Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Curvy Shape Is A Constant Topic Of Discussion -Toolz (PHOTOS)

 “It is still a bit confusing to me, because this is Africa; full-figured women are everywhere you go. So I am baffled that my shape is a constant topic of discussion. It took a while, but I think I have accepted that my figure will be one of the things people talk about . I would hate it to be the main and only thing that people dwell on however,” Beat Fm’s on air personality, Tolulope Oniru popularly called Toolz says....More pictures after the cut:

Before now, Tools was always uncomfortable with her curvy shape but after a few months of her incursion in airwave business, she has seen it as a tool that will make her brand name, Toolz rise to the desired status.

No doubt, a singular picture of the dark skinned presenter is all it takes to drive traffic and generate a stream of comments which sometimes runs into hundreds on blogs and online media. While some of the feedbacks are vile, others are simply enamoured.

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