Thursday, November 29, 2012

'I never said the baby is not mine' - K Solo

According to K Solo,he said thus:The fact that I divorced Kike doesn't mean I denounced the baby. You can take the wife of a lazy man but not his child. When he grows up he will identify his father. I never said it's not my baby and I don't know why people actually said so, maybe because she didn't bring the baby to me when he was delivered. I impregnated her, though a lot of fornication might have gone on during the pregnancy. I know my love and she (Kike) is just a baby mama.

But can you refer to an ex-wife as baby mama?

1 comment:

  1. K solo, ur a just a bastard. Just seat back & wait for d child 2grow & comes back 2 u lazy & irresponsible idiot. Last time u were not responsible for d pregnancy & nw ur d father of d child. Ur just a confused being. I wonder wetin dis ur love don give u....