Thursday, September 27, 2012

Please Help!!! "I'm Dating My Sisters Husband And Want Him To Marry Me"

I am a 23 years gal. Have been in a relationship with my sisters husband for 5 years now without my i am a 23 years girl.
I Have been in a relationship with my sisters husband for 5 years now without my sisters noticing.

Sometimes we stay together, sometimes I stay away from them, it started immediately I cleared my high school.

I don't know how it happened but I felt In love with him because he was my 1st man, up to now i love him and he too loves me, I am almost clearing my university studies only some months remaining.

I have told him to break up because I don't want my sister to know this but he insisted on marrying me! I'm totally confused by now because I need to settle after my studies. what can I do to make them divorce?


  1. u r actually wicked....hurting ur sister because of ur selfish desire, wat if u wer in ur sisters position? Would u like it?

  2. First of all, u have committed adultery, u have put asunder into a holy matrimony, and you want them divorced? U better call off the relationship and pray for your own man to come!

  3. The power of a woman. U better stop him or I tell u d truth u'll regrat dis for d rest of ur life wif u try to marry him. Already u've had cos on ur head already,wat u end to do is God for forgiveness and end dis right away wif that. Remember as a woman u are d1 that can stop dis not d man. Cos men reason wif der dick and not der head. Even if he gets married to u 2morrow he will still leave u for another