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Legalize Marijuana,It is Healthy, Cigarette Kills - Seun Kuti

After commending his brother Femi Kuti’s exciting performance alongside him on Stage at the concluded 2012 Felabration concert at the Afrika Shrine, Seun Kuti broached an argument supporting smoking marijuana against smoking cigarettes. Seun is son of foremost afro-beat rhythm crooner, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, acclaimed possessor of death in his pouch who died 15 years ago following his debilitation to AIDS.

In his home sitting on a cluttered, narrow street of Lagos in Ikeja, which recently was transformed into a museum and popularly called Afrika Shrine, family annually put up a week of concerts to celebrate the legacy of the afro-beat maestro otherwise dubbed Abami Eda.

Seun Kuti usurped the avenue after his stage performance reliving his father’s style at the 2012 edition of the Felabration concert in Afrika Shrine to speak on his support for weed smoking. Marijuana undoubtedly is his choice against cigarette, taken after his father’s choice of purposeful adoption of anything African against whatever appears to be of African colonization by the west.

He condemned the non-legalizing of Marijuana like cigarette, suggesting that the position of the law on the two products was illogical.

In his submission, the favored cigarette has lethal consequences, while the legally opposed marijuana was medicinal and good for human consumption. But, Seun said, the killing cigarette was favored because it was to the white man’s profit, stressing that marijuana would make black countries richer than the white if legalized. His argument is an absolute face off with cigarette consumption while beckoning marijuana to the spotlight.

Proclaiming this position through lyrics of songs, the young Fela marionette damned black politicians for taking the white’s advice against its own natural produce of ‘weed’, which he said was good after all, and accepting the white’s product which truncates lives.

“This song is about the good leaf; ewe rere. Me I nor dey say make Government legalize Igbo o. If Government like, them legalize am. If Government like, them nor legalize am. I’m smoking it mehn!” Seun introduced.

Continued Seun, “Our politicians nor get sense. Because the white man talk say Igbo nor good, them follow dem talk say Igbho nor good. But now, in the United States of America, dem dey smoke Igbho legally”.

Seun suggested that the west advised the black politicians against legalizing marijuana because they knew it would make the black countries rich.

“Igbo doesn’t kill, but cigarette dey kill. Because cigar na white man’s business, as far as you write ‘Smokers are liable to die young’, it becomes legal.

“Why not also put Igbo in a box and write Igbo smokers are liable to go crazy young?”, he quipped.

Seun encouraged further in songs; “plant am make e grow… e good, e good, e goodu well well… plant am make e grow”.

After his groovy performance on the stage, Seun an interview with citizen journalist Segun O’Law, reiterated this position stating the benefits of smoking marijuana to include ‘medicinal’. Although Seun warned that over sniffing of weed could intoxicate or drive a subject crazy, he stood in his submission that modest weed smoking was better than cigarette bearing the latter's deadly outcome.

“Marijuana is medical, and I feel Cigarette is selling legally because it is white man’s business. It is killing millions of people everyday.. Igbo is not killing anybody.

“Marijuana is not only for smoking. It’s used for a lot of things; you can make clothes, you can drink tea, it is good, it is medicinal, it helps your appetite, they give it to cancer patients.. a lot of benefits”, he explained.

Many celebrities in the Nigerian and foreign entertainment industries performed at the concluded 2012 edition of Felabration.

The atmosphere at Afrika Shrine, Felabration concert 2012 was beyond expectation, shrouded in thick fumes of discharges from countless wraps ‘igbo’.


We Are Proud Americans! Not Nigerians, Williams Sisters Cry Out

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus have declared that they are purely Americans, saying they have no origin from Nigeria as widely believed in Africa.

Serena, who joined her elder sister, Venus to train some selected kids the rudiments of tennis at the Ikoyi Club in Lagos Wednesday evening, said their parents may be black with slight traces from Africa, but she insisted that they are from the United States of America, USA.

“We have heard from many people asking whether we hail from the Badagry area of Lagos in Nigeria. But we are using this opportunity to clear the air once and for all. We are proud Americans, we are not from Nigeria but we love the people of this country no doubt,” Serena said.

Venus, who corroborated Serena’s statement, said their parents never told them they are from Nigeria.

The Williams sisters said they were blessed and happy to have one of their siblings, Yetunde now late, named after a Nigerian, but disclosed that their mother Oracene Price gave her the name without any string attached.

During Wednesday’s tennis clinic at the Ikoyi Club, the sisters tutored some children the basics of tennis.

Serena and her sister will hold a sessions for some girls at designated schools in Lagos on Thursday, while they will face eachother in an exhibition match at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Tafawa Balewa Square, TBS on Friday and leave for South Africa for the second leg of their tour of Africa same day.

Reasons Akwa Ibom deputy governor resigned Revealed

Indications are emerging that the sudden resignation of Akwa Ibom State Deputy Governor, Mr. Nsima Ekere, on Wednesday without official explanation might be unconnected to his governorship ambition.

His Chief Press Secretary, Inemesi Ina, in a statement, said Ekere resigned “on personal grounds” and declined to elaborate.

Reacting to Ekere’s resignation, chairman of the Civil Liberties Organisation, Akwa Ibo State chapter, Mr. Clifford Thomas, described the former Deputy Governor’s decision as ‘a conspiracy,’ noting that he had been nursing the ambition of ruling the state.

He said, “Ekere is not going to wait if he is asked to wait for someone from Uyo senatorial district who had had their turn in the person of Governor Victor Attah. There is a conspiracy yet to be known.

“Ekere is not going empty just like that, he is going to disclose a lot of things; there are arm-twisting.

“It’s a very sad thing: I want to see competition in this state and not arm twisting people. He might have endured a lot of things.”

Also, Chairman, Conference of Nigerian Political Parties in the state, Mr. Linus Udofia, said the resignation of Ekere was not good for the government.

He described Ekere as very quiet and intelligent, stressing that whatever led to his sudden resignation would have been weighty.

He said, “It is not possible for Ekere to have resigned so early. There are indications that Ekere might have been tolerating something, which he felt there was no need putting up with it anymore. And this may lead to his resigning so early.

But a reliable insider who craved anonymity disclosed that Akpabio starved Ekere of funds.

He said, “Ekere fell out with Akpabio because of his interest in running for the PDP’s governorship ticket in 2015 election.

“Akpabio prefers SSG, Okon Umana, for governorship ticket in 2015 to Ekere. This has led to a frosty relationship between the two. He might have resigned owing to frustration.”

Meanwhile, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Aniekan Umana, is yet to make any official statement on the matter.

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Davido Set To Release Dami Duro Remix featuring Akon on Nov 1st, 2012

The official remix to Davido’s smash hit Dami Duro will be featuring Konvict Music boss man, Akon. Davido made the announcement today via his twitter page that the remix will be released on Nov 1st, 2012

Can you guess what music this family is dancing to ?

Can anyone guess what music this family is dancing to ?

OMG!!! See A Shark Swimming Through The Streets Of New Jersey

A shark swimming through the streets of New!!!

Marriage Proposals From 2 Igbo Men,Help, Who Do I Choose???

Dear 247NG Readers.


Should I tell my friend what happened between Me and his Fiancee?

Dear 247NG Readers,

I met Amaka at mm2 when I went to drop my brother who was traveling that day. I offered her a lift but before she got to her bus stop, I gathered she was a student in my state university, she had a fiance who resides in Europe. Though we agreed to meet that weekend.

After that first encounter, i called her frequently so as to turn her on which yielded success after our meeting during the weekend. Though we agreed there was no future for us since she was getting married the next year. I started falling in love not only because she was pretty,but she was also good at knokkin (she's got skills and stamina).

One faithful weekend, I decided to pay her a surprise visit at school and enjoy those swell time once more. But to my surprise she introduced me to the guy i met in her room as her uncle. Later that night she came to my hotel room to apologise and blamed me for not pre-informing her about my visit and that the guy i met in her room was just a school bf. That was how it all ended cos i never visited nor called her again.

My problem now is that my childhood friend who's based in demark came in two weeks back and i just discovered that he's the fiance amaka told me about. As I type this message, we did her introduction last Friday, the marriage comes up on the 23rd of November and my friend has chosen me as his best man. Infact since his arrival, we've always been together making all arrangements for the marriage.

What should i do?
Should i tell my friend what happened between me and amaka and her life style or not? Advice please.

Blame Gowon and Awolowo for Biafra Genocide - Maj Gen. Alexander Madiebo.

**they gave out Bakassi in 1959 for selfish political reasons.
**it was an idle talk, that biafran soldiers were eating food meant for civilians.

Many people have been commenting on Professor Chinua Achebe’s comment on Chief Obafemi Awolowo in his book, There was a Country. What Achebe said, as I told some people, in all aspects, is correct. In fact, I went further to say that if I am to give my own account of the war and Awolowo’s role, I would even have said more.

But that is as far as I can go. I do not want to draw attention on Achebe’s book to myself. This is because I haven't written any book and I do not want to steal the show or act for Achebe. Achebe is well qualified to defend himself but one thing you notice is that, of all the people who have been criticising Achebe, no one had said what he said was wrong. If there is anybody who has said that, then I have not been able to read or hear it. Nobody is saying that Awolowo did not give the Igbo £20 at the end of the war; that he did not starve the Igbo during the war, and all that Achebe had to say. This is because what he (Achebe) said are true. Awolowo’s people agreed that he had to do them to win the war. So, what is the bone of contention? There is no basis for controversy because one person has given the facts, and the other person is trying to justify the facts. They are all entitled to that.

Now, I have more. I keep a lot of documents and materials on the war and the participants. If I had to write my own, I might not even mention any of the things that Achebe said. I mean, he has written as a civilian and I will write as a soldier. What he said are all correct and everybody agrees, I mean all the tribes.

The question now is, is he justified to do those things just to win a war. That is for anybody to answer.

One of his followers, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, said that food supply was stopped because the soldiers hijacked the food being sent to the East and didn't allow it to get to the people.

Obviously, that is a talk of an idle civilian. How can you be giving food to soldiers? I was commanding the Army throughout the war. For the first two months, we had no problem of food. As far as I know, throughout the war, Nigeria did not give food to any warfront or any part under the control of Biafra. This is common sense. The only thing was that we had the support from the Caritas (it is a church organisation) and the Red Cross. I think Caritas is based in Rome. It is a very big relief organisation. To get food from them, their flight only came in the night and completely under bombardment by the Nigerian command to prevent the food from coming in. He said he was giving Biafrans food. If I were a Nigerian, I won't give Biafrans food. We did not have the means to hijack food coming, with the sophisticated planes from Nigeria. How could we have hijacked them with helicopters? The point is that, officially, unofficially or in any way, Biafra got no food from Nigeria at all.

There was a brief period when we benefitted from Nigerian food by accident. It was when Biafran troops cleared Owerri and cut off a lot of Nigerian soldiers. The Nigerian Army started dropping food for their soldiers inside Owerri. Obviously, we discovered that what they were doing was that they asked their soldiers to spread white clothes in the areas where they were and they would drop food for them. The Biafran soldiers cleared other areas and spread white clothes and they were dropping food for them mistakenly. They soon found out. They didn't at any time during the war give Biafrans food. If they captured any part of the original Biafra, they had to feed the people there, but not Biafrans.

The agitation for a Biafran nation is still ongoing in some quarters. Frankly, if one wants to be realistic, you cannot achieve Biafra again as we used to know it. First of all, the old Biafra presently consists of eight or nine states. There are five in Igboland and four in the South-South. I am just saying this off hand. There are about eight states now made up of the old Biafra. How on earth are you going to start reuniting all these people who have enjoyed a lot of progress and have seen the fruit of local independence? How can you join them again under one state? It is not possible. It is not necessarily the political independence of about eight or nine states. They cannot lump themselves together again.

Biafra stands for justice. People who are agitating for Biafra are, in fact, agitating for justice. They are agitating for an end to the marginalisation of a certain part of Nigeria.

Chief Uwazuruike who is pursuing the project in a way, is useful to the Igbo. It is not useful to the extent of getting independence for the Igbo. He is the only pressure group now the Igbo have to let the rest of Nigeria know what our problems are. In fact, there was a time that I would say he achieved more than all the South-East (Nigerian) governments put together. Under these governments everybody is trying to get maximum benefit for himself and his family and not for the Igbo really. After the war, the Igbo who joined political parties were just the second fiddle, not hoping to achieve more than satisfying their families. Under Abacha, an Igbo man, Kalu, formed ‘ Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha, to have Abacha there permanently, not an Igbo man. Abacha was not an Igbo man. Nobody has the ambition of reuniting the Igbo. They just became nuisance in a way, individually.

But now, people are beginning to realise that you don’t achieve much by trying to shine in the midst of poverty. The Igbo are uniting again.

QUESTION: Why was I not promoted when Gowon and Unegbu were promoted?

I don’t know.

People are asking why Professor Achebe is reliving the civil war issues after over 40 years. They believe we should not be looking at what divided us in the past but for something that will unite us.

That is the point. The issue of the civil war or Biafra is not coming back. One single person wrote a book. I haven't read the book. All I know about the book is what I have read in the newspapers or from different journalists. I am not aware that the issue of Biafra is coming up again except that Achebe wrote his memoirs. Nobody talked about many other things he wrote but only about Awolowo. As if he wrote about only Awolowo. Maybe, he did, I don't know. But I understand that he wrote a book called ‘There was a country, Biafra’. Which is true. When Ojukwu died, he was buried as a General and Head of State. His coffin was carried by Generals. In fact, it was the first burial that looked like a Head of State’s in the history of Nigeria. Ex-Heads of State came, those who recognised Biafra. Nigeria was, indeed, trying to recognise that there was a country.

What are we arguing about? If somebody says it, he gets into trouble. If he went beyond it and said that Awolowo did this or that, he gets into trouble. He just said the truth but it is left for people to justify if Awolowo did it because he wanted to win the war. In fact, there were other things Awolowo may have done which are part of his job. This is the way I look at it. I don't think there is any need for controversy over it. If somebody had said that Awolowo never gave the Igbo £20 after the war or that he did not change currency during the war, then I would start wondering whether I had forgotten. But nobody has said that. All they are saying is that he did this purely to succeed in his job. He was given a job. Whether he did it in order to punish the Igbo, I don't know. After all, he never consulted the Yoruba for any decision he took. He was acting as an individual, not as a Yorubaman, but as a Minister or Commissioner of Finance. It has nothing to do with his tribe. Why should his tribe be angry if he took wrong decisions or if he showed any overzealousness in anything he did? After all, there were other things credited to him. To start revealing those things now would obviously try to draw blood. I know that if at any time that there was anything necessary to say, that would be in my own memoirs. I am not going to support somebody else’s book. Supporting a book that you have not read, one must be carefully moderated. What I am saying is that, as far as I am concerned, everything already credited to him by Achebe are absolutely correct.

As a commander during the war, you were familiar with every section of Biafra and, perhaps, Nigeria. Was Bakassi within the geographical zone of Nigeria? Bakassi is an example of the evils of inter-tribal politics, evil of colonialism and of North-South dichotomy. If I tell the story of Bakassi, it may take too long but we started losing Bakassi in 1959. That was when we lost South-West Cameroun. You know South-West Cameroun is Adamawa in the North and Barmanda in the South. They were part of Nigeria because the League of Nations after the Second World War shared Cameroun into two. It belonged to Germany. It gave the East to France and the West to Britain. Britain then shared its own into two, administered the North as Adamawa Province with the Northern Nigeria and the South with Eastern Nigeria. In 1959, most colonies were to get independence and the British thought of what to do with this Western Cameroun being administered by Britain under Nigeria. Britain decided to give the Southern Cameroun back to France and the Northern one, Adamawa to Nigeria. Do you know why? Britain was adjusting population so that the North should have overall majority in Lagos. I took part in the United Nations plebiscite which was to decide who goes where. I was the only Nigerian indigenous officer that took part in that exercise. The British realised that South-West Cameroun under Hendeley was NCNC.
That was why they called it National Council for Nigeria and Cameroun (NCNC). They had 14 seats in Nigeria in the Eastern Region and one seat at the centre. That seat at the centre was won by Hendeley and he became Minister of Labour. Hendeley won 13 of the 14 seats in Enugu. Funcher was being used by the British to remove Cameroun from Nigeria. Funcher won only one seat, yet when the plebiscite came, he defeated Hendeley who had 13 seats. It was possible because Sardauna and Awolowo saw it as an opportunity to reduce the representation of the NCNC both in Lagos and in the East. You know this is shortsightedness. I won’t dwell much on that, so eventually we lost that. Having lost that part of Cameroun, Britain and Nigeria were rejoicing that NCNC’s wing had been clipped. They didn’t realise that after losing it they had given the North over 52 per cent representation over the South. They didn’t need anybody in the South to rule Nigeria. That was the beginning of the end. When the civil war came, having taken that part of the Cameroun, they were too happy to bother about demarcating the area. We decided to bring all our weapons from the Cameroun. Ahidjo, the president of Cameroun said he didn’t know where the boundary was, so we should carry on. He was blackmailing Nigeria. If that place had remained open, Nigeria would have defeated Biafra, but it would have taken about 10 to 15 years.

Gowon told Ahidjo to select the boundary and close it after the war, ‘we shall discuss’. Ahidjo said, okay thank you sir. Ahidjo then went and told Biafra enough is enough. He marked the boundary and policed it. Eventually, we lost the war. At the end, Nigeria went back and said that was not the boundary. Ahidjo reminded Gowon that he told them to mark the boundary. ‘‘We marked the boundary, you won the war forget it’’. Ahidjo, being a Fulani, each time he wanted to discuss the Nigerian border with Cameroun, he might even go to Sokoto and speak in vernacular. Journalists wouldn't even know what they were saying. That was how they took Bakassi. We tried from 1972, they started enforcing it with soldiers. People would say you can't eat your cake and have it; you sacrificed Bakassi for Biafra. If you say take what you want, we want Biafra, you have got Biafra, so you have lost Bakassi. It is unfortunate that they are our brothers. My troops were there and, if we are to be truthful, that place is Nigeria. But if you have in anyway given it to them, let them have it.

It is now over 40 years since the civil war ended, have the Igbo have been reintegrated into the polity? I’d say reintegration of the Igbo has been a slow process. You can never reintegrate the Igbo fully as it used to be before the war. Now the Army was completely against the reintegration of the Igbo into the Nigerian society because of selfishness. The soldiers thought that if Igbo officers came back, they (Nigerian soldiers) would be relegated to the background because Igbo officers were, on the whole, senior to all of them. This is because after independence, most of the senior officers were Igbo. So, reintegration did not start at all until the military regime stopped, probably with the exit of Obasanjo. Now, since then, we have had some progress. For instance, for the first time, we are having Chief of Army Staff as an Igbo man. The Igbo are getting attention in various senses, both in politics and in other ways, but there is a long way to go. There are people who are determined that the more you draw the Igbo into the society, the more they are threatened. I have the details of the reintegration of the Igbo but I can’t give you all. What I am merely trying to tell you as briefly as possible is that the Igbo have not been fully reintegrated into Nigeria.

Major General Alexander Madiebo was a war commander of the Biafran Army during the civil war otherwise known as the Biafran War.

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Akwa Ibom Deputy Governor Resigns.

This is a copy of the Akwa Ibom state Deputy Governor, Nsima Ekere's resignation Letter.

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Serena Williams and Venus Williams meet Fasola (PHOTO)

 The iconic tennis sisters Serena Williams and Venus Williams meeting the Governor of Lagos,Raji Fasola...

"It's Stupid For Anyone To Say I'm Gay As A Church Leader"—Nollywood Actor, Arinze Okonkwo

In a society like Nigeria that frowns at homosexuality, it is very uncommon to see those linked to such act to openly admit being one. One cannot forget in a hurry how controversial artiste Charly Boy frowned at being called a gay by a national daily, which led to a one-billion Naira lawsuit against the newspaper that published such story about him.

Even with the fact that Charly Boy is a media frenzy person, he raised an eyebrow over that type of 'publicity stunt' which he felt was damaging to his image and person.

Some months ago, it was reported that Nollywood actor, Arinze Okonkwo may have allegedly be connected with such act and was insinuated that he was not a straight person in terms of his sexuality. He was reported to have left an event hall when Paul Obazele requested that any person practising homosexual should leave the hall before being disgraced.

As reported, Arinze walked out of the hall which raised questions about his sexuality.

At an event held in Lagos recently, sought his view about the rumour surrounding his sexuality. He was furious and was quick to ask if those saying he was gay do not know that he is married and also recently had a child?

"They don’t know I’m married? That I just had a baby? I am not [a gay]. It is stupid for anybody to think that [I am gay]. Haha, I dated so many girls and I am now a married man, don’t even think about it. If that was your first question, I won’t even answer you. I do not entertain nonsense from anybody.

"I am a child of God. I am a praise leader in my church. The person saying that does not know me and when people don’t know you, that is when they talk rubbish. I don’t care what anybody says about me. I am standing straight and I know God is my witness," Arinze told

“She flirted with me” – Man, 61, who Raped 7-year-old girl

A 61-year-old man convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl says he now wants to sue the child, the Hartlepool Mail reported today.

In July, John Thompson of Hartlepool, England, pleaded guilty to a sexual assault charge, but told the court that his victim instigated the encounter.

Thompson received an 8-month suspended sentence. He was also ordered to undergo treatment and banned from contact with anyone under the age of 16.

The former brewery employee claimed that the young child “flirted” with him before pushing him down and forcing her tongue into his mouth, according to the Sun.

“I knew it was wrong,” Thompson reportedly said in a police interview, “but somehow our mouths became open. I could not push her off.”

In court, he admitted to reciprocating and kissing the girl back.

Judge Gillian Matthews noted that Thompson was “potentially high risk” to young girls, but said that suspending his sentence was the only way he could receive treatment, according to the Sun.

“You are a man of good character,” Matthews told Thompson, “and that is an important feature in the sentencing assessment, and also you have pleaded guilty.”

However, Thompson is now saying he only pleaded guilty due to bad legal advice, the Daily Mail reports, and is threatening to sue the child who made the allegations.

Child protection officials have called Thompson’s claims of innocence “outrageous”

“It is absolutely unacceptable for a 61-year-old man to claim that a 7-year-old girl made sexual advances to him that he could not prevent,” children’s charity Kidscape said in a statement.

Source: Huffington Post

More Pictures From The Hurricane Sandy's Devastation

This is so Devastating..See Pictures below:

Popular Ghana Actor, Eddy Nartey Stabbed By His Nigerian Girlfriend

It has been reliably gathered that Ghanaian actor Eddy Nartey has being allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend at his residence in Accra.

According to a close source Eddy Nartey who was present with the said girlfriend at the premiere of the his new movie “Testing the Waters” at Silver bird cinema on Friday October 27, 2012, had some misunderstanding with his lover during the premiere so as a result they both left the cinema to separate homes.

The source said that apparently actor Eddy allegedly went home with another lady to spend the night with her however his girlfriend somehow had information that Eddy was cheating on her with another woman. His girlfriend who is said to be a Nigerian lady, based the hint went to Eddy’s house unannounced in the wee hours of Sunday at about 4am.

The source said that Eddy’s girlfriend on reaching the house did not knock or call Eddy but she rather went through a window made of glass louver blades. She broke the entire louver blades and entered the room and truly caught Eddy red-handed with another woman warming his bed.

A source present on the scene said that Eddy’s girlfriend out of anger destroyed almost every item in the room including a 42 inches Television set, Home Theater, tore almost all the cloths in Eddy’s closet, bed sheets, shoes and virtually everything she laid her hands on.

The betrayed lover of the actor then picked up a piece of the glass louver blades and stabbed actor Eddy Nartey with it and he bled profusely until he was rushed to the hospital. The case has since been sent to the Mamprobi Police station where his Nigerian girlfriend was held in custody and Eddy who was in a critical condition has been hospitalized.

Bisi Ibidapo-Obe`s Lover kicks her out of Lagos duplex, retrieves Range Rover Over Her Pregnancy Mess

It is surely not the best of times for star actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe. The actress who is wallowing in deep mess over her controversial pregnancy, has relocated to Ghana where she’s said to be hibernating pending delivery of her baby.

According to an industry source, the actress decided to move out of Nigeria some days back after her UK based lover, Lopez, who is said to be footing the bill of her Magodo Lagos duplex, breezed into the country and kicked her out of the house.

He was said to have taken the decision after it became obvious that he was not responsible for Bisi’s pregnancy. Lopez returned to the UK after locking the house and withdrawing the Range Rover he bought for her, leaving behind her C-Class Mercedes Benz and Honda Element she acquired a while back. (Though a close to the actress denied the house was locked by Lopez but confirmed Bisi went to Ghana)

Source: Encomium Magazine

PHOTOS from Behind The Scenes of P-Square’s Alingo Video Shoot

P-Square is back in the game with a new video for the track “Alingo”. The video was shot October 29 and judging by their behind-the-scenes photos, it seems it’s going to be a futuristic one!

Meet The 10 Hot New Actresses Who Are Taking Over Nollywood

These fresh faces are not only young but also very hot, pretty, sexy and talented.

With their daring and uncanny roles in reigning movies, they are gradually and stylishly occupying the front rows in Nollywood flicks.

Check their names out below and comment on how well they have been performing in the make-believe world.

Collette Orji

Many believe that her pretty face and well-shaped backside are reasons producers lurk around her with movie roles. But whatever the reason, the Anambra state-born fast rising actress is indeed hot and gradually carving a niche for herself in the industry. She has dazzled in many flicks including, Raindrop, Two Can Play That Game, Amaka Mustapha, Strength of a Woman, Blue Blood, among others

Angel Ufuoma

Since her arrival barely a year ago in the highly competitive Nollywood, the sexy starlet from Delta State, is also becoming the darling of leading filmmakers. The pretty and cerebral Cambridge trained lawyer, has featured in a number of blockbusters including the already wave making and yet to be released movie-Dr. Bello. With a knack for flawless roles interpretations, the soft-spoken Ufuoma will indeed go far.

Ivie Okujaye

“I am not going to fade soon; I am going to be around for a very long time. Anybody waiting for me to fade soon is wasting his or her time waiting”. That was the recent outburst from the Economics graduate of the University of Abuja and AMBO season four winner.
The Delta State-born starlet who is playfully referred to as ‘Little Genevieve’ due to their striking resemblance proved her mettle with her first role in Alero’s Symphony, alongside popular R&B star Faze, which won her AMAA 2012 Award for Best Promising Actress.

Beverly Naya

In 2010 when Beverly carted home the award of ‘Most Promising Talent’ at the Best of Nollywood Awards, movie buffs began to see her as one who has come to stay. As if proving her admires right, she further emerged as ‘Fast Rising Actress’ at the City People’s Awards 2011, after which her career has remained on a steady rise.

With this feat, the UK returnee young actress who embraced Nollywood in 2008 with her first amazing role in a hit movie entitled Home In Exile, is no doubt among the latest sensastions in the industry. Other movies where she has displayed her acting prowess include, The Stripped, Weekend Getaway, Up Creek Without A Paddle, Alan Poza, Make Me a Heart’ and numerous others.

The only child of her parents who lived most of her life in London relocated to Nigeria about three years ago, to pursue her passion for acting. Beverly who studied Film Making and Script Writing at Rodhampton University in London was once rumoured to be in a sizzling romance with Desmond Elliot. Months later, she was alleged to have switched over to Uti Nwachukwu, a romance close observers believe is still ongoing.

Annabel Zwyndila

When she hugged the klieg light with her daring and very challenging lead role in a hit flick entitled Samantha, her impressively scintillating roles interpretation immediately stood her out in the league of fast rising actresses in Nollywood.

Having starred in so many movies including Common Ground, Twisted Union, Beauty, Painful Sin, Motive for Murder, among others, the Adamawa state-born actress is currently the toast of many producers, as she is currently shuttling different states and countries with filmmakers, who see her as the next biggest thing in Nollywood. Despite her recent giant strides, the sexy and humble actress who came fifth in the third edition of AMBO is not resting on her oars. “I still have a long way to go. My eyes have always been on the top because I dream big. I believe I have the potentials to storm Hollywood and act with the best in the industry”, she declares.

Amazingly, the Master’s Degree holder in Human Resources Management from the London Metropolitan University, has been nominated as ‘Best Upcoming Actress’ in the forthcoming ZAFAA Awards billed to hold in London soon, at the prestigious Hilton Park Lane Hotel, London.

Naomi Ihemelu

Anambra State-born Ihemelu is also a shining star among her peers as made apparent in her roles in quite a number of movies and soaps including, Desire, When You Are Mine, Confidential Romance, Faithful Betrayal, Kolomental, Clinic Matters, among others.

The History and international Relations graduate of Lagos State University, whose career started in 2007, has continuously upped her game and is currently dazzling home video viewers in both movies and soap operas, especially Clinic Matters, which is currently the delight of many lovers of soap operas.

Chelsea Eze

She proved herself to the world as an actress to reckon with in her first movie entitled, Silent Scandals. Surprisingly, her amazing performance earned her an AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Awards) nomination in the same year, 2009. Expectedly, she went on to win the award the following year as the ‘Most Promising Actress’, AMAA 2010. She also won ‘Best Upcoming Actress’, ZAFAA Awards 2010. In the same year, she bagged the ‘Revelation of the Year’, from the Best of Nollywood Awards.

With an aura of self-confidence and maturity around her, Eze who easily strikes one as someone ready to take on the world was born in Kano, grew up in Kano, and had her Primary and Secondary Education in Kano. Among other hit movies to her credit, the English Language graduate of University Maiduguri featured in Two Brides and a Baby, Twist, Timeless Passions, Hood Rush and others.

Pamela Peters

Since she stepped into showbiz, the Otukpo, Benue State-born Pamela has continued to dazzle in both English and indigenous hit flicks which have earned her a lot of award nominations. Pamela who also produced Ozuofia in Brazil combines acting alongside production, as she is gradually gaining relevance in the make-believe-world.

Chika Agatha

Busty and beautiful Agatha is unarguably one of the hottest starlets tantalising Nollywood with abundant skills and endowments. Apart from her sexy eyes and endearing physique, the star actress of Dream Walker, Transformer, Akpati, among others belongs to the school of thought that says: “If you have it, flaunt it!” Most importantly, she doesn’t pretend that she got b00bs and sexy eyes to flaunt.

For this beauty and sex appealing nature, the Anambra State-born Management Science graduate of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, has always been a fantasy to most men. Besides, she has a smile that can awaken a dormant horse and soften the hardest heart.

With this hard-to-disguise beauty, sound education, marvelous roles interpretation ability and her obvious humble nature, many believe she will soon become the hottest item on screen, as she is gradually riding on the back of respected Nollywood producer- Ifeanyi Ezekwe-to fame.

Chinee Uyanna

Barely a year in Nollywood, the Anambra State-born Chinee is also becoming the toast of many producers and directors because of the way she interprets roles, especially wacky ones. She says: “I’m very daring when it comes to interpreting movie roles. I go out of my way to assume that role and execute it to the best of my ability”.

The pretty gap tooth graduate of Economics from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, has displayed her acting prowess in the following movies, College Girls, Shakara Babe, Baby Factory, Azonto Babe, Sweet Mistake, Fight for Passion, Great Betrayal, among others.

Wumi Obanla

At a close encounter with the multi-talented Wumi, what comes to the mind of a movie-buff is that she is pretty, sexy and daring. With a model-like physique, outspokenness and uncanny knack for roles interpretation, Wumi who hails from Ondo State and studied Economics from the Lagos State University, is indeed a star to watch out for as she is currently dazzling Nollywood. “I have a passion for acting, and I believe I have a lot to offer the industry”, the fair-skinned, soft-spoken and fast rising actress who is currently producing her debut movie-Iyagbajumo-stated. Wumi is also a model that has done several high profile jobs for many multinational organizations.

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