENEVIEVE NNAJI:Genny, as she is fondly called, is also described as the darling of Nigeria’s movie industry, known as Nollywood. One thing you can’t take away from her is her acting prowess as well as her classy dress sense.
Many feel something is lacking in Genny’s seemingly perfect life of fame, money and beauty – a man, who would capture her heart forever. Even though she is not known to be a sucker for love, Genevieve has been severally linked with some men both within and outside Nollywood. The height of it was when she was reported to be involved with the sitting number two man of the country during Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure. Genny never came out to refute the rumours and neither did she state it was true. Perhaps, the one that resounded for long was her acclaimed romance with Koko master, D’Banj. She also maintained sealed lips about it too. She is beautiful, intelligent, classy and rich too. So, what’s keeping this 33-year-old mother of one from finding Mr. Right? No one knows. Nigerians hope to see her hooked next year.

Rita is one woman you dare not look at once and walk away. She may have come in a small package but you just can’t discard her huge impact on others. She’s intelligent, talented and a power dresser any day. Rita has not been romantically linked with her colleagues or anyone in the entertainment industry but she has been in the news for allegedly having her heart beat faster for a popular Nollywood actor that loves to speak with American accent. Both have acted in many movies together but nothing seems to come out of the alleged affair.
Right now, the Theatre Arts graduate is happy with her life but not many know whether she sheds secret tears about not being captured by her Mr. Right. Fans and friends only hope 2013 doesn’t pass by without a ring on the fourth finger of her left hand.

The history of Nollywood queens is not complete without mentioning Bimbo Akintola. She is one of the most versatile actresses Nigeria has produced. For those who know her, she is easy going. She is the third child of a family of six and a native of Oyo State, Nigeria. She started acting as a pupil with her peers for the school’s end-of-year drama events. One thing that mesmerises her fans is her ability to blend into any role given to her without qualms. But when it comes to relationships, not much is known about her. This is because she believes that age is no longer a barrier to marriage as it can come any time. But her fans feel she is missing the thrill of matrimony. Acording to her: “There is no such thing as an ideal man. There is no perfect man or woman. What you have is work in progress. Once you meet half-way, you just have to build from there.”
She is right but let’s hope 2013 will usher her into the journey of matrimony with an ideal man and one with whom she can build their future together. Even though she is not bothered about her marital status, well-wishers will be thrilled if she gets hooked with the right man next year.

This busty Nollywood actress is not afraid to flaunt what she’s got no matter whose ox is gored. Cynthia Agholor’s ugly scar for being in Nollywood is being sexually harassed by many producers and directors in her early days in the industry. Starting out at the age of six with the popular kiddies programme ‘Tales by Moonlight’, Cynthia has been in the spotlight all her life.
She has had her share of love troubles when she dated a white guy. Years after the relationship hit the rocks, Cynthia is rumoured to be in a sizzling romance with a top Ghanian movie producer. The romance is altar-bound, according to the news making rounds. It is evident that the lovebirds are happy together and waste no time, flaunting their affection for each other openly. Nothing will thrill her fans more than to see the well-endowed actress get married next year.

QUEEN NWOKOYE:For this innocent-faced Nollywood actress, simplicity is her way of life. She has remained scandal-free since she joined Nollywood in 2004. This Sociology and Anthropology graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, has endeared many to herself with her sweet girl roles.
But many wonder when this Nollywood good girl is walking down the aisle with a man after her heart.  And if you think she is not keen on getting married, then you are wrong. Marriage is on her mind but she is not in a hurry to settle down.  This pretty lady considers marriage a serious issue and not something one just jumps into.  She says: “If you jump in just because you want to change status, you will jump out of it in no time. That does not mean that I don’t have people who have proposed and are still proposing. There are even those who have been pestering me.” Queen only desires a lifelong matrimony. Let’s hope 2013 makes her wishes come true.

Despite Ebube Nwagbo’s flawless beauty and talent, she wasn’t spared the heartbreak of watching her ex-boyfriend, Kingsley Okonkwo of KC Presh, make a lasting commitment to another woman. Ebube’s journey into Nollywood has spanned over 10 years and yet, no man has been able to capture her heart for life.
Right now, this Nollywood diva and Mass Communication graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, is enjoying her status as a businesswoman. She owns Posh Hair and has directed her energy into building her brand. When it comes to marital issues, Ebube says most parents don’t want their sons to marry actresses or female musicians for fear that they would make bad wives. Of course, being a victim of such stance, her would-be husband should then know how to tread with his family, regarding her career. Perhaps, that is why she is taking her time, regarding marriage.
Ebube is not still single because she is an actress; she is waiting for the right man, who will love her, acting and all. But Nigerians just wish this Nollywood sweetheart would walk down the aisle next year despite the odds. Many pray she would find a man, who will trust and believe in her as well as appreciate her job as an actress.

You can call her Nollywood bad girl but she doesn’t care a hoot. Halima Abubakar took Nollywood by storm years back and there has been no stopping this never-say-die actress. Her rise to stardom wasn’t a bed of roses, given the tough times she experienced growing up. Her persistence paid off in the end and today, she is one of Nollywood’s darlings.
Although she has been in the centre of some scandals, Halima doesn’t bother herself any more about bad press. Her only concern is to keep forging ahead. On relationship matters, Halima believes in love but has restrained herself from making a lasting commitment to one man because some married people are running out of marriage. Halima believes that when the time is right, she will say yes to the one. She doesn’t believe in joining the bandwagon of ladies, rushing into marriage just to get a ring. She is not in a rush because she wishes to remain married for life like her parents, who have been together for over two decades. Fans just wish that the right time for Halima is 2013, as they are expecting to know who will finally steal Halima’s heart for life.

SUSAN PETERS:Susan Peters recently adopted a child and that singular act sent tongues wagging and brought to fore again her single status. Susan is a multiple award-winning actress and also a star of Nigerian TV. Her remarkable talent has paved a way for her in Nollywood and her dedication is equally infectious. She started acting in Nollywood movies in 2002 and despite increasing pressure for Nollywood actresses to perform raunchy love scenes and appear with little or no clothing, Susan has not followed suit.
Although Susan Peters is discreet about romance and has rarely been linked with any particular man in the press, marriage is definitely on her mind. She is one of those that have added finesse and glamour to Nollywood but she is not ready to jump into any marriage without working hard towards it. Susan confessed sometime of developing a fantasy on handsome fellow Nollywood star, Ramsey Nouah, but nothing has been heard about her love life. Nigerians just pray luck smiles on her in 2013 so that the child she adopted can have the love of both parents.

 This busty Nollywood actress is controversy personified. Her flagrant display of her God-given boobs have gotten her more haters than fans. But in all these, Cossy is hard to erase from one’s mind easily. Like her or hate her, she lives her life the way she deems fit. One question Cossy should answer is if she is ready to settle down soon.
She cried out at one time that she was tired of married men chasing her and sending her messages. At 37, no one knows for sure if the controversial actress is giving marriage a serious thought. Her fans wish her well in 2013. Many are actually pleading with her to settle down and raise children rather than continue displaying her boobs in public all the time.

Pretty Isoko actress, Ejiro Okurame, joined Nollywood eight years ago and she has been able to hold her own in a highly competitive industry. Her role in Clinic Matters is so impressive and she has won many hearts with that feat.
At one time, it was rumoured that she was in a hot romance with fellow actor, Segun Arinze, but she clearly refuted it. Those in the know insisted that the two had a flame but kept it discreet. Ejiro Okurame is definitely thinking about settling down. Her fans

Fashola Begs Dangote To Take A Picture With Him (LOOK)

The duo attended a birthday party and Fashola was practically begging Dangote for a photo shot with him. It was clearly heard. Fashola repeatedly said, let me snap with the richest man in Africa, let me snap with the richest man in Africa.

Emeka Ossai & Wife Dedicate Babies (PHOTOS)

 After waiting on the Lord for sometime. God finally blessed actor Emeka Ossai with a set of twins few months ago. Yesterday, Emeka and his wife had the dedication and baptism of their babies at St Dominic's Catholic Church in Yaba. More pics after the cut.

Kim K and Kanye West expecting their first child (VIDEO)

 Kanye made this surprise announcement last night while performing at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kanye said:

"Stop the music and make noise for my baby mama," referring to Kim, who was in the audience. Shortly after Kanye shared the news, Kim's sisters, Khloe and Kourtney expressed their happiness via Twitter.
Kim is reportedly 12 weeks pregnant. So happy for her. Congrats to them! See the video of Kanye's announcement after the cut...

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See Sexy Liz Yemoja (HOT PHOTOS)

 Beautiful. Another picture when you continue.

Chidinma Wins Kora Award Best Female Act, (West Africa)

The Kedike crooner just won the Best Female West African act at the Kora Awards going on tonight in Abidjan. Massive congrats to her!

Mario Balotelli is Glad I am Dating His Sister- Obafemi Martins

Obafemi Martins is dating Mario Balotelli's elder sister and this is confirmed. Read what Femi said;

“Mario is my boy. The respect is there because I used to play at Inter, in the youth team with him. He’s giving me my respect and I’m doing same. People are putting it in the news that he’s upset, of course he’s glad.

“He’s glad that Obafemi Martins is dating his sister. But if he gets jealous then it means he doesn’t want his sister to grow. But it’s not like that. The boy is not a bad boy. Click for more.

We haven't discussed mariage yet, he said.

“The relationship is true but getting married or not, we haven’t discussed anything like that. She’s upstairs and we’re happy together.

Abigail, 24, told the The Sun in an interview in April that she couldn’t date a footballer: “Mario wouldn’t let me anyway. He knows only too well what they are like. They are surrounded by women. Girls throw themselves at them.”

Photos From Calabar International Carnival,Bum and Bobby flaunted (LOOK)

 The 2012 edition of one of Africa’s biggest street carnivals, the Calabar Carnival, lived up to expectations as it attracted more foreign tourists who visited Calabar for the carnival.

Calabar Carnival is gradually matching up to the standard big carnivals like the Nottinghill Carnival in the UK and the Rio Carnival in Brazil have set.

Even with absence of the ailing governor of the state, Liyel Imoke, Calabar Carnival didn’t fail to hold as the atmosphere around the streets of Calabar was lively. Top Africa’s pay-TV provider, DSTV did a live broadcast of the event. Both local and international media had their reporters covering the carnival.

Brazilian Sampa performed on the stage right before the performance of TRINADAD AND TOBAGO who used drums and acoustics to play many local tunes.

2012 CALABAR INTERNATIONA CARNIVAL is great fun filled event that truly worths all the troubles and roads closed to allow the processions of the entertainers. The carnival was started by Donald Duke, governor of the state between 1999-2007.