Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My White Wife Wants Me To Dump And Forget My Wife And Children In Nigeria


Your advice is needed here. I left Nigeria for europe a few years ago. I was already married with two kids. However when the visa came, my wife insisted i go since we had planned she would join me later when i settle down. However on getting to europe i needed a residence permit to be able to do anything at all. Then i met this gorgeous lady then we started dating. I told her i had a wife back home but she said she did not mind. Not wanting to stay until my visa expired, i had to ask her to marry me. She was very excited. After about a year we had twins and i got my permanent residence. However she has become very demanding these days monitoring my international calls. She says i should forget about my wife and kids in Nigeria. This i find very insane to do. Advise me please


  1. What advise do u need that u can't advise urself

  2. have messed up your entire life..!! have two options just pick which ever you think is best for your life at this point:
    1. continue your life in europe where ever you are and forget that you ever had a family in nigeria,cos i bet you even if you try to divorce your white woman..she still has the ability and power to kick you back to africa without anything..i've seen it happen firsthand. or
    2. pack your bags and return to nigeria with whatever it is you can gather..and pray that some day ur children abroad will come looking for you..
    but what ever decision you take, know that someone is going to get hurt.and in th e eyes of your maker??...your nigerian woman is the one that is valid and recognised...!!

  3. Advise? Hmmm,very difficult. At this point, u need. Not be told u sold ur birth right for a pot of porridge. All i can say is weigh ur options, whatever you choose, make Sure you still take care Of the other woman and her children.

  4. Find money come back, the one wey dey here no go bother and even the whitey go follow u come back sef. Na problem now cos u no get money. Ppl wey get money no dey experience this kind thing. #justsaying