Thursday, September 27, 2012

PLEASE ADVISE!!! She Is Beautiful,Caring And Very Intelligent But She Cannot Cook

Dear 247NG Readers,

Its less than a year that i met this luvly gal,she very beautiful,caring,very religious and we love each other so much,she is actually the first lady i will ever love with my whole heart as i always dream of keeping her as a wife. But the problem am having with her is that she can't cook,she can't prepare any meal at all and she's also very lazy when it comes to domestic works and any time i raise the issue, she always react as if she never care to learn how to do them,at times she tell that i shouldn't worry that she will change and learn how to cook very soon,that is when she notice am very serious or not happy about the issue.
I now want 247NG Readers to advise me on what to do that can force her to learn how to cook and do other domestic works...Thanks


  1. so you can't marry someone because she can't cook there other things u look for like u said she is lovely and caring and u love and FYI (love goes a long way ) she can always learn how to cook but u can never find another her goodluck

  2. Hi will advice that you make the experiance of cooking and demostic work a pleasurable and memorable one. Meaning u also Will join her make her feel on top of The world. Don't expect magic but at d long run she Will come around. Take your time to make her what u want her to be but with lots of fun you know what I mean

  3. Listen,don't go to far with this. As far as I am concerned,the love "thing" is in the air. So don't throw it away because of food or domestic works. House helps can still help with that for the meantime,while u try to teach her. Ok dude!