Monday, October 29, 2012

My Dad Taking Advantage Of me, what do i really owe him?

I was raised by a single parent,i turned out great and made my mother proud. she made it a big issue for me to meet my dad,i finally did and honesty we had nothing much to talk about and to my surprise i am a carbon copy of him.

My dad had 2 wives since then and loads of half caste kids. i got close to my sister and we did keep in-touch,shes the opposite of me. she made her beauty get her all she wants.

my fathers kids are all grown up and living around world,i moved back few years ago and again my mother reunited us. (she say honor your father and you mother so that your days may be long)

my dad fell sick and money was needed,i gave more than half,now hes recovered and he wants a generator and a monthly income from me.

my questions; do i owe this man anything?
he did not in anyway provide for me,why is he asking me for anything?
hes a writer and of all the 36 books he wrote,i was not acknowledged in it. what do i really owe him?

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