Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ritualists Disguise As Beggars At Abuja Carnival,Steal Vital Body Organs Of Victims

Are you a good samaritan who makes it a habit to give out alms to beggars whenever you sight them? You might want to apply wisdom and caution especially, as some of these ‘beggars’ are agents of evil who do not care about your good deeds.

According to a programme monitored by our correspondent on Silverbird’s Rythm 94.7FM Abuja, ritualists took advantage of the just concluded Cultural/Tourism Fiesta in Abuja Tagged, ‘Abuja Carnival 2012 – Carnival of Peace and Harmony’, to perpetrate their evil plans.

These ungodly people disguised as beggars seeking alms from unsuspecting carnival attendees, to unexplainably steal their sight and vital body organs.

One of such incidences occured last Saturday, when a woman supposedly gave alms to a beggar who approached her in the front passenger’s seat of her husband’s car, only for her to discover that she couldn’t see with her eyes anymore.

She immediately raised alarm which attracted sympathizers including policemen and together with her husband, they apprehended the said beggar. After much prodding, the beggar reportedly revealed that he was part of a larger cartel of beggars who were at the carnival with instructions to carry out ritual acts.

When asked what could be done to reinstate the woman’s sight, the beggar reportedly gave the woman back her money and asked her to rub same on her eyes and voila! Her sight was instantly restored.

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