Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I went through my husband's phone and now I'm devastated

I went through my husband's phone yesterday because of my recent suspicions that he's cheating on me but what I saw on the phone was far worse than what I was expecting to find there. It has practically ruined my life. My husband told his cousin via bb chat that he had fallen out of love with me a long time ago, that the only reason he's still in the marriage was because of our three kids. We've been married for eight years and I've done everything I know how to be a good wife and this is what I get? It would have been less painful if he was cheating. I don't know what to do. I even called in sick to work this morning because I've not been able to stop crying. Should I confront him? Should I release him by giving him a divorce? I love this man to death and I can't believe he stopped loving me along the way. What did I do? He always said I was a good wife, when did I stop being that? He has been so distant lately that I thought he was seeing another woman. My husband has ruined my life. 

via Linda Ikeji`s blog

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  1. Most especially men,they behave the way dey do,after hving three kids for him why is it now, that he has falling out of love toward dear there is anoda women twisting her waist for your husband jor,he has seen another fresh fish outside, you your sef said he told you point blank that you are a Good wife,so wht is his kid brother will say I can stay tunned to just one particularly channel I need to watch anothers,this is applicable to your husbnd,he is tired of watch one channel.I suggest you guys go for counselling,or try find the lost love you people once shared,infact try and focus on wht attracted u to him,find that soft spots.may God Guilde you thru this.most especially seek Gods face.