Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Should I tell my friend what happened between Me and his Fiancee?

Dear 247NG Readers,

I met Amaka at mm2 when I went to drop my brother who was traveling that day. I offered her a lift but before she got to her bus stop, I gathered she was a student in my state university, she had a fiance who resides in Europe. Though we agreed to meet that weekend.

After that first encounter, i called her frequently so as to turn her on which yielded success after our meeting during the weekend. Though we agreed there was no future for us since she was getting married the next year. I started falling in love not only because she was pretty,but she was also good at knokkin (she's got skills and stamina).

One faithful weekend, I decided to pay her a surprise visit at school and enjoy those swell time once more. But to my surprise she introduced me to the guy i met in her room as her uncle. Later that night she came to my hotel room to apologise and blamed me for not pre-informing her about my visit and that the guy i met in her room was just a school bf. That was how it all ended cos i never visited nor called her again.

My problem now is that my childhood friend who's based in demark came in two weeks back and i just discovered that he's the fiance amaka told me about. As I type this message, we did her introduction last Friday, the marriage comes up on the 23rd of November and my friend has chosen me as his best man. Infact since his arrival, we've always been together making all arrangements for the marriage.

What should i do?
Should i tell my friend what happened between me and amaka and her life style or not? Advice please.


  1. Why will u tell ur friend, tatafo watine concern u amibo, telephone without connection. U wen spoil. Person own abi

  2. Don't tell u friend. Tell her to tell him. Cos its best she do it herself

  3. Tel him wat xactly,beta shut d fuck up,n let dem both leave in peace,sum tins r beta nt said..besides u dnt knw ow many men has slept with ur own wife to be dt knws u..pls let dem be n dnt even stammer a word.