Sunday, October 28, 2012

HELP!!! I Am A Prostitute And Wants To Quit

Hello Readers Of 247NG,

My name is ............I Started Prostitution when I was 15 and worked a couple of months, then stopped until I was 17 when I started again. I'm now 19. I work on the streets. It's not too bad actually - not as bad as people think.But I want to put a stop to it,seems am addicted to the fun i get from it...Advise please.


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  2. God my dear. Run 2 God and. Stop lukin @ material tines, stay away. From. Ur old friends anytine dat wil. Make u go. Back 2 it. Stop. May God c u true

  3. Think of this........If u die today, where will u go? Heaven or Hell?