Thursday, November 29, 2012

When i get drunk with my ex,we always end up in bed

MY ex and I are friends with benefits. She wants us to get back together but I don’t want to.
I’m 25, she’s 32. She was always paranoid that I was cheating. Her insecurities got worse and I couldn’t hack it, so I dumped her.

I was enjoying being single, going out with my mates and having a good time, though I did miss her a bit.
She wouldn’t leave me alone. She texted me constantly, asking to see me, then she waited for me after work one evening.
She said she just wanted to talk. I still had some feelings for her so I agreed. We had a lot to drink and I ended up going back to hers for sex.

She told me she had been flirting with other guys on Facebook. She said that was all but I don’t know whether to believe her. I did feel a bit jealous.

She keeps telling me she wants to get back with me. She says she realises she was impossible and swears she’s changed, but I know it won’t work. We’d be back to square one very quickly.

Just lately she keeps turning up at my local and we have a few drinks and later have sex. I think the sex is messing with my head, because I don’t know whether to give her another chance.

There are so many reasons why we split up. For instance I never know whether she is telling the truth. She had her two children taken away from her during her last relationship. She told me some reasons why. I believed her but nobody else does, because what she says doesn’t make sense.

My family and friends think I would be mad to have her back. please advice

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