Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fuji King,Adewale Ayuba Beaten up To Stupor for Arriving at Performance Venue Late

Foremost Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba got more than what he bargained for today when he was allegedly beaten to stupor by Mopol for attending a party a which he was billed to perform late.

According to, reports emerging from the ancient city that the top Ibadan socialite who engaged Adewale to perform got his Mobile Police to teach him a lesson about punctuality.

As the Bonsue Fuji Crooner stepped into the venue, he was apprehended by the Mopol and beaten blue black but for the guests who pleaded on his behalf, he would have been lynched.

Meanwhile, it is yet to be confirmed if he eventually performed or not.


  1. He performed and he wasn't beaten to stupor...All he got was a slap from an elderly stateman...

    1. Thank you..some people dont verify stories before posting them...

  2. Tnk you for the real story cos dis naija gossip are full of trash and fake stories..And that's why this site will never grow to the top until you start posting real and true stories.Not when you bring a 10year picture of ghanians and say wife beat up husbands concubine in Ibadan city.Useless ppl with dere useless stories..Hisssss

  3. Yep he was nt beaten its only a slap
    Get ya stories right b4 updatin
    Silly you