Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Wife Beats Me Everyday,Please HELP!!!

Please don't disclose my identity as I am ashamed to bring this issue to the public. But am fed up of keeping this to myself. I hail from a village in (don’t reveal this one too).
In our village, it is a taboo to beat a woman and this is the advantage my wife has been abusing.
She beats me on the slightest argument and provocation. Sometimes, she beats me in front of the children. One of my children once asked me that why is it that whenever their mum beats me, I won't touch her.

I made my little son realize the disadvantages of beating a woman and this has made my two children to start hating their mother.
This is another problem.
I have tried discussing this issues with my wife, but whenever I try bringing it up, it becomes another tale and beating.
I love my wife and I don't want this problem to get to our families.

Please advise, what do you think I can do? Because am already losing my mind.


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