Friday, September 28, 2012

"Our Bank sent thieves to collect the money we just collected" - Couple

A couple who withdrew the sum of N450,000 from a branch of a new generation bank in Ado Ekiti but lost the money to thieves have raised an alarm over the circumstances that led to the loss, alleging that some of the bank officials may have colluded with the criminals to steal the money.

The couple, Dr. Tunde and Mrs. Josephine Akindele told newsmen in Ado Ekiti yesterday that they came from Ife in Osun State last week on a visit to their relations at Ijelu farmstead in Ado Ekiti.

According to Mrs. Akindele; “At the bank, I asked for withdrawal form but a lady at the counter said I should use the ATM, which twice did not pay.

”She added that the lady across the counter contacted the “computer operator,” to work on the computer system while making a telephone call.

According to her, she was later paid by the cashier, adding that she took the money and kept it in a safe in her car.

.“We left the bank premises and but obse- rved that a green Honda car came after us right from the bank.”

She further explained that seeing their father-in-law, they found out afterwards that their car had been vandalised and the money had been taken away

.“We also discovered that our mobile handsets, my handbag and some cash on the car seat were not touched by the thieves,” she said.

It was learnt from a source that three workers of the new generation bank in Ado-Ekiti have been arrested by the police for alleged theft of N450,000 from a couple.

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