Monday, October 29, 2012

Guys,Will You Marry A Lady That Propose Marriage To You?

We have come across many ladies and gents intending marriage. But one thing we have discovered with the ladies is that, if they had the mind set they could have initiated marriage, not waiting for the guy to ask them first. So our questions to matured single ladies and guys, and even married ones. If you have/had your way as a lady can you ask a guy out on a date, woo him if he is a husband material and propose marriage and marry him ? And to the guys, will you marry a lady, that asked you out, wooed you and propose to marry you, if she is your ideal wife material ?

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  1. Well its nt big deal,i wish i can but nigerian guys dey av low thinkin infact deir brain is dull,dey wud tak it 4 somtin else.